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  1. I believe it is actually Google that is going to take over the world. The center of industrialization in reality takes the form of a 'front' of sorts, like a relative line that slowly creeps westward over the course of decades. 50 years ago it was in the Americas. 30 years ago it was Japan. 10 years ago it was China. China is actually going the way of Japan and America now as point of fact. If my guesses are correct, that front where rapid modernization and industrial growth is west of China in the countries that were formerly part of the USSR. They're not going to take over the
  2. Sorry about the quake guys. Was testing something and had it angled wrong. That was supposed to happen in Antarctica where nobody would notice.

    1. K.G


      I didn't notice it either way. lol I was sleeping.

  3. I did as well. Although it did raise me from the dead, spam is not welcome :|

  4. Making progress, and still with great comedy too. Though I am curious, who DID really kill DB. Or for the matter, is he really even dead?
  5. I'd just as soon clean it up and laugh it off, going out for revenge will only escalate it. Though if it happens again, then I would worry about finding the culprit and having them nailed for trespassing and vandalism.
  6. I hath made a triumphant return from the lands of the dead... with NEW IMAGES [img]http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c376/sbssean1987/motivator9503869.jpg[/img]
  7. As far as I am concerned, TV as a whole is over-rated and utterly worthless. Aside from the news, it is almost all nonsense or stupidityfests.
  8. Here's what to do. 1. Get a job. And not just any old job, I'm talking 2-3 full time jobs doing anything you can possibly do. She needs to get a job as well, otherwise you'll never have enough money. 2. You can forget college. Between working to pay for your kid and spending time with her and the kid you won't ever have a chance to go. 3. Don't even think about getting government aid. They'd be all too willing to hand it out, and you would piss off everyry hard-working middle class person out there by getting handouts at their expense. 4. (Should probably be #1 or #2): Marry the
  9. America has fallen I think. We were once a great people, now we live in a crumbling nation polluted with worthless people and stupid politicians. Fortunately, but also unfortunately, nations and empires never last more than 350 years. Given that the US was established in 1776, and we are in 2008 now, it is likely that many of us may be alive when the huns- who have already appeared as the terrorist groups of the world, succeed in destroying this country. In addition, the economy is on the verge of collapse due to rising energy costs, and thus far it looks like no solutions are feasible
  10. *is resisting a violent urge to break into the song by Haddaway* There is more to love than just action. Passion, Romance, looking out for each other play a role in relationship love, which is a bit different from family love because those elements are present in higher amounts. Love also means that even though you might argue with somebody at times, you truely and deeply do care about them- and if they need help you will drop everything to protect them. In addition, the things you say about someone you love and what you tell them is another way of showing just how much
  11. Certain types of Ramen are good, though a lot of them don't satisfy my taste and even the good ones take two or three packs to satisfy my hunger when I am making a meal of them. Though my favorites are Beef, Chicken, and Mushroom.
  12. I'm afraid most 'extreme' sports are tame in my book. Now try bullriding. 8 seconds of pure insanity, and loving every single one of them. Mustang riding is even more fun, the last one I fought for half an hour including two unplanned dismounts because of loose equipment before he finally gave up and moved along nicely. Though Bandito wasn't as bad as some, mostly just running fast and turning suddenly. If he had rolled or started bucking I might not have done as well. And the ultimate extreme sport? Fire Swimming. If you are good, you won't get burned for about 30 seconds i
  13. [b]Caramell[/b] [i]Caramelldansen Speedycake Remix[/i] Yes the girls are still dancing in my Otakuboards banner, and I still enjoy this song. Kind of a shame that the girls came from a Hentai anime, though I might watch it anyway after finding out just how bad of a perverted series it is. I can deal with it if it is less than Elfen Lied, though more than that and I wont watch it. This song is still spreading like the plague as well, I've heard about 20 people in reality listening to it in the past week, thinking it as something new. [quote name='8bit'][FONT="Tahoma"][COLOR="DimGray"
  14. It's more like getting hit by lightning honestly. True love just kind of happens sometimes, while searching for love you will never find it. Though it doesn't hurt to get to know people, and the odds are better that way.
  15. [quote name='keitaro583']there's this girl thats in my school band and the band was taking a trip to hershey park and what had happened was that she let me feel her up a bit and i we were sorta connecting and then she goes of and makes out with one of my friends dead in my face!!!!! when i saw this i was devastated and betrayed my friend felt even worse he had a girlfriend already and he loves her alot. so while he was freaking out about what happened the girl was like "im sorry , im sorry"to me and i just diddnt want to hear her crap so i stormed off and later on while on the buses she said "
