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Hey everyone, im sure that a good majority of you otaku out there have seen Death Note, if you have watched (or read) it all then you should have heard of Wammy's House. Wammy's House is the orphanage that take in genius children and train to become a successor of L. Little is known about the inner workings of Wammy's House. Who can say how much drama went on there. The pressures of becoming L's Successor, Rivalrys such as Mello v. Near, and possible mystery's given to test the children. My idea (which is open for discussion) would take place 40 years after Near has become L. It is nearing time for him to pick a new successor and the race to become the new L is on a higher level that Mello v. Near. There are about a dozen bright prospects competing to become L. Wackyness and drama will ensue.

Some ideas for character design will include things such as: Your hobby/obsession (take Mello and his Chocolate for instance), your personality will determine your way of handling cases (Mello is more action oriented when handling a case while Near needs other people to give him support because of his trouble with being social).

And to add on, in the shinigami realm tales of Ryuk's Expenditures have aroused the interest of many shinigami. After much Coercion the shinigami king give those shinigami an extra notebook, which will of course be brought into the human world to bring entertainment to them. This is on a scale even bigger than Kira and more deadlier as well.

Well this is the idea im thinking about, let me know if you would be interest or if you have anymore ideas to throw in

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