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Gaming Mario Paint Composer: This Program is Genius!

The Spectacular Professor

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Well, it's pretty impressive, at least. [URL="http://www.unfungames.com/mariopaint/"][COLOR="Blue"][u]Here's a link to the website.[/u][/color][/URL]

It's masically a music maker based off the one found in the game Mario Paint, except much more advanced and less laggy. People can get pretty crazy with this thing. For example:

[YOUTUBE="A-Ha: Take on Me"]vTMp8iepyb0[/YOUTUBE]

[YOUTUBE="Legend of Zelda Theme"]tYVoC_9UMpY[/YOUTUBE]

[YOUTUBE="Rick Astley: Never Gonna Give You Up"]5uZr3JWYdy8[/YOUTUBE]
(By the way, you've just been Rick Rolled.)

[YOUTUBE="Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers"]4FO9L9QVCpg[/YOUTUBE]

[YOUTUBE="Tay Zonday: Chocolate Rain"]1asx4jz0KgI[/YOUTUBE]

And my personal favorite:

[YOUTUBE="Portal Ending Theme: Still Alive"]0Lo6uXwi4M0[/YOUTUBE]

So there it is. Discuss this program. Talk about your favorite songs remade on it, discuss whether or not you like it or even make your own music on it if you feel so inclined (actually you should totally do that. It'd be awesome.)

I'm currently working on a rendition of the Steel Samurai theme from the Ace Attorney series. My Laptop is incapacitated, however (adapter cord frayed too much. getting a new one,) so I won't be working on it for another week or so. I've got most of the main theme down for now. If I am successful in completing this, I may do more. I'm not entirely sure what yet, though.

Also, there is one downside to this program. Every time you close it, it leads you to the creator's webpage to advertise a (somewhat boring) MMO. No big deal, though.

(Mods: I put this thread here because it is about a remake of part of a video game. If you want to shift it to the Ampitheater, feel free.)
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No, offence, but thats not so great...or useful.

I mean there are plenty of programs that can create music, given the Mario thats pretty cool. but why would it matter the notes are just symbols making it more complicated. Its cool and all but it has no purpose in my eyes, its kinda lame actually. you just need a different, easier to work with program. sorry had to say it.:animesigh
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[font=franklin gothic medium]I haven't tried this yet, but I do own Mario Paint on SNES.

I don't think the point is about being a sophisticated music maker. I think the point is about [i]having fun[/i] while making music.

With Mario Paint you couldn't easily save your work...so the software was never really regarded as a "tool". It was a game. It's just that it was a creative game.

I see something like Electroplankton as being kind of like a newer version of Mario Paint in some ways (except solely based on music).[/font]
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[quote name='James'][font=franklin gothic medium]I haven't tried this yet, but I do own Mario Paint on SNES.[/font][/QUOTE]
[FONT="Tahoma"][COLOR="DimGray"]I really loved that game as a kid. I rented it all the time with my brother and we'd take it home and play around with the music maker for hours. The SNES mouse was pretty sweet too, even if it was a little clunky.

These are pretty insane, though. I'm amazed people have the patience to work so long on these. I'd like to see someone make their own original song with this program, haha.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[font=franklin gothic medium]It's like MS Paint in some ways - when you see some of the brilliant things people can make with such a simple program, you realize that less can be more sometimes.

I really wish Electroplankton had been released around the world - or at least, I wish it had come out as an online Flash game (maybe it has, at least unofficially). Not only is it clever, but it can be strangely addictive. It's also very relaxing to play.

Mario Paint was a lot of fun, too. I wish that there were more of these types of games available on modern consoles. I think there are a ton of things you could do with music makers and things on today's systems.

Hopefully the upcoming Wii Music will satisfy that obscure genre.[/font]
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