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Tetra of sound

RPG When things go horribly wrong...

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[COLOR="Green"]The room Madeline had pulled him into was dark, and little could be seen by normal sight, except for a few dozen rats. When the door shut Kaelthrin lent back against the wall with his eyes closed.[I]i hope we get a break from running, at least for a short while.[/I] Kaelthrin opened his eyes in time to see a raging scarlet aura across the room, As he heard the man yell he felt Madeline pull him down into a crouch. Her noticed the faint traces left by the man on his dagger as it flew over Kaelthrin's head. he could faintly see it embedded in the door.

That's when Madeline cried out ""ABEL, its OK! We're your friends, not your enemies!We've been experimented on to!" with which the person in the distance halted his attack, at least for now. Kaelthrin noticed that his aura was no longer a scarlet red but was now turning a rather unreadable jumble of colours. This didn't make sense his aura was way to chaotic. Kaelthrin recognized this person was very unreliable there was no telling what he may or may not do.

Kaelthrin put a hand on Madeline's shoulder and whispered into her ear quite enough that they shouldn't be overheard, "Be careful, There's no telling what this ABEL you seem to know might do, I've never seen anyone give off such chaos before"

Kaelthrin noticed that ABEL started walking towards them. Kaelthrin slightly tightened his grip on Madeline's shoulder and mutter "He getting closer". Kaelthrin wasn't sure how well she would be able to see in this room.

Kaelthrin thought about pulling the knife out of the door but he thought better, it would not be a wise choice wielding arms while an individual such as this was approaching them. besides Kaelthrin did not have much skill with a weapon, and it likely wouldn't help much. So he waited as the person who he could now make out to be a man approached and stopped shortly in front of them.[/COLOR]

OOC: Do we have a backstage yet?

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While all those things occurred, Rika had dozed off. In her dream, she saw the abandoned warehouse, and in it were the two from before,and another. It was ABEL.

Apparently, Rika's aura left her body in her sleep, allowing her to go miles away in seconds, yet her aura could only leave for five minutes.

"ABEL! I found him!" Rika said, not realizing that they could hear her. She then awoke in her home and ran over to the abandoned warehouse, opened the door and then...

