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[COLOR="Red"]Give players a chance to fight back, you may not kick the shit out of another character without giving them a chance to fight back

Don't be untirering, if you just cast 3 major spells did a 10 foot jump and fight off 3 trolls please don't act as if your character is completely fine, also be aware that casting spells should not be effortless, just because you can cast 1 fireball doesn't mean you can cast 10 in a row in quick succession, taking this into account your characters can be powerful and be capable of firing off 10 fireballs in quick succession but don't over do it(perhaps if he is a wizard who are masters in spells, but a archer with some skill in magic can't).

Don't be all knowing, it is very annoying if you made up a big plan and told it in a post so you don't seem cheap in instantaneously having everything set up and the opposing player is ready for it[/COLOR]

An evil group know as the Sand Shapers(an ancient organization of wizards and sorcerers that use the sands to empower their spells and have control over the desert, the greatest of which cannot truly die if their remains are left on the sands) have risen up in the Aster Desert from the past and now control an empire there that has long been in secret until know, they have attacked the surrounding empires and taken them by surprise. The various empires have called a truce until they qualm the invasion on all their territories but occasional skirmishes still break out between the nations. Just a few days ago the Desert started expanding outwards, the various spell casters in the different nations all found out that the source of the spell is from a Sand Shaper named Wantar.

The kingdoms have called out to their people for skilled adventurers who are willing to fight for their kingdom to help battle this powerful enemy. They are to meet 2 days from now at a small outpost on the edge of the desert soon to be consumed within it if help is not received, the first task of which they plan on giving these adventurers is to break the siege and then drive through the enemy ranks as the kingdoms attack the Sand Shapers and kill the one known as Wantar as he is distracted by the battle to stop the desert from consuming the kingdoms

[B]Background on the Sand Shapers:[/B]
Each sand shaper is a magician who ventured deep into the ruins of Atul-Saki and was chosen by the ancient spirits of past sand shapers who reside there to carry on their work, each one believes he should be the one to rule the desert and those around it and as such they often fight one another on the rare occasions that they meet. Lately it seems as one has risen to the top and is commanding the rest who are all surely angry at his control and believe they are the rightful leader of the desert and are all planning on making their move, but see the conquering of the surrounding kingdoms just as good as it will increase their rule once they take over.

Sand shapers are extremely powerful individual and if you should meet one you should be prepared for depending on the ones personal power they may do anything from making giant sand storms that are so fierce that the sand gnaws on the skin or sending out a blast of sand forth from their palm that will tear flesh from bone all the way down to creating items from the sands themselves, each one should be attacked with numbers and should their be more then one, you should flee unless you greatly outnumber them as not only will they each be a powerful opponent but will have followers such as thugs and warriors with them.



[B]Gender:[/B] (M/F or w.e. your race has if it's some freaky one)

[B]Age:[/B] (20-60 for humans, 50-200 dwarfs, 80-450 elfs, no matter your race no one is going to live forever maximum would be around 800-1000)


[B]Race/Racial traits:[/B] (elf,dwarf,gnome,human and any others, you can even be half dragon if you wish(adds natural armor, a breath weapon that can be used occasionally and a few other dragon traits))(please don't make unrealistic racial traits like saying your an elf so you can jump 20 feet cuz we all know being an elf doesn't let you jump 20 feet)


[B]Kingdom:[/B] (You can be on either the Sand Shapers side or from any of the three kingdoms that are being attacked(Arathia, Teladion and Argrim))

[B]Class:[/B] (what you consider yourself ex. sorcerer, wizard, paladin, monk)

[B]Abilities:[/B] (ex lockpicking, Religious Knowledge, Tracking or even a good eye or keen ear to see/hear things others might not)

[B]Spells and Spell-like abilities:[/B]

[B]Items:[/B] (any magical items you have, don't have them too powerful like sumthing that can cut through anything or a ring that lets you teleport at will)

[B]Bio:[/B] (doesn't have to be anything too long just background to help know how your character will react and to know how got to be a mighty warrior/mage or how they came across the Atul-Saki ruins or joined the sand shapers army)

Woops wrong frum meant this in Auditions
[COLOR="Indigo"][SIZE="1"][INDENT]*fixed* ~indifference[/INDENT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[B]Name:[/B] Dante Cordilio Forsanon Almendros Amudaos Graz'zr, son of Corthos (most just call him Dante)

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Age:[/B] 665

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL="http://i95.photobucket.com/albums/l142/gooseberry_01/cg_nero.jpg"]Dante[/URL], [URL="http://fc02.deviantart.com/fs25/i/2008/066/c/8/DMC4_Nero_Within_Darkness_by_leodheme.jpg"]Dante again[/URL].

