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RPG Project: Masked Rider


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Shocker... a terrorist organization that works from the shadows. Based primarily in Japan, the organization was secretly formed shortly after World War II by former Nazi agents. Over the years, the organization has developed highly advanced technology, including cybernetics and genetic amplification. They have developed creatures known as Kaijin, modified humans who were combined with animal DNA and cybernetics to create living weapons, and Shock Troopers, brainwashed humans with slight genetic enhancement. However, Shocker is developing a new weapon... the Masked Riders. The Masked Riders are genetic super soldiers, having combat abilities far beyond that of the average Kaijin or Shock Trooper. A Maked Rider is armed with an advanced suit of armor with highly destructive energy attacks. Once the Masked Rider project is perfected, Shocker hopes to create an army of super soldiers that will take down the worlds governments one at a time, and enforce their reign of terror on the world. However, their ultimate weapon may turn out to be their own undoing...[/I]

It was raining in the city of Tokyo, a dark and gloomy day. And he was late for work. A man rushing to get to work, decided to take a short cut through the bad part of town. There had been rumors of people disappearing in that part of the city, but they were just rumors, he thought to himself as he approached the tunnel. Suddenly, he slammed on the breaks. Some idiot in a trench coat decided to jump out in front of him. The driver slammed on the horn. The trench coat figure did not budge. The driver got out of his car.

"Hey man, what's your problem!? I've got to get to work!" He exclaimed. But before he knew it, he was surrounded. Strange men wearing black armor had approached his vehicle.

"What's going on!? I've done nothing!" The scared man exclaimed. And to his horror, the man in the trench coat dropped the coat to the ground. It was no man in that trench coat. It was a red creature. This creature resembled an ant, with large bug eyes, antenna, and crushing jaws around it's mouth. Sharp spikes jutted out of it's body. The creature let out crude laugh.

"You're mine, human! Welcome to Shocker!" cried the ant-man. He jumped towards the driver, who fled past him towards the tunnel. "Fools! Get him! Anyone who has seen Shocker must not live to tell about it!" The men in black armor took after the fleeing business man. As the man was about to run into the tunnel, another figure arrived. It was a man with dark black hair, and a torn leather jacket. Around his neck, a bright red scarf was hung. The business man ran into him, frightened.

"Look out! There are monsters behind me!" Cried the business man.

"Monsters? I'm the only monster here..." returned the mysterious figure. The black armored soldiers lunged for the business man, but to their surprise, the mysterious man sent them flying with a single kick. "Shock Troopers... when will they learn?"

"Shoen Hongo! You're the traitor! I'll finish you myself then!" Cried the ant figure. The red creature charged, only to miss his target as Shoen jumped high into the air and landed behind him. Shoen turned around, his hand at his waist... with his Typhoon belt.

"Foolish. Ants can't catch grasshoppers. I guess they only choose idiots to become Kaijin creatures. [B]HENSHIN!!![/B]" Suddenly, a huge gust of air swept by as the fan on the Typhoon belt begin to spin. In a bright flash of light, Shoen Hongo was replaced by... Masked Rider One, an armored grasshopper creature with large red eyes. "Now... who was laughing at me, Ant?"

"So, you've taken your true form now..." replied Ant-Kaijin. "Why fight against Shocker? We can provide you with whatever you desire. Money, women, power. All of it can be yours."

"I had what I desired..." Shoen returned. "All Shocker did was take if from me. I won't let that happen again." Shoen charged at the creature, and the fight had begun. The ant was slow, unable to connect most of his attacks with Shoen, and those that did were easily deflected by the Masked Rider suit. Shoen dodged the attacks with ease, playing with the creature, as it tired out. Shoen let out a powerful right punch to the Ant-Kaijin's head. "ONE!" He shouted, and quickly responded with a left punch to the creatures shoulder. "TWO!" he repeated, and thrust his foot into the creature, sending it flying. "THREE!"

"Stop! You don't want to do this! Have mercy!" pleaded the Ant-Kaijin.

"This is all the mercy you creatures get." responded Shoen. He charged a the Ant-Kaijin.