"I found him! Finally, I get to meet ABEL! I found a fourth person like me, running from the government. Maybe you could help me find a way to stop the madness the government has caused by creating us?"

~~~Sorry about being gone so long, my brother kept getting on for hours after school, so I had trouble getting a chance to get here.~~~

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ABEL recognized what the boy who came with the girl was doing. [I]So he's a reader...[/I] thought ABEL. It was quick. Faster than what the human eyes could keep up with ABEL appeared directly infront of Kaelthrin. Then, with ease, lifted Kaelthrin up by the neck with his right hand. Stareing him in the eye ABEL asked "tell me boy!(ABEL nearly spat the word) what does this girl have to do with you?". ABEL was disgruntled to say the least, wherever ABEL slept EDEN would form around him, even as he spoke to the two an envirnment was forming. EDEN was a holy sanctuary to ABEL. Those who enter must be pure enough, if they did not pass ABEL's standards he would kill them on the spot. The only question now was will they?

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~ Underground ~

[I]Black Mist this is Pinky. Is Brain there?[/I] Came a thought into Martel?s head. She was resting with Odin while they watched the news. Flinching slightly at the sudden interruption in her thoughts, she answered the call.

[I]He?s here all right. Have you found anything pinky? It?s rude to barge into my thoughts like this, you know how I can?t stop listening completely and if you think hard enough I will hear it.[/I] Martel thought back to the agent that had contacted her. Poking Odin to get his attention, she pointed to her head so that Odin would know someone was trying to reach him.

[I] I managed to hack into the surviving records of Project Nature, and was able to retrieve the information on just what happened to you two. If you increase the payment by another $100 or so, I believe I can get you a full access copy of that information along with the names and identities of all those involved. [/I] came the stranger?s thoughts into Martel?s mind, she was relaying the conversation to Odin so he would know what was up. They had to stay quiet to as to avoid revealing their location if anyone was outside.

[I]All right, though you?d better make it good pinky. Brain will be very mad if he has to pay you another $100 for data he could have gotten himself. [/I] Martel thought back to the informer, an anonymous information dealer who was one of many they ?employed? for reconnaissance. She licked her lips at the thought of what his payment would really be, since Odin never let people who had gathered information for him live.

[I]Better save plenty of room when we go out to dinner and pick up that information right Martel? He knows too much now, let?s use him and then eliminate him as a lose end.[/I] Odin thought to Martel, wrapping himself around her as she embraced him. They were enjoying their evening alone together, and yet still getting business done as usual.

It wouldn?t be long, before Odin?s plans would come to light and those who did this to him and many others suffer before the hands of their own creation. And then, the world would know just how terrible their governments had been as that event started a chain reaction exposing conspiracy after conspiracy in a carefully constructed scenario that would result in the corrupt government being demolished.

He wasn?t the kind of person to want to be king, in fact he even would tell people ?I would rather be a peasant than a king, because all a king does is sit on his throne and get a headache. However society needs a leader of some kind, and thus kings and presidents are chosen.?

Martel on the other hand, given the chance she would be the queen of the universe and still crave more power and more minions to serve her. She loved being with Odin though, because even though she was well aware of her role as his figurehead she could serve him well and benefit from his company and intelligence with regard to her own schemes.

Government agents, spies, civilians, soldiers. They were all just pawns, parts of Odin?s master plan but not even close to actually being the root or important. Indeed, Odin preferred to employ a stand-alone-complex of sorts in order to prevent a breach in one area of his network from crippling his efforts.

Except for a few bands of thugs on the edges, nearly all of the members of his organized crime ring operated independently, only connected through expendable information dealers and the thought-link to Martel which could not be snooped except by someone with similar powers, allowing her to serve as the queen of this hivemind structure of independent thoughts and actions to reach a common end.

And then there was Odin, the true mastermind and the one who would have his revenge for what happened to him. All those who supported coexistence were welcome to join the cause and would be spared.

All those who opposed, would perish just like the fly he had squashed under a newspaper while watching Abel earlier that day.

Things were definitely going to start happening, and soon.

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[SIZE=2][COLOR=deepskyblue]Madeline Neko gasped as ABEL grabbed Kaelthrin. [B]"Let him go!"[/B] she screamed, her voice echoeing off the walls. She scratched his hand with her nails, trying to get him to let go. She was almost desperate for him to let go. [B]"Please"[/B] she sobbed, dropping onto her knee's. She let tears fall down her now paled face and drop to the ground. She watched ABEL, unable to help because of her anorexia.[/COLOR] [COLOR=deepskyblue][I]Please god, let someone help me![/I] she thought, glancing at ABEL and Kaelthrin.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

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Rika yelled. "Stop! Why are you doing that!? I can tell a person's true nature and current feelings by looking into their eyes. When I look into his eyes, I can see the purity that flows through his body. I only want peace for those of us created by the inhumane things our cruel government did. Besides, I rarely ever try to attack, and if I did, it would only be in self-defense." Rika knew that she was speaking the truth, but she could only hope that ABEL understood the way she felt.

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[I] Please god, let someone help me![/I] Blasted into Martel’s head, causing her to wince as though she had just taken a bowling ball to the face.

“Darn kids, they need to learn to control their thoughts. In any case, it seems like that bunch we ran into earlier got in trouble again. Should I go give them a hand?” Martel asked Odin.

“I’m going with you, this is as much a problem for me as it is for you.” Odin answered back, grabbing his weapons and changing outfits. This time he would be wearing black leather pants and a trench coat, the inside pockets lined with ammunition and small handguns. It was after dark, and as long as he didn’t encounter the law directly should blend in nicely as a gangster.

“Alright. Quickly, she sounded desperate.” Martel answered, grabbing her guns and stuffing an extra box of ammunition into her ample cleavage as she put on a loose-fitting coat.

The pair quickly doused the lights and shut off the power, then stepped rapidly out into the streets and made their way in a hurry towards where the call had come from, the thoughts of fear and the cry for help repeating in Martel’s head the whole way. It wasn't really that far though, barely a block away. As skilled at fighting and running as Odin and Martel are, it only took them a few seconds to reach it.

~ Scene with ABEL, about three minutes after the call for help had blasted into her mind~

Arriving at the battle scene with ABEL but keeping their distance for the moment, Martel checked that her guns were indeed loaded as Odin did the same.

Observing the scene, ABEL has a tight grip on Kaelthrin and seemed as though he was about to kill him. Odin nodded to Martel from their hiding spots, and she stepped into view.

“Put him down.” Martel declared loudly and clearly, taking her pistol out and leveling it at ABEL, cranking back the hammer. “We do not wish to harm you or any of your belongs or friends, however if you do not release him immediately I will shoot.”

Odin stepped out of his hiding spot, looking at ABEL and adapting his gait to match that of a punk, in order to confuse them as this was one of his many costumes. “And this is why we can’t coexist peacefully, because some people get too jumpy and try to tear one another’s heads off just for getting a little bit close. It makes me sick you know, to see a modified human fighting another modified human over something so trivial I doubt it is any more than a personal space issue. Martel, make good on your word.”

“I planned to Odin. He’d better let go or there will be a .38 special full jacketed through his skull, and will find out if there really is a god or not.” Martel remarked, though she didn’t want to have to shoot she certainly wouldn’t hesitate if it proved necessary.

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