[B]Race/Racial traits:[/B] half-demon (via dark ritual), gives him speed, strength, and longevity noticeably beyond those of a regular human, and far greater access to dark magic.

[B]Personality:[/B] Dante is completely insane, is sociopathic, psychotic and down right loopy. He has meddled with demons, undead, and all manor of evil energies far too much for him to be in any sort of right mind. He enjoys staying to himself and often talks to himself about those directly around him. He will often manipulate those close to him into helping him achieve his own ends, aswell as torturing people mentally and on occasion, physically.

[B]Kingdom:[/B] Dante isn't directly from any of the major countries, but Argrim is the one with Dante on the pay roll.

[B]Class:[/B] Dante is technically a sorcerer, but he could be classified as a necromancer, demonologist, and skilled alchemist.

[B]Abilities:[/B] Dante is a thinker not a fighter, he has a wide expanse of knowledge when it comes to religion, arcane magic, planer theology, and languages, but his real forte is with evil rituals, demon summoning, and all around dark magic.

[B]Spells and Spell-like abilities:[/B] As noted repeatedly, Dante knows dark magic, this means summoning of undead, from beyond the grave, and summoning demons from...well farther beyond the grave, but that isn't the point. He knows various destructive spells and summoning of dark creatures mostly. In other fields however, such as melee combat, Dante is found extremely lacking.

[B]Items:[/B] Dante only carries the clothes on his back and some components for dark spells, ie vials of human or elven tears, humanoid bones etc. As far as weapons go Dante only carries one small decorated ritualistic dagger. He also carries a mysterious gimoire which can call magically on any knwledge from the many hundrends of books in Dante's personal archive, hidden in an undisclosed location. Wuthin Dante's pack healso carries various potions and alchemic items but he never lets other go into his possessions

[B]Bio:[/B]Dante was only a young boy when his parents were devoured by demons in front of him. Instead of fear this event instilled fascination with demons. Dante from then on spent nearly all of his time in the local library, eventually sneaking into the "forbidden texts" section. Every week he would come in with something new, a mysterious burn mark on his forearm, a new tattoo on his neck, whatever they were, everyone who looked upon them could feel the evil beginning from within the boy. Though they all cared for him, knowing what had befallen his parents. One day Dante stole a book called 'gifts and curses for the dark gifted' inside were detailed instructions on how to become a demon, not a pure demon, but part demon at the very least. on his twenty-first birthday Dante preformed the spell... The following week when he appeared at the library as usual, he was different, very different. His eyes used to be a welcoming shade of light green, now they were a tormenting ice blue; his hair used to be a sweet shade of dark brown, it had become the co lour of frigid snow; most importantly his arm used to be that of a human, now it was something else, something much more sinister. Everyone in the library began to stare at the dark being they once knew as Forsanon. "Who? What are you?" the librarian asked in a trembling voice. "I was Forsanon Almendros Amudaos, son of Carthos." Dante answered truthfully. Next a woman spoke up "Was? What do you mean? Is that not who you still are?" she asked terrified and confused by the new being. Dante laughed in initial response then explained in his grisly new voice, "I am called Dante Cordilio Graz'zr, I suppose full name would be Dante Cordilio Forsanon Almendros Amudaos Graz'zr, son of Corthos"

