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Why is it women like Taichi??

He's not hot! He's ugly.... Now Yamato on the other hand :) You know.... Who is the girl Yamato is supposed to be with? Taichi has Sora (i forget her Japanese name) and Izzy has Mimi.... TK has Hikari (Kari).... Yamato, i think, is the gay character... just as good for me :).... he's cute... heh

Hentai Free?...... Girls are supposed to be Hentai Free.... i think, I dunno.... I'm not a girl.... Some girls LOVE Hentai, others prefer Yaoi... Yaoi is more artistic than hentai sometimes... it's all still good though... hehe
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[COLOR=purple]All the guys on Digimon look better in a dress...[/COLOR]


[COLOR=purple]Huh? O.O I didn't mean it like that![/COLOR]

[COLOR=green]Ken: Whatever...[/COLOR] :rolleyes:

[COLOR=purple]Shut up! *sigh* I read too much Kensuke and Taito... [/COLOR]
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Guest Altron Gundam
Ken sucks. All he's got is Stingmon...Taichi is cool though, he's got my fave digimon of all even though I don't like it that much. Wargreymon. Its design is just too freakin cool.
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