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Gaming Conquer Online Anyone?


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The game is free to play but you have an option to buy something call Dragon Balls which you can use to sell for money or trade for items in the game. Its themed on an ancient mythological China and has some pretty nice background art. There are four classes of character, Trojan, Warrior, Archer, Taoist (which can be either Fire or Water); the look of your char can be customized by using different hairstyles, armour colours, garments and other things. The basic aim of the game is to level your char by killing the monsters which are found in certain places in the game. There is also a PK system where players can fight each other for fun or as enemies. Theres quite a few different quests you can do and theres usually special themed quests for the different holidays. Ive been playing for about 2 years now and though the games not as good as it used to be, its still fun and pretty cool :animesmil

If anyones interested in playing: [url]http://co.91.com/index[/url]
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