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RPG Hope of Revenge

Drizzt Do'urden

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A wolves howl rang throughout the clearing. Breaking the silence shared between Madeline and Travis. They had been planning a raid on a known GUK compound and as usual Travis was telling Madeline her plan was too risky.

"What are they saying Travis?" Madeline had the acute hearing of a dog, but she wasn't able to understand the local wolves the way Travis was. He was raised by them afterall, and though he was part human, he had developed a bond between them, and they served as lookouts for the whole clearing.

"There is a group of humans, nothing more than bows and arrows, and katanas. Though they say they're wearing strange black clothing." Travis knew that Madeline would be alarmed. The GUK realized that their guns made noise, even just the click of the saftey coming off was enough to alert the half-breeds with sensetive hearing. "They're still miles away from the clearning and heading in the oppisite direction. Should I go check it out?"

"Yes, take a few others with you and kill them." Madeline's voice was cold. He hated when she talked the way. He also knew it had to be one. "As you wish, we'll kill them and dispose of the bodies far away so when they're found they won't be lead anywhere near here." Travis turned to leave but he quickly stoped when he heard Madeline get up out of her chair. "I think I'll join you tonight, I haven't left the clearing in awhile"

"But Madeline..."
She raised a hand to silence him. Though she never treated him as a subordinate, and always took his advice over security/safety matters. She was part animal as he, and enjoyed roaming free once in awhile. "Go ahead and round up whoever you think we may need for this task....oh and whose going to be with us tonight?"
Madeline was refering to which of the wolves was joining them to lead them to the humans. Over the years the wolves have been a valuable asset to protecting their way of life and have saved the clearing from discovery on numerous occasions by leading hunters off and killing those who get to close.

An eerie howl escaped Travis' lips. Piercing the night sky, it was quickly answered by another. "It looks like Rolo and Polo" The name's always made Travis smile. They were twin wolves with something very odd about them. Rolo had a green left eye and a yellow right, while Polo had a yellow left eye and a green right. This added to the twos inseperable nature

"Ahh great, I do so enjoy looking ento their eyes, so beautiful"

[I] And so deadly. [/I] Travis thought to himself. The two workedmore like a team than any animal human or mix he knew.

"I know just who to get for this job..."
Travis walked away from Madeline to get the others, he always hated leaving her side incase she needed him. But he knew Rolo and Polo would be waiting to take care of her.

OOC: I hope everyone likes the first post, I'm going to get back on in an hour or so to post the backstage.
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