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Writing Midnight Falls on Amethestice


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[SIZE="1"][COLOR="DarkSlateGray"]This is a story that I suddenly came up with and I went along from there. It's neither a novel, or a short story, in my opinion. But so far, I think it may be one of, if not, the best work I've had so far, story-wise. Instead of chapters, there are segments. I don't think the first Segment is long enough to be called a chapter (4 pages) so I thought, segment will work. Anyways, here it is, enjoy. BTW, it will be in size 1, but if anyone wishes to have it in normal size, do tell me, I'll gladly change it for you readers.[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Red"][B]WARNING: [/B]This story will contain graphic violance and language. Sometime harsh of crude, and sometimes mild. But discretion is advised.[/COLOR]
[COLOR="darkred"][SIZE="4"][FONT="Felixtitling"]MIDNIGHT FALLS ON AMETHESTICE[/FONT][/SIZE][/CENTER][/COLOR][B][U][CENTER]Segment I: Leonard, Mrs. Dooley, Oliver Grady and the Vermin of Hell[/CENTER][/U][/B]

The clock struck Midnight, and it was time for the streets of Amethestice to close. At midnight, the town became dark and a feeling of desolation swept along the cobblestone paths. People closed their windows, locked their doors, and forced their children and other family members to be quiet. The town was cursed by demons, that would only appear at Midnight, they would feast for an hour on anything they could find. Humans, cats, dogs, plants; anything that could be eaten.

Amethestice sent out people to try and kill the monsters, but alas, no one has even killed one, nor has anyone seem one before dying a brutal death. But to some townspeople, one hour was no problem. But to everyone else, it was a nuisance. The sound of people screaming and animals squealing as their immanent deaths loomed near, was annoying. And the sound of a human's bones cracking as they turned into lowly carcasses, was nauseating.

The clock struck one O?clock, and the sound of demons growling, and flesh being torn apart: ceased. The sound of silence struck Amethestice... but the silence was only just a foreshadowing of the future, because one day the demons would be able to stay out all day, instead of just the usual one hour daily deal.


The next morning, Mrs. Dooley was outside, sweeping the ground and mopping her stoop. The body of a dead weasel lay on the ground next to her. She sighed, and stomped on the ground. Leonard Treader, a teenager from down the road, was walking next to Mrs. Dooley?s house with groceries when he turned to see her shaking her head.

[B]"Mrs. D, is something the matter?"[/B] Leonard asked putting his bags on the ground. Mrs. Dooley smiled.

"[B]Oh, good morning Leo. Oh, it's just those damned creatures that keep wandering into town. This is the fifth day in a row that I've had to clean my steps because some dead animal is on it." [/B]Mrs. Dooley put down her broom and sat on the bottom step. She sighed and took out some change from her pocket. [B]"Leo, boy, can you do me a favor?"[/B] She asked. Leonard nodded and took the change from her hand.

[B]"What do you wish of me to do ma'am?"[/B] He asked. She pointed down the street at the tool shop. The sun shone on the streets, and while they were stained with blood, they were still beautiful. The trees were blowing in the wind and kids were playing in the streets as if nothing had been slaughtered that morning. But Amethestice has gotten used to the daily routine. But the routine is still annoying to a majority of the townsfolk.

The tool shop was run by Oliver Grady, a man who served in the military, before moving to Amethestice. He was a general, and one of the most revered men in the country he served in. Countless times before, the townspeople asked him to kill the demons, but he would just shake his head and go into his office in the back of the shop. And oddly enough, he was never in his house at Midnight, ever. And what was even more odd was that ever since he moved into town, the demons had started coming out at night.

What was worse was the fact that Oliver was a strange man. He never smiled, and whenever people asked him a question about his past, he just shrugged and walked into his office. He was a very strange man, but he was very experienced with combat so the townspeople respected him. Sadly, Leonard didn?t like Oliver Grady, not at all. The man sent shivers down his spine like a crack of cold lightning snapping the ground.

[B]?I?d love for you to go to the shop and buy me a new broom, if you don?t mind. I know you don?t like Mr. Grady, but I?d love the favor. And I?ve also got fresh cookies cooking, and I know you love them Leo.? [/B]The woman shook her head and smiled.

[B]?It?s okay Mrs. D, I?ll do it. You make the best cookies after all, and I?m not going to say no to you.?[/B] Mrs. Dooley smiled again. Despite being in her 80?s, she was a very healthy woman. And she was one of the best bakers in town, however, she never ran a business and she never sold her baked goods. But she never hesitated to give away to the kids and needy in the town. No one hated her, and she hated no one.

[B]?Thank you Leo, I always appreciate your help!?[/B] Leonard nodded and walked to the shop.


Leonard stood, staring at the tool shop like he was staring death in the face. He could smell the odd aroma of smoke and cinnamon coming from the chimney. It was calming scent of both bitter and spicy that was always inviting. But despite this, Leonard didn?t like Oliver Grady, not at all. He gave off a very, vicious and evil aura that Leonard hated. It bared down on him like an anvil falling on one thousand pounds of pudding.