The librarian, not quite satisfied, decided to drop the issue "So what can I do for you, uh Dante?" A smile appeared on Dante's face, not like that on the librarians, his was kind and giving, Dante had a look of pure miniacle hatred beneath his twisted grin "Give me blood." Dante said quietly. "Uh pardon me?" the librarian asked leaning in closer, not wanting to believe what he'd barely but clearly heard. "I need blood!!" Dante shouted drawing a small dagger from within his coat. "Wait Forsanon please!!" the librarian pleaded, it was too late, a moment later Dante slit his throat in one swift wave of his arm. Blood poured onto the front desk. Just as fast as it had appeared the dagger vanished into Dante's coat. As the library began turning to anarchy, Dante dipped both of his forefingers into the blood before him, he quickly drew strange marks on first his human hand then his other, when finished Dante clapped his hands together above his head and began to chant at black smoke began forming around him from his palms above. "Come forth creatures of blood-lust, devour my kin and give me your strength. Come forth creatures of blood-lust, devour my kin and give me your strength. Come forth..." Dante chanted, once the smoke enveloped him more than just he would come out. Evil beings of all shapes and sizes began flooding from the smoke, slime covered balls sporting all over tentacles, 12 foot tall creatures resembling red men with twisted sharp horns and razor teeth jutting forth from their mouths. Each unique and clearly hungry demon immediately ran towards a citizen and tore him or her to shreds, with no visible discretion between men women or even children. One hour later, Dante strolled out the front of the library with one demon. The other beings had went back to whatever hell they spawned from and the interior of the library was painted with the blood of innocents. "Come now Laila" Dante spoke in a strange tone of anger and endearment "we have much work to do," As Dante casually walked down the street back toward the market place the strange snake-like demon he referred to as Laila, slithered up his leg and into his sleeve "and we mustn't be late."

Sorry about the enormous char, I got inspired by...something.
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[B]Name: [/B]Chal'kath Vedrinu

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Age:[/B] 42

[B]Appearance: [/B]Chal'kath appears to be a very bulky bipedal praying mantis. His exoskeleton is a sandy yellow color, and appears to be scaled when up close. He is bulkier than most others of his kind, his exoskeleton abnormally thick thanks to his draconic nature, a fact for which he is grateful. His large, multi-faceted eyes are pure black, his range of vision nearly unparalleled amongst most humanoids.
Unlike many half-dragons, Chal'kath does not possess wings, having been born from an unwinged variety.

[B]Race/Racial traits:[/B] Half-fang dragon Thri-Kreen

[B]Personality: [/B]Chal'kath is simple and to the point in most things, pretty much to a fault. He does not tolerate stupidity, and will leave anyone he determines to be a hindrance behind to die of their own inadequacy. This is not to say that he is cruel, but he lives in a harsh environment, where keeping yourself alive is enough of a struggle without carrying someone else's weight.
Chal'kath is currently separated from his clan, most of whom believe that the Sand Shapers will make for a better life (he's certain a few of them have deals of some sort going for power with various sand shapers). As such, he is often alone, though he technically works with the Argrim soldiers. He is a bit withdrawn and a little bit aloof much of the time because of this, struggling internally with his built-in clan mentality. While not actively searching for a new 'clan', any adventuring party he ends up with that manages to prove their salt would end up with the undying loyalty due to a clan member.
Chal'kath avoids eating with other people. This isn't due to any problems on his part, but Chal'kath has no issues with eating sentient beings (although he doesn't hunt them down), and most other sentient beings are a bit uncomfortable with that.

[B]Kingdom:[/B] Argrim, sort of. While on Argrim's payroll, Chal'kath is a denizen of the desert, only assisting against the Sand Shapers because he feels they threaten his people's way of life.

[B]Class:[/B] Soulknife/soul bastion multi (In another words, Chal'kath creates his own weapons and armor through his own mental abilities)

[B]Abilities:[/B] A hunter by trade, Chal'kath is quite skilled in the areas of tracking and stealth. He is also adept with various thieving skills (lockpicking, pickpocketing, etc.), though he does not negotiate well. He's also nearly incapable of swimming, though like all of his kind, his jumping abilities are nearly unparalleled.
Chal'kath's weapons and armor are both generated through his own mental energy, but he has no other 'mystical' abilities of any sort. As a half-fang dragon, he doesn't even have a breath weapon, although his claws and teeth are just as hard as the metal in most swords.

[B]Spells and Spell-like abilities: [/B]Chal'kath has no direct spells or spell-like abilties of his own.

[B]Items:[/B] Chal'kath has a number of rather curious items, all of them a deep purple crystal of some sort. He has four 'hilts' of crystal that have no blades of any sort. They serve as focuses for his mind blade, allowing him a few extra options with them. He also has two crossbow-looking crystal devices, which serve as a focus for using his mind 'blade' at range.
Aside from that, he has a belt with a very large number of pockets and a backpack, both seemingly ordinary. However, both are extradimensional storage spaces, though neither are near full. He just likes having the space to keep things. Both items have additional enhancements to keep anything put within them from rotting, but that's about it.
Within the backpack, he has an excellent set of thieves' tools (looted from a rogue he best in combat), an extra-long sleeping bag (for those cold desert nights), and at the moment, that's about it. He usually stocks up at least two pockets fairly well with rations and other such things before going out with the army. ((So if this starts with him out 'deployed', then the contents of the backpack will be quite a bit longer.))

