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Ok this follows on from Gundam Wing, and anyone that's seen Endless Waltz will know that at the end they blow up their Gundams, which if you ask me, was a pretty stupid thing to do...

[COLOR=red][NARRATOR DUDE'S VOICE]The year...Is after Colony 200. It has been 4 years since the use of Mobile Suits was abolished. But there are still maniacs in the world, and used Mobile Suit dealers, which usually work underground. It was up to the Police to stop them, but without the help of Mobile Suits, they didn't have much luck, and the cities became war zones. The world government had no choice but to [B]bring back the Gundams...[/B][/NARRATOR DUDE'S VOICE][/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue]Your character can either be

[B]One of the old Gundam pilots (Heero, Trowa, Quatre, Duo, Wu Fei) (Although you'll need to make yourself a new gundam)

A Mobile Suit dealer: The higher rank you are in posts, the better MS you can sell (See the cop chart)

A cop (The ranks go like this:

Newbie: Leo
Junior Member: Taurus
Member: Virgo
Otaku: Customised Leo, Taurus or Virgo (in other words, you get to add more guns)
Extreme Otaku, Mod, Admin, God/Godess: A GUNDAM. :cool:

Terrorist: You'll need to do a deal with a MS dealer, and the higher your dealer, and the higher your post status, the better a MS you can get, to go on a killing spree!!! :devil:[/B][/COLOR]

I think I've covered all the roles. Next thing is your character. (Oh ya, one last thing: If you are an Otaku or higher, you can handle the Zero System. Members under that of Otaku are still able to try, but theres no doubt that you'll go crazy ;))

[COLOR=green]Name: Hajime
Member Status: Member (Soon to be Otaku)
Occupation: Cop
MS/Gundam: Virgo
Weapons: (If you don't know your MS weapons, go see [url]http://www.theotaku.com/gundam/mobilesuits.shtml[/url] Gundam pilots can make their own weapons.)

Fixed armaments: 1 x beam cannon, powered by energy collector/generator on right shoulder, mounted on right arm

Remote weapons: 4 x planet defenser, generates defensive energy field, stored in racks in left shoulder

Personality: Serious most of the time, but does enjoy a little joke every now and then.

Bio: Family was killed when a terrorist destroyed Newtek City. He was the only survivor, and has sworn that he will get revenge for his family.

Appearance: (See attachment)[/COLOR]

Now remember ppl, we need at least one of EVERYTHING to make the RPG work. I know MS dealing sounds boring, but remember that you also get to use your own Mobile Suits to go on a little killing spree whenever you want...;) Now lets goooooooooo!!!!!
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Name: Craig
Member status: Otaku
Occupation: MS Dealer
MS/Gundam: Custom Leo

Equipment and design features: Flight option pack, can be fitted on any ground-based Leo, provides aerial control surfaces and additional thrusters for atmospheric flight

Fixed armaments: None

Optional fixed armaments: 2 x beam saber, stored in recharge racks in optional shield, hand-carried in use; 1 x shield, mounted on left shoulder

Optional hand armaments: 105 mm rifle, drum-fed, 100 rounds per drum; beam rifle, 20 round charge; "shorty" beam rifle, 20 round charge; bazooka; dober gun, clip-fed, 95mm laser sniper, various rounds with cooling pack.

Remote weapons: 6x Chaff and stun Grenades, stored in companrtmet on the left wrist.

Personality: Always speaks his mind, never one to turn down a challenge.

Bio: An orphan, taken in by a rich family, but was always rebelious.

Appearence: Long silver hair, hazel eyes, suit like Trunks from the Saiyan Saga.
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Name: Flash
Member Status: I wonder...
Occupation: MS Dealer
MS/Gundam: Cossack

Bio: A purebred killing machine, Flash was raised in Siberia in a secret military installation. He fought many battles, without taking sides, just killing everyone, but eventually learnt the ways of peace, and stoped all the killing. He still stays attached to his past though, as he has become the biggest dealer of Mobile Suit parts in the world. He has everything and anything. He did however keep his pride and joy, the Cossack Gundam.

Appearance: I'll post an attachment later..
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Name: Toki Damasu
Member Status: Newbie :demon: (Ain't it ironic?)
Occupation: Cop
Mobile Suit: Leo
Weapons: 2 x beam saber, stored in recharge racks in optional shield, hand-carried in use; 1 x shield, mounted on left shoulder; 105 mm rifle, drum-fed, 100 rounds per drum; beam rifle, 20 round charge

Personality: Toki appears nondescript, and doesn't seem to attract a lot of attention. Even his suit, the average leo, apears normal. Which is the way he prefers. He fights against the uprising terrorists with military efficiency.

However, the tragic loss of his wife during one of the original gundam's attacks has caused a unnexpected mental flaw. Only time will tell if it is revealed.
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