"You're not the only Rider! You will die!" cried the Ant-Kaijin. Shoen jumped high into the air, as sparks began to shoot off his feet.

"[B]RIDER KICK!!![/B]" shouted Shoen, and his body thrust in the air towards the doomed creature. His foot connected in a midair kick, and bolts of powerful energy surged through the Kaijin. Shoen bounced off and landed perfectly on the ground. The Ant Kaijin writhed in pain, and then suddenly combusted into a large explosion. In the smoldering ash, there was nothing left of the creature. The rain had stopped, and the sun had just peaked beyond the clouds. Shoen removed the helmate from his face. "More Riders, huh? I'd rather find a bat." He hopped on his motorcycle and rode into the distance.
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In a corner, a young girl sat down all drenched. Haven't eaten nor drink anything for a few days, she looked pale. "All this is making me tired but......I must find those people who killed Father!" she stood up, tried to be strong and started walking. As she walked, someone is sprinting across the street and a couple of men chasing him as well but one soldier somehow spotted Mitsuki. "Hey! It's Mitsuki Akazaka!! Change target!!" they ignored the man and started chasing her instead.

"Dammit, no use thinking over this!! I gotta get out of here!!" she started running while being chased as well. The moment she ran farther, she come up in a dead end and someone wearing a coat ordered the troops to retreat.

"You won't get away with us, sweetie." removing the coat, she resembles a bee with a stinger, fluff neck, large black bulging eyes, with wings and an antenna. "Come with us, we have your daddy on on my side..." as she mentioned her father, she was in shock and started to look down, opened the box and threw it aside. And she even snickered!

"Hehe......AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" she started laughing over it as if it's a joke for her. "You guys crack me up! But......my real father said this: Never make fun of the dead!!!" she raised her hand with the Blay Buckle in her possession, as everyone stepped back. She wore it and inserted the Ace of Spades and shouted "[b]HENSHIN!!![/b]" then the voice on the belt announced "Turn Up!" she flipped the buckle and a projection of a blue beetle appared as the Bee Kaijin knocked back in front of her. Then she walked onto the projection as she changes into Masked Rider Blade.

"The moment you make fun of my family, I won't forgive you." she points her Blay Rouzer at the Kaijin, then a number of 5000 appeared on her weapon. The Kaijin flew high and does a continuous diving stinger but she swung it easily with her sword then sliced her stinger.

The Bee Woman is unable to stand up and she flushed the deck in a circular motion in her sword then picked out two cards, she swiped the first card and the voice announced "Slash" and she swiped an another card and announced "Thunder", from 5000 it went down to 3400.

"Even if I die, Shocker will still go after you!!" as she moans in pain.

"Then so be it." the sword was coved in lightning and she ran through her then slashes the Kaijin, turned back to her opponent walking away as the Kaijin explodes.

She turned the buckle over and reverted back to Mitsuki, as she holds the belt. She looked back at the smoking ash. "You are the reason why you change humans to blood-thirsty creatures." she walked away.
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Quickly placing her rifle on its stand, she peered through the scope. Silently and patiently, she waited for the blue 69' mustang to come into her vision. Her index finger curled sround the trigger, fidgiting in its excitement.

The driver was an older man, with short blonde hair, and fakely tanned skin. His mouth was moving rapidly at his cell phone, loudly screaming at the recipient on the other line. Glancing up the road, he immediatley sped up and shot past the gleaming red light before him. Tires screeched, and hornes blaired in his free ear, causing him to smirk wildly. This only made him seem even more despicable. Mileena had been hesitant about this target, he was some big shot lawyer with a supewriority complex, and a bad habbit of gambling with the wrong kind of people. That's why "they" called her, he needed to be exterminated...and quickly. Luckily, he was hard to miss.

A smug look crossed her lips as she pulled the trigger. The bullet flew through air quick as lightning and nailed him right between the eyes. She always had been a pretty good bullseye. "Well, that was fun. Another prick off the streets...hehe"

Sirens soon howled at the cars before them, and made there way to the scene. By this time Mileena was already there. Her rifle was stored away with her bike, and she was back to "normal". She stared at the picture in front of her, and it was marvelious. She loved to see her work. Suddenly, a long white cane caught on her skirt, and the man behind it dramatically fell on his face.

