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The general music suggestion thread


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Well people in the amphitheater always seem to want some kind of music or another recommended to them so I figured I would make a thread for it. This thread is where you ask for recommendations for music if you haven't gathered that by this point.

Basically just ask for recommendations and give as much information that is needed for you to find what you are looking for.

For example
"Hey I want some good Irish pop from the 40's anyone know of any good groups or artists?"

Then if you know of anything give as much info as you can on the band and what type of music they play. Oh and linkage to helpful sites about the bands you mention are appreciated.

An example response would be
"Oh man you should check out the clover bandits their lead harmonica player was amazing! here's a link to their website(www.cloverbandits.com)"

So I will go ahead and ask for a rec from you guys first.
Anyone know of any indie groups from the 90's with a similar sound and general song structure as Beck(the band not Jeff Beck...)?
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