[B]Bio:[/B] For Chal'kath, life has never been simple. Born part dragon, he had problems as a young thri-kreen that others of his kind could never face. He was kept away from other children of his race, as his claws were far more deadly than any of theirs, and even their tough hides wouldn't consistently turn his blows away when playing rough. But the adults saw potential in him. He wasn't being kept to the side as punishment. It was merely a safety precaution.
Chal'kath's heritage is apparent, and all were surprised when he developed at nearly the exact same rate as the other children, only falling a few months behind them. When he come of age, his clan immediately starting training him to hunt and survive in the desert lands. Hunting was more difficult at some times than at others, and Chal'kath taught himself to 'relieve' humans of items they might not need. While the clan elders didn't necessarily approve, they did not admonish him for his behavior either.
When the Sand Shapers started to grow more in power, Chal'kath's clan began to worry. It was at that time when the clan started to fall apart. The elders disagreed on how to handle the situation. Some believed that siding with the Sand Shapers would be best, others encouraged the clan to just hide away in the desert until the warring had passed, and still others thought it would be best to side with one of the nations and support them.
By this time, Chal'kath was quickly working on becoming the oldest member of the clan, his draconic blood extending his life span to a point far beyond what any normal thri-kreen could expect. Many looked to him for the final decision, but he could not make it. Knowing his clan was already in pieces, he did not believe they had the strength to hold together if he forced any one decision. So he told each and every thri-kreen to decide for themselves, and then headed for Argrim.
Since that point, he has fought alongside Argrim, never completely comfortable amongst the humans, but certain he had made the wisest choice.

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Name: Celia (suh-lee-ah) Malkaii

Gender: Female

Age: 22

Appearance: See Signature below

Race/Racial traits:Half- Elf; small, fast, inherent magical ability.

Personality: Flirtatious (mainly as a means to an end), Angry, and in it for herself and no one else.

Kingdom: Currently employed by Arathia

Class: Mercenary

Abilities: All your basic theiving skills, lockpicking, hand to hand combat.. etc.

Spells and Spell-like abilities: natural elf magic, she can cast many spells and carries with her a personal book of shadows.

Items: Book of Shadows, A few small knives, a very thin bladed sword, leather pouch of magical ingredients, stones etc.

Bio: Celia Malkaii lost her parents to a mercenary when she was 5. Her father was a powerfully evil man in Argrim of course she didn't know it at the time. A young woman was hired to take out her family, but she didn't have the heart to kill little Celia. Through her teen years she travelled and lived alone, often robbing and beating people up for food, money and clothing. She extensivly researched her families history and discovered what it was that got her parents killed. Now 22 Celia is a skilled mercenary herself, one of the most sought after for her ruthlessness. She doesn't have the same heart as the young woman who can to her house on that fateful day 17 years ago. This live has made her wealthy and honed the skills she learned as a pick pocketing teenager. Celia has no interest in the war, unless of course she can benefit from it.
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[B]Name:[/B] Dactrast

[B]Gender:[/B] male


[B]Appearance:[/B] He looks like a very dark individual, is about 6'2" with a deaply weathered face that doesn't look to have ever rested, His eyes are pale and full of anguish, he has long black hair to his shoulders that is ragged as there is little care put into it and he is usually slouched forward making him seem much weaker and older then he is. All his clothes are shades of red skittered with dark puple and black runes written across them, an over all frightening fellow.

[B]Race/Racial Traits:[/B] Human and as such he is a able learner and good at adapting to new areas.

[B]Personality:[/B] Can be summed up quite well with the word loner, he isn't one to talk to others and usually stays to himself and most people like it this way.

[B]Kingdom:[/B] Arathia

[B]Class:[/B] Warlock, Born of a supernatural bloodline he has magic that suffuses his soul, unlike a wizard or sorcerer who uses spells as a medium to use their powers Dactrast uses his innate magic through fearsome determination and will power.

[B]Abilities: [/B]Dactrast is a very skilled enchanter and crafter of arcane goods. He created all of his items himself and uses his innate magical nature to do these enchants to add magical effects to items. He is also very good at detecting bluffs and bluffing himself, as such he can trick people and tell when they themselves are lying easily and besides that helps him intimidate people as he is a very intimidating individual just by a glance.

