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Request Shugo Chara-Yoru Banner/Avi Request...Piccy Reference Included!


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[SIZE="2"][COLOR="DarkRed"]Yo! Tis desperately in need of a new Avi/Banner, so I'm taking advantage of the "Art By Request".

Have as much fun with it as you want it, just keep in mind that since he's a cheerful little bugger, the Avi/Banner shouldn't be dreary like. I also have a few pics if it helps.




It would also be great if the Avi had "M.Ali" in small, bold, almost glowing like letters. As for the banner, I would like for it to say "True Love Can Be Hard To Find...You Just Gotta Know Where To Look... "

Thanks in advance to who ever decides to fulfill my request. [/COLOR][/SIZE]
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