  16. [I] Please god, let someone help me![/I] Blasted into Martel’s head, causing her to wince as though she had just taken a bowling ball to the face. “Darn kids, they need to learn to control their thoughts. In any case, it seems like that bunch we ran into earlier got in trouble again. Should I go give them a hand?” Martel asked Odin. “I’m going with you, this is as much a problem for me as it is for you.” Odin answered back, grabbing his weapons and changing outfits. This time he would be wearing black leather pants and a trench coat, the inside pocket
  17. I am a nerd, and I am proud of it. Its kind of like the term Otaku, in it's original usage it is derogatory but these days it is hardly considered an insult or anything bad and indeed many people desire being like that. Not much else to say on the matter, as long as you don't start singing Wierd Al: White and Nerdy around me.
  18. ~ Underground ~ [I]Black Mist this is Pinky. Is Brain there?[/I] Came a thought into Martel?s head. She was resting with Odin while they watched the news. Flinching slightly at the sudden interruption in her thoughts, she answered the call. [I]He?s here all right. Have you found anything pinky? It?s rude to barge into my thoughts like this, you know how I can?t stop listening completely and if you think hard enough I will hear it.[/I] Martel thought back to the agent that had contacted her. Poking Odin to get his attention, she pointed to her head so that Odin would know someone was
  19. [quote name='Raiha'][COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Tahoma"]I OBJECT! My lawyer was defective! Seriously! Come on! You could've done so much better protecting me from...a heavy fine. *facepalm*[/FONT][/COLOR][/QUOTE] Awful expensive Klondike bar don't you think? However, if you wish to plead insanity please make your case since that was a pretty nutty thing you did. Also, the line about the mob boss was priceless. And why the heck is it always Mayor Wallace or Mayor Wilson? I think every single Mayor I know of has been a Wallace or Wilson. I like how this is goin
  20. ~ Alley near Rika?s house~ [I]These kids don?t have a clue what they are dealing with.[/I] Odin thought, letting Martel read it from him. He looked at the corpses they had just carelessly left about, and the destruction from the earlier battle. [I]They apparently seem to be able to survive like this anyway, even if they are careless and even kind of stupid about their tactics. I wouldn?t worry about them, since even if they did figure out who we really are I doubt they would rat us out when they are in the same fix.[/I] Martel thought back to Odin, her fangs showing as she dragged t
  21. People have told me I should be a lawyer, because you are right on the money I am not someone to be ignored easily. So far it looks quite promising, I like where this is going. By chance, what would the inspiration for this be though? It's quite entertaining, and I am curious how you got this idea. I do see one small snag though. Doing all that for a simple klondike bar, doesn't that seem a touch unusual among one's train of thought? There may be additional motives behind this, and the truth shall be revealed in due time. Keep it up, I look forward to seeing what you can do.
  22. ~ Abandoned Streets not far from the site of battle, Odin Yggdrasil~ “You don’t have to walk alone you know. Especially not in this neighborhood, too many dangerous people and too much going on. Did you hear the gunshots and that explosion not long ago?” A handsome young man called out, having seen ABEL walking nearby and climbed down from the stack of junk crates he was resting upon to greet him. He was in his workingman outfit, roughed up a touch as though he had just been fired and was moping about the alley debating suicide or going home with the bad news. [I]Odin
  23. ~Rika’s house, entry way~ [I]Idiots.[/I] Martel sighed to herself, looking at the two corpses as she eased herself out of her hiding spot. Wasting no time, she set to work looting the corpses- getting two more military-spec handguns and ammunition for them, along with a couple of vests and some assorted law enforcement gear. Checking them over carefully, she determined that there were no bugs present on them, and that they did not seem to have possessed a radio to call for assistance. Somewhat relieved by this, she sent word through her mind-link to Odin. [I]These guys are clean, th
  24. ~Building, Martel Stoneshaw ~ There were now two people being pursued by a pair of government agents, they had managed to escape the alley into a building and now were making their way to freedom. It would not be their end though, as just as the agents forced the door open a somewhat chunky lady ambushed them from a side room. Taking the government agents by surprise, she thrust her knife into the neck of one sending him to the ground, while the other reached for his gun to shoot the attacking woman. ?I think not!? She shouted, ducking behind a steel door and readying her knife
  25. I'm not going to be outright evil though. Odin too has his own plans, though he is not limiting himself to his own ideal to achieve them. Mafia-like activity is definitely in the works, while still maintaining a strong front and possibly even being a part of the group from time to time in order to benefit his schemes. The real enemy here is the government, don't forget that. I'm just setting myself up in a good position so that later on I can throw some surprises out there to keep the RP from fading.
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