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  1. Asher wandered down the halls towards his room completly engrossed in the melody emenating from Takeo's room. He'd heard him playing earlier in the day and was impressed by the man's skill. Asher had played violin in high school, and had considered checking to see if he could get one from the school on loan and join him and Jensen the next time they played together, but he just didn't have the heart, or skill, to make a good duet, or trio, partner. As he turned the corner of the hallway that would take him to his room the lights went out causing him to stop in his tracks. T
  2. [b][/b]Glancing towards Rhea and back to his friend Asher shook his head, [b]"You do realize she is going to pummel you right!?"[/b] he could see the bond had grown even more in their eyes. [b]"She won't do anything, besides I have her..."[/b] Jensen was cut off as a small, but apparently very heavy, backpack slammed into him almost uprooting him from his desk. [b]"Whole backpack now,"[/b] Asher laughed even as he spoke. The look on Jensen's face, one of admiration and aggrevation at Rhea was more than he could take and he completly lost it. It
  3. After he'd parted ways with Jensen and Rhea, Asher made his way back to his room to reflect. He'd heard mumbles in the halls from the few students that occupied them. They new 'students' were all the talk, people spoke of them as if they were some evil beings that were going to destroy them all; fear being the ever present theme it would seem. He found a little bit of humor in the fact that they spoke as he walked right past them. They heard these new students were...different then most, but they had no idea who they were. It was almost a moment of solace when he felt a bit
  4. As the duo of Crowley and Kaiel took the demon king down with a combination of precision, grace, and skill that made the two look like they'd been fighting side by side for years Asher couldn't help poke Jensen in the ribs with an elbow. [b]"Looks like you got some competition,"[/b] he chuckled at Jensen's face...though he choked on it as Kaiel transformed into a giant wolf-like creature that made short work of the goblin king, a sickening feeling immediately sank into Asher. He looked around and wondered if everyone here was even more like him than he had ever imagin
  5. At first the thought of wave after wave of tiny lesser demons frankly scared the hell out of Asher, but again thanks to Jensen he was snapped out of his senses and into reality...or apparently what reality had become. The creatures came on like waves crashing onto a shore during a storm, [b]"I thought he only summoned two of these damn things. I hope Kaiel isn't half as crazy as her brother, I don't feel like making this part of my daily routine."[/b] He deflected the lunge of a nearby creature, he was surprised at the ferocity of the beasts, and even more so at their
  6. [b]"DEREKK!!!"[/b] Vegas found himself screaming at the top of the lungs once the light had cleared and his vision was once again restored. Everything seemed to go silent as he knelt down to pick up the visor, even the wrenching sound the doors made as Slate ripped them off their hinges was muffled. Tyler felt a hand softly grab him by the shoulder and give him a small nudge, [b]"Vegas, I'm so sorry,"[/b] Ri's voice broke him from his silence as he rose to his feet. She was one of the few people who realized the bond Derek and Tyler had made during t
  7. [b][/b]Asher sat mostly silent during the introductions until laughing about the robes brought him out of his funk. It seemed like mostly everybody had some sort of back story, some sad, some not, he could barley fight back the taste of bile in his mouth as it became clearer and clearer to him. Whatever was inside of him was the cause of his foster parents' deaths. It wasn't a chance happening, or something from there past; instead it was something deep inside of him that caused him. He felt a sort of fugue come over him as the girl, Rhea she said her name was, introduced herself. I
  8. Hey I've been busy with work so I haven't got a post, and I didn't want to start a backstage. I'm working on my post and will have it up early this afternoon (work a little type a little) go ahead and skip over me if somebody wants to post before I get mine up I'm just doing an introduction for Asher to the class and it won't be any trouble to adjust it a bit once I take lunch around 2 est.
  9. Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted. My work has been forcing 12 hour days for the past two weeks and I'm just drained by the time I get off. I'm getting a reprieve for a bit this weekend so I'll have a post up tomorrow for sure
  10. Hey guys sorry I'm slacking, my work has been forcing 12 hour days consistently for the past two weeks, I finally get a reprieve tomorrow. I'll get a post up then
  11. Consider me in Inu, just have to work up my sign-up. I haven't played any of the left 4 deads, (I'll explain any comments on that fact to be sent in memo form to my assistant, Mrs. Shut-it), so if you can think of anything I could be missing out on please let me know. I'm familiar with it a bit from friends so Im assuming, zombie apocalypse? RUN! is the biggest need to know.