A few minutes ago the sun was out and shining, but now the clouds shrouded the sun in a blanket of darkness. The clouds were dark, almost black, and an ominous wind blew across the street. Leonard could sense that familiar, dark aura, this time it literally spilled from the building and onto the boy?s feet.

[I]Fuck the cookies![/I] He thought in fear of being devoured by the darkness that seemed to flood from the building. How could a man so respected seem so devilish? Leonard turned around with his eyes closed. He was deep in thought of being killed and eaten by Mr. Grady. Suddenly, lightning struck and thunder boomed. And out of the blue came the scream of an old woman. Then the sound of bones cracking shot through the air like a speeding bullet, and the sound caressed the town like a tornado.

Leonard could recognize the voice, even though the harsh scream was covered with the sound of gushing blood, the sound was clear. Leonard didn?t want to open his eyes, but the curiosity got the best of him, and slowly he opened eyes. He saw who the scream came from, the body of Mrs. Dooley fell to the ground with a thud. And above her body was a demonic thing.

The creature?s face looked as if it was chewed by a dog for hours on end. The figure was about eight feet tall, and it had razor sharp claws that looked as if they could cut through brick. It?s body was red, and it had white eyes, no pupils, just an empty void of white. Leonard noticed that there was only one, thankfully. But this didn?t give him relief. He turned around to escape the horror and he could see Mr. Grady behind with a pair of shears that he had brought out from his shop. Leonard stepped back in fear, he thought Mr. Grady was going to kill him or something. No, this can?t happen to me! He thought with tears dripping down his face and onto the ground.

But he could feel something different coming from Mr. Grady?s body. His aura was much more cooler and more peaceful. He was still sporting his normal blank face, but his aura gave him a loving feel. And his eyes were filled with a sense of justice. [B]?Don?t worry child.? [/B]Mr. Grady said patting Leonard on the back.

The man that he hated was now a man he adored. Leonard could tell that he was there to help defend him. This distracted the boy from the monster that was creeping up behind him. The monster?s body wiggled and it?s bones cracked with each step. He couldn?t stand the sound and Leonard fell to the ground and held his ears shut.

[B]?Don?t worry child? I will take care of my abomination.?[/B] Mr. Grady walked up to the monster and dug his shears into the creatures chest. It growled than it slapped Mr. Grady, knocking him to the ground. The monster licked its mangled lips and crouched down onto Mr. Grady. But he was too fast for the creature, and he was able to pull out his shears and cut off the monster?s head. Like cheap paper, it split in half and it?s body disintegrated into the air. It was dead.

Mr. Grady walked over to Leonard and picked him up off the ground. [B]?You?re all right child, that beast can?t harm you, or anything anymore." [/B]He actually smiled a bit, before he started walking past Leonard.

[B]?Wait, Mr. Grady!?[/B] he said quickly. The man turned around and looked at the boy. He nodded, [B]?what did you mean by, ?my abomination??? [/B]Leonard asked. The man lifted his head and looked at the sky.

[B]?Child, come by my shop tonight, ten minutes before midnight, and I will explain. For now, call the constable to take Mrs. Dooley away.? [/B]Mr. Grady turned around and walked away. But Leonard, who had forgot who had just been killed, turned around when tears suddenly poured off his cheek. He ran toward an unnoticeable cadaver, and he fell to his knees.

[B]?Mrs.? D? I?m so sorry I wasn?t? able to help??[/B] Leonard said crying. He put a tarp that was lying next to him, onto Mrs. Dooley?s body and he got up. He put his hand on his chest, and than he could hear the footsteps of someone behind him. It was Constable Simon, he knelt down next to the body and looked at Leonard.

[B]?Hmm, I saw the whole thing from across the street, I?m sorry I couldn?t help, but I was so shocked I-?[/B]

[B]?It?s okay Constable? I need to leave.? [/B]Leonard walked away slowly. Constable Simon looked at him.

[B]?Wait, Leo, you?re parents are dead and you?re still living alone, why not come to my office and stay for a bit, hmm??[/B]

[B]?Okay, I need time to think, Mrs. Dooley was great woman, and I don?t know what to think at the moment.?[/B] Leonard nodded and walked off to the Constable?s office.

[B]?I?ll be there soon, I just need to get this body moved.?[/B] Constable Simon returned to the body, as Leonard looked back. He remembered how when he was five, Mrs. Dooley gave him cookies after his parents were killed in an accident in the corn fields behind the town. He was crying that day, and she was the first person to help him out. Now he was fifteen, and he felt like she was his grandmother. He was saddened.

Suddenly as that memory passed Leonard's mind, his heart skipped a beat, and he could feel something inside him snap. A great hate burst in his heart, and he could feel himself grow angry at the creatures that were plaguing the town. He had to see Mr. Grady, for the hate inside him was festering like an infected wound. If he could get Mr. Grady to fight against those things, he could avenge the death of Mrs. Dooley. As he continued forward, he clenched his fist so hard, blood dripped from his hand onto the ground into a small puddle.

[I]Those bastards will all die. Those vermin don?t deserve to live here in our town, they don?t deserve to eat or breathe or anything![/I] Leonard thought to himself. The grudge was on, he was ready to find a solution to killing the creatures that were able to kill him and everyone in town. The demons were the door, and Oliver Grady was the key.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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