[B]Spells and Spell-like Abilities:[/B]
Eldritch - focusing his power into a blast of baleful energy that can be used various forms
Invocations - uses his magical ability to create various effects, ussually dark in nature

He also knows a few Fire and Shadow Spells.

Dagger of cumbustability - A small dagger with a 8" blade, 2 small runes on the hilt and a small topaz in the hand gaurd, it is made out of adamentine grade metal and is used to help in his magic, for melee combat he often charges it with eldritch energy

Cloak of Defences - A Very dark red cloak with black runes on it, enchanted with magic resistance and improved durability

Starfire Vest - A pure black vest that increases the intensity of any fire spells he uses if activated, makes the fire bright blue.

Sapphire pendant of Deathly Night - increases his shadow spells power during the night

Azuright Ring of Force - Can create a Shield of force in front of arm/hand to fight with

Ring of Bitter Shadows - Can create magical darkness around him that weakens enemies and that he can meld into, becoming essentially invisible

Cairnstone Silver - A small rod that holds extra power in case of emergency and can be used as a focus for his powers

[B]Bio:[/B] Dactrast grew up on his own, though he doesn't remember why or how it happened he got separated from his parents when he was 6 years old and lived off whatever he could get, at the age of 8 is when he first discovered how to start controlling his powers that his parents passed down to him but the control of the wild energies wasn't easy and was lacking and he spent much of his time time training.

When he was 23 he had learned to control his power to a reasonable degree and was when he took an apprenticeship in crafting of arcane goods, after 3 years he left the small city he took the apprenticeship in and continued on the road while perfecting his crafting and magical skills whenever he could.

By the time he was 30 he had found out through arcane divination that he and his parents where warlocks and that his ancestors had traded a portion of their soul to an extra planar being for super natural power and that his parents where villains and killed many in massacres all across the country with their powers. Since that day he has hunted down his own parents and tried to undo the wrongs of his ancestors,
according to rumor people with powers similar to him recently appeared in the Sand Shapers ranks and he has decided to join the battle against them.
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[B]Name:[/B] Briar is his born name, though he has many others, he'll often call himself Steve.

[B]Gender:[/B] Male, usually.

[B]Age:[/B] unkown

[B]Appearance:[/B] his true form is [URL="http://www.wizards.com/dnd/images/mm2_gallery/88268_620_120.jpg"]'this'[/URL] , his most common form is [URL="http://fc03.deviantart.com/fs6/i/2005/056/2/c/gentleman__by_Werdandi.jpg"]'this' [/URL]

[B]Race/Racial traits:[/B] Phasm, Briar has the racial ability to change his form and appearance completely, at will.

[B]Personality:[/B] Briar has a very odd personality, mainly due to his race. He enjoys playing jokes on people. The strangeness of Briar appears in his seemingly endless personas. The experts in our world consider him to have multiple, multiple personality disorders, and mild schitzophrenia. This does not, however, mean he is insane. In fact Briar is perfectly sane just..odd.

[B]Kingdom:[/B] The majority of Briar's persona's reside in Taledion. So he fights for them.

[B]Class:[/B] Spy

[B]Abilities: [/B]Briar has avarage close combat skills, and is not very talented at magic per say. Briar is however an expert at espionage, and subterfuge, as well as reconasince mainly thanks to his photographic memory for even the slightest details. While in offencive combat Briar is sub-standard he excel's in defence, not so much blocking attacks, but dodging them. He posseses incredible agility and dodging expertise. When the situation demands it, Briar or one of is counter-parts, have also been known to exhibit awe-inspiring acrobatic feats. He trained himself to be cunningly agile for when / if he was discovered while undercover and needed to escape several blade baring guards.

[B]Spells and Spell-like abilities:[/B] Besides his phasm powers to become anyone or anything he isfemiliar with, Briar has also trained his mind to accentuate those powers.More specifically, learning a psionic ability to read and mimic the personalities of others. This further empowers his skills at stealing lives and gaining access to commonly off limits areas.

[B]Items:[/B] He almost always appears to be fully clothed, and most of his forms carry around a finely made rapier.