  12. Tyler stood mouth agape as he watched McKnight go down, he pondered whether it was McKnight's arrogance or a bit of Slates true potential shinning through that gave the young leader the victory. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [i]The day before[/i] Tyler stood in the training room eyeballing McKnight with a mixture of anger and fear on his face that McKnight either didn't seem to notice or didn't seem to care, Tyler assumed the ladder. [b]"You know why we're doing this little one on one?"[/b]
  13. Tyler stood mouth agape as he watched McKnight go down, he pondered whether it was McKnight's arrogance or a bit of Slates true potential shinning through that gave the young leader the victory. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [i]The day before[/i] Tyler stood in the training room eyeballing McKnight with a mixture of anger and fear on his face that McKnight either didn't seem to notice or didn't seem to care, Tyler assumed the ladder. [b]"You know why we're doing this little one on one?"[/b]
  14. Asher stood at the window peering out into the night from the secoand floor den of his foster parent's home. He wasn't one to feel depressed, but something tonight seemed to be pulling at him. A strange pang of guilt ate at his very soul, but for some reason he couldn't think of anything he'd done that day that was wrong. The day was truly like any other day before it, he'd woken up, went to work, came to visit his parents and was now here listening to one of his 'father's' stories about the war and his 'mother's' gripes about him not finding someone
  15. I agree, I'm not sure what's slowing it down to the extent it is (life I suppose) but it may be a decent idea to sortve do an outbriefing with the 'results' of the traiining. That would give us some insight to what is/was expected and we could move on from there.
  16. I'm in for sure, Ill get a sign-up tomorrow. Name: Asher Thompson Age: 25 Appearance: Asher towers at 6'4 with a strong frame. He keeps his dark brown hair short in a military style. He has ice blue eyes and a five o'clock shadow. He normally wears jeans, a white t-shirt and black leather jacket with his black combat boots. He has a large scar from his right shoulder down to his pelvic bone on his right side. Demon Appearance: [attachment=15236:Asher.jpg] Personality: Asher tends to come off a bit childish to those who do not know him. His happy go lucky attitude, and n
  17. I'm in as well, I just have to get a sign-up together. I'll have something up tomorrow morning
  18. I'm in like....well I guess I'm just in. 14 hours of pole climbing hole digging and cable pulling fun, way to tired to be creative.
  19. Well I'd love to say the good ol'USA is going to make a comeback by revoking NAFTA and eliminating outsourcing. Increased income and employment plus the increased taxes that brings in, as well as the taxes from the increased Tarriffs puts USA back on top in a few decades. But since we're living in the real world I have to put my money behind China economically, I think their military numbers are threatening, but by the time 2020 comes around the "shoot first don't ask questions ever" U.S. will have dumped enough money into the military that we'll be even furthe
  20. I'm good, though Gavin took Group number three and thus took Tyler's shoulder to cry on away... It's okay though, maybe Gavin will be nice and pay me back by allowing me the first blow...I want that gold star **** it
  21. [quote name='dark_apocalyps' timestamp='1314178867' post='709055'] Earthquakes rumble too much and I wouldn't want to spend my last moments stumbling around more than usual. Discuss. [/quote] After the recent quake on the east coast, proud to say I got some brownie points by telling my fiance not to worry that the earth always did that when I looked at her. A local radio station had call-ins about the quake, one woman's respone was "The shaking really added a zing to my 'afternoon delight'," So maybe you SHOULD hope for an eart
  22. This is a neat idea, I guess my biggest question is are you wanting to post individual posts from an RP, links to these posts, or are you going to post every post you've made from an RP that you think is. Not that I make a whole lot of posts that are good enough to write home to mom about, but I have a few characters I particularly am fond of.
  23. Well with military life taking its toll the RP club never truly was realized.... And that brings us to today, a second shot at the RP club... I left the original thread because, well for one there's a lot of good stuff in there as far as discussions go.... I'd like to get this up and running again if anybody would be interested. The first post is my original idea for the club so for the bulk of the information check that, a basic outline is we get a few of us 'clubbers' together...and even though it sounds like it we are not heading out to find baby seals. Ba
  24. [attachment=15219:IMG_7096.jpg]Never posted one on here before...or at least its been ages since I have. Thought I'd post one of me and my little one, [attachment=15219:IMG_7096.jpg]
  25. Tyler stood open mouthed as Slate exited the training room. It was apparent he was tired, pushed to the point of exhaustion and it was even more evident he was ****** off about it. It was easy to tell Slate had been a loner before the mission, a trait Tyler shared with the man. After the first mission he thought Slate had gotten over it, and it was still apparent. Sure it may have seemed like he was ****** about McKnights attitude or that he was stronger, but in reality he took the role of 'leader' more serious than most would have. The way the man looked when Autumn was blasted by
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