"Oh! Are you alright? I'm so sorry...", She cried sympathetically, as she lifted him to his feet. The man's eyes were frail, and his skin was pale. Yet, beautiful all together. She blushed a little, but luckily he couldn't see that.

"Hmmm..i'm fine." The man said begrudgingly.

"Ummm...I'm Millena by the way."

"Ryo...Ryo Hughes."

She smiled, still blushing, and turned back to the scene.
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"Help me! Please, somebody!" The man ran as fast as he could from the people in black. But he was not fast enough to outrun the Shock Troopers. They quickly caught up and tackled him. A large man in a trench coat walked up. He dropped the coat to the ground, revealing... another Bee Kaijin! This one had more of a male posture than the other, but still having the fluff and black stripes. A long stinger protruded from his arm.

"Good work men. Nobody who sees Shocker will live to tell about it!" cried the Bee Kaijin. He approached the captured man.

"No! Stop! I won't tell anyone!" pleaded the man.

"[I]I won't tell anyone![/I] You are pathetic! Hahahahaha!" responded the Bee Kaijin, unaware of the man in a leather jacket walking up behind him.

"Are you laughing at me, monster?" Shoen piped in, in a nonchalant manner. He quickly jumped over the bee, and in a quick motion flung the Shock troopers from the man. "Run, old man." He told the freed prisoner.

"Shoen Hongo! I will have your head!" the Bee Kaijin exclaimed. He jumped after Shoen, who easily dodged the attack. Shoen brushed back his jacket, revealing his typhoon belt.

"[B]HENSHIN![/B]" A great gust of air blew by, and once again Shoen became the powerful Masked Rider One, his red scarf blowing in the breeze. "Fight me monster." Suddenly, from the distance an inhuman cry was heard, followed by the words, "Slash, Thunder." A loud explosion followed.

"Maria!? No!" the Bee Kaijin exclaimed, and flew off in the direction of the explosion. Shoen sighed, flipping a switch on his typhoon belt. A motor buzz was heard in the distance, and a red, unmanned motorcycle sped towards Shoen. Shoen leaped into the air, and landed on top of the bike, speeding after the Bee Kaijin. In the distance, the Bee Kaijin croutched at a smoldering corpse.

"Maria... no... it wasn't supposed to be like this." the Bee Kaijin wept. He stood up, aiming his stinger at a girl standing nearby. "YOU! You did this! You're one of those damn riders! I'll kill you for this!" he shouted. A motorcycle buzz was heard behind him, and as soon as he turned around, Shoen leaped off the Cyclone and trust his foot out in a midair jump.

"[B]RIDER... KICK![/B]" Shouted Shouen, his foot connecting, and a powerful surge of energy going through the Bee Kaijin. He landed back on the Cyclone, spun around, and stopped. The Bee Kaijin dropped to his knees, kneeling beside his fallen comrade.

"Maria... I'll be with you soon..." the Bee Kaijin said. He fell over, and burst into a fiery explosion. Shoen looked on at his handwork. He turned to the girl and pointed at her, getting off his motorcycle.

"So... you're a Rider too... so be it." Shoen said, as he began to walk towards the girl.
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"...And so you should be..." she looked back. "That just saved my time from defeating the other one and I thank you for that. No wonder Shocker is after everyone anytime, anywhere..." she said. She looked at the guy above and below, he looked like a simple person but she was a bit surprised that he is also a Rider. She held a grip on her belt, just in case anything happens.

"Pleasure to meet a Rider, too...I hope someday, we might see each other again. Shoen Hongo, isn't it? My name......is Mitsuki Akazaka, 'till we meet again..." she left Shoen and walked back.

As she looks on the smoldering explosion, she closed her eyes, and went along. She looked at her surroundings, feeling that there are more Riders are about to meet the same happening as them.

"This......should be interesting..." walked away, carrying the belt on her shoulder.
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