[B]Bio: [/B]Briar has always had an interesting life, born a phasm he grew up with the inate power to change his form at the drop of a hat. He was quickly drafted into the the army of his home town Marderia, as head of the espionage division. With his skills he could infiltrate any orginization, military group, gang, or other orginization and take it down from the inside. As he grew older he made several aliases, nt hard at all for a phasm, and situated them around major countries.

When Briston, a sand shaper alias, heard word of the attack Briar knew it was trouble. He couldn't confront the sand shapers because they were too powerfull, so Briar did the best he could. He stole as many documents and written down strategies and spells of the sand shapers as he could get his hands on then without a trace Briston vanished, becoming known as a thief and a traitor. Fortunetly for the sandshapers a young man named Kalmesh wanted to help, in the same way that Broston helped the kingdom he worked for. Kalmesh opted to pose as a soldier for the enemy kingdom and bring information back to the shapers, helping them plan their next move. Though they are still completely unaware that both Briston and Kalmesh were and are in fact, Briar.
Hope you don't mind me having 2 characters.
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Name: Malvok Marconius Mercivalce

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Appearance:[URL="http://i95.photobucket.com/albums/l142/gooseberry_01/shandsharpersrpcharacter.jpg"] Malvok
Race/Racial traits:Secluded and untraceable the name for which they are called is unknown all that is known about them is they look similar to humans, with which this rare and un-presidented appearance provides the world with a window to untold mysteries and powers.
Rare racial ability to manipulate parchment(paper)

Personality:Can be quite, can alo be very noisy, He often lives for the little things in life the small pleasures and enjoyments. Malvok Strongly believes in the balance of all things in this world and in next. Peaceful and pacifistic in nature. However at the end of the day the other end of the fuse is attached to a very big bomb, that wont hesitate to go off if you push the right buttons.
Just think of him as spontaneous outgoing with a hint of nutmeg

Class: Soul Scribe

Abilities: Parchment manipulation - rare racial ability to summon and or control the movements of parchment energy consumption dependent on amount, distance, etc.

Spells and Spell-like abilities:Casts Spells by writing them on Parchment in runic markings imbuing them with spirit energy to become spells of the elements, seals or bindings

Items: Brushl of the unending stroke - are rare and powerful artifact that consumes a constant trickle energy to create or remove any scriptured markings
Cloak and Cloths brought from Malvok's tribe the appear to be made of some unknown material
Backpack a packpack that is able to change it's shape.
Silver Sapphire Ring
Golden Chrystophase Broach
Sketchbook from home
Drawing pencils

Born away from the majority of the world Malvok and it's race are a complete mystery. Only having appeared in the history of the world as brief mentions of e myth.
Their race wields a strange magic, they cast spells with written words. Written in an ancient language passed down, existing only in the written runes opens the possibilities to unleash the elements, or even bind the soul.
However they are very real people who live in secret. Upon becoming aware of the sand shapers plot to bring ruin to the world, the tribe decided to stay hidden as they always had, but one young soul devastated at the thought, abandon the tribe and set out to put a stop to this desecration. Not only for the survival of it's tribe but for the survival of the world.
Being a mysterious person no one knows where Malvok comes from. Malvok was born with a rather unusual ability, Malvok was born with a natural ability to manipulate parchment, a rather strange ability that may prove useful. Leaving home is the biggest descision Malvok ever had to make, but believing in the balance amung all things, there was no way that Malvok was going to be able to stay away hidden while the world becomes devistated by the sand shapers.
Leaving the village alone was no easy task, it was decided by the tribe to stay hidden and let the rest of the world deal with their own problems, Malvok had to escape because it was an unforgivable act to abandon your people.
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[B]Name[/B]: Alexica

[B]Gender[/B]: female


[B]Appearance[/B]: [URL="http://features-temp.cgsociety.org/gallerycrits/165635/165635_1114793970.jpg"]Alexiaca[/URL]

[B]Race/Racial Traits[/B]: Half-Celestial Half-Elf

Personality: Very generous person who likes a good fight but will only do so with evil individuals, she is almost always happy and in a good mood.

