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[CENTER][B][U][SIZE="3"]Cabin Fever[/SIZE][/U][/B][/CENTER]

[B][SIZE="2"][CENTER]The year is 2014; there has been a war raging between the United State?s and their enemies (To avoid any conflict using stereotype enemies like terrorist or communist In the RP I am going to refer simply as enemies). When suddenly a terminal malfunctions and a nuclear missile silo?s computer system, caused by a computer virus and an incompetent officer. Located in Covenington, NV, causing a volley of 20 nuclear missiles to fire, parking a chain reaction that causes the end of life. Not only has the ground been laden with radiation so nothing will grow. The Chemicals thrown up by the blast have created an intense layer of gas that raises temperatures to about 100 degree?s on average when the sun is shining and cools the earth to about -30 on average when it is not. While 1 billion of the worlds best and brightest are on a ship bound for the newly found planet of Theitaos, The other 5 billion are left to die. But unbeknownst to anyone on the Theitaos ship or anyone on the planet, one location proved safe. It was a resort called Green Gully in the Appliation Mountains; it was largely protected due to an unknown substance called by the ones in the hotel as Saverium after the fact that it saved them. In the water that flowed threw a spring that the resort was built under. It protected the building itself from radiation. But the world around it was left dead and poison. Anyone in the hotel was safe. Green Gully was not only a resort where the rich and famous came to lavish in luxury. It also served as a children?s orphanage, and its price?s were fair enough so that anybody could stay there, so there was a wide variety of people there. But only those of the first 3 floors and the two basements survived. There is enough food for 1 year if it is rationed correctly, that?s about as long as it would take for the radiation to have gone down to non-lethal levels. There is also a generator that can generate 1 weeks worth of power to the Resort. But it needs to recharge for three days afterwards. But the real test is this. Can the people of Green Gully go one year without going crazy? How would you act if you were trapped there? [/CENTER][/SIZE][/B]

[CENTER][B][SIZE="2"]Well this RP singles the first RP I have made sense 2004; I hope it is Satisfactory enough. The point of this RP is that you are one of the people that are trapped inside the Green Gully Resort and you are unable to leave for if your will surely die if not from the radioactive dust that is threw out the air. But the intense heat that the building?s AC can barely keep bearable. And the Heater can keep the hotel warm at night. The trick is having to deal with people you don?t know and not being able to do things you normally would, and the most important thing. Keeping your sanity[/SIZE],[/B][/CENTER]

[SIZE="2"][U][B]Char Sheet[/B][/U][/SIZE]



Occupation: (Be Creative)

Social Status: (Rich, Poor, Middle class etc?)

Marital Status and # of Kids: (even if they aren?t in the RP)


Appearance: (Pic or Description, I care not)

Personal History (Bio):

Intro Post[/SIZE][/B]

[SIZE="2"][B][CENTER]You can only have two characters please, any kid?s that your main character has will not count, a spouse how ever would.

One Last Thing, a little variety would be nice that?s what this RP is about if everyone?s basically the same the RP won?t be any fun. [/CENTER][/B][/SIZE]
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