[B]Kingdom[/B]: Argrim

[B]Class[/B]: Artificer- a creator of mechanomagical items, ones that use equal part science and magic

Arcane Science - knows how to mix science and magic to create items and create devices to focus his power through
invention - a device that can be used to use a spell, it has various switches on it that must be used in right order to use it
Mechanomagical Armor - Can modify armor with various parts to give a strength bonus and increase defensive effectiveness of the armor
Mechanomagical Weapon - Through shearing fields of magical force and moving parts she can increase the damage of her weapon
Elemental Modification - Can add elemental modifications to melee weapons such as acid,cold,electrical,fire and sonic making them deal that kind of damage on strikes
Mechanomagical Construct - Alexica can create constructs that have all the abilities of the original creature through inventions to use spell-like abilities they have and even more if inventions are added
Living Machines - Has become so gifted with constructing mechanomagical stuff they now repair themselves at a fairly fast rate like living creature heals, and healing spells work on them
Technogenesis - Has figured the secret to adding intelligence to his mechanomagical creations giving true life to a empty shell
Mechanomagical Savant- A genius in her field she has learned how to build items with better efficiency and less supplies as less is wasted.

[B]Spells and Spell-like Abilities[/B]: Some Light spells from her celestial heritage, and as such is quite good at healing spells and ones like smite evil.

[B]Items[/B]: Half-Plate mechanomagical armor
Mechanomagical longsword of cold blast
Various spell foci and inventions
various small figurings that can be used to summon her constructs

[B]Bio[/B]: She grew up with her dad as her mom was a celestial being and couldn't stay in the mortal realm for long, more of an issue of things to do then physical limitations. As she grew up with her dad she learned much from him as he was a lesser Artificer himself and was her inspiration to become one. After growing up and learning all she could from her dad she left for a bigger city where she took up under another to further pursue her knowledge in the art. When she was 32 years old she had learned most of what others could teach her and went on by herself and when They declared war with Arathia and her fathers place was attacked she joined in the army applying her talent there for the next 12 years of her life to learn to better protect her family who had just barely survived the last war. After that she returned home and continued pursuing her passion making constructs and perfecting her craft and went adventuring every once in a while to fight evil and even took some time to train as a paladin. Now the Desert has started to expand and her home being on the corner of Argrim next to Arathia and on the edge of the desert it is in danger of being consumed by the sands, so she has dedicated herself to stop this evil and has left to go join others in the fight.
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Guest KingKy
Name: Rauros of Drimrill

Gender: Male

Age: 530

Appearance: Being a drow Rauros skin is almost a solid black, appearing more as a dark grey. Unlike most drow, who have white hair, Rauros has jet black hair with red streaks through it, it is unknown why it appears like this but a simple hair dying proccess could be to blame.

Race/Racial traits: Drow (dark elf)- Rauros has dark vision and low light vision, as well as keen hearing and eye sight from his blood liniage, due to his dark skin tone (dark grey) he also has exeptional abilities at hiding, espectially in the dark. He also inherited the regular elvish skills at archery and magical prowess. Along with the basic agility, and dexterity.

Personality: Rauros tends to be a loner, not that he refuses to have friends, but professionally he prefers to work alone. He also commonly keeps his own council (doesn't like having others decide his plans) and has many secrets.

Kingdom: Rauros currently resides in, and thus fights for, Argrim. Although his true origins remain a mystery.

Class: Rauros has no specific class he, in his many years, has trained in various fields though never focusing so much as to master any certain practise, his class would be "jack-of-all-trades" if anything.

Abilities: As previously stated, Rauros has many, many skills; he is a keen archer, an accomplished swordsman, a talented spell caster, an expert of hand to hand combat, a talented trapsmith, and a capable assassin.

Spells and Spell-like abilities: While not at the level of a full blown wizard or sorceror Rauros has talent with many intermediate and mid-power spells, and has knowledge of a notable range of magical abilities.

Items: Rauros, being a dark elf himself, owns a variety of elvish articles most notably his elven bow crafted of dragon bone, with the string being a dragon's heartstring. His sword and dagger are also elven craft, though these are only finely crafted steel with some silver filigree, the dagger being a shorter variation of the same. As well as various poisons of skilled make. His armor is of crude dwarven craft, strong, but not impervious.

Bio: For his first hundred years Rauros lived among his fellow elves and learned their craft. After that he left and began wandering the world; taking with him his bow and sword. In his travels he has met many creatures, some of whom he has destroyed and tortured, others which have given him various items in exchange for goods or services. One hundred fifty years ago he took up demon hunting for sport. From this, he has gainged invaluable fighting experience and inproved his craft in many ways. His most recent travels have seen him in Argrim, where he has been making a life for himself for the past year.
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