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Writing Mekanikaru Nakigoe ~Mechanicle Cry~


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[COLOR="DarkSlateGray"]Well, finally I get to most my new work. I don't really now if it's all that good, but I'll still work on it for the hell of it, right now I have this and another story pending that I actually want to finish. This is the second of the two, Mekanikaru Nakigo which is Japenese for Mechanical Cry, it was inspired by Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Eureka seven and Zoids: Century Zero and Chaotic Century; some inspiration is obvious, some not so.

This story also refferences some other thigns such as the story's main protagonist, Cedric, and one of the antagonists, Omar. (Refers to two members of At the Drive-in and The Mars Volta.) Anyways,nejoy the story. COmments and all feedback is appreciated.

[CENTER][COLOR="Gray"][SIZE="4"]Mekanikaru Nakigoe[/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER]


[SIZE="1"]My name is Cedric Schester. I was orphaned when I was five, and I lived with my brother?s Ezekiel and Vadim. Until I was 8, my brother Vadim would take me and Ezekiel outside our underground village and show me the stars in the sky. But suddenly one night, our village was taken over by the country of Belkava and my brother Ezekiel was kidnapped by the Belkavian army.

When I turned 12 me and my brother was forced to work for the Belkava, building robots for them. Belkava is at war with our country, Hequious. Well, what was our country until they took over. Now all me and Vadim want is to leave our crappy, sky-less village and venture forth into the world that we know is out there.


It was Monday, the only time me and Vadim were able to have time to ourselves. We were slaves to the Belkavians, and it wasn?t enjoyable. The mornings weren?t bright, but we got some sunlight from a giant crack over us. Our village was covered by rock, a weird dome shaped rock, I presumed. The rock was very stable, so it could house us all safely.

The young people in town were forced to dig and dig into the ground for materials that the Belkavians could use for the war. They were lucky that our country hasn?t realized the take-over. After all two years isn?t that long for Hequious to notice we were enslaved.

That morning was a very peculiar morning. Usually we said nothing because we knew that the morning after, we would have to resume digging for the Belkavian bastards. I looked over to Vadim, he was eating cereal that we made ourselves, we were lucky that the Belkavians let us have all our stores and shops, despite enslavement. Vadim gave me an odd look for I hadn?t touched my food at all. To buys thinking about what would happen that day.

[B]?Hey, Cedric, you do know that tomorrow might be our last day having to work for the Belkavians.? [/B]Vadim said smiling. I gave him the stink-eye.

[B]?Yeah, funny.?[/B] I replied in anger. I didn?t like it when people got my hopes of leaving this place up, than tearing those hopes down? even if it was meant in a harmless way. But my brother should know not to joke like that.

[B]?No, I actually mean it. We have to bust out of this place, leave behind the past!? [/B]Vadim said clenching Oatie-Os in his hands. He got cereal crumbs all over the table? a little to dramatic?

[B]?How, all we have is our shovels?!? [/B]I said rolling my eyes. Silence? my brother?s smile turned into a straight look.

[B]?Didn?t think of that?? [/B]He said. I just sighed and started eating my food. It was the first meal of the day, and we only ate twice a day because we got crappy pay from the Belkavians. I decided to visit my friends Simkamona and Jarred. They were a crazy pair of people. Simkamona, or Sam as we called him, always wore a dorky pair of sunglasses that made him look foolish. But he was a funny person, yet he was very impatient with his other friend Jarred, who was calm and collected.

[B]?See you later Vadim!? [/B]I hollered as I ran out of our little cave-house, the sun was shining just above the crack over the village, it was a warmer day than usual. The people were out, surprisingly they were able to enjoy the day. I was close to the park, well, what was left of it after the Belkava took our village and our land. There wasn?t much wildlife to begin with, you know, us living in a cliff and all. But it used to be one of the most vibrant places in the Yuipay village. Now it was more or less rubble.

I saw Sam and Jarred on a rock, Sam was wearing his sunglasses and he was staring into the sky like a turkey. Jarred was lying down on the rock, waving his hand in the air for no reason. He sighed and turned toward me, his eyes lit up as he noticed me. Sam, who was curious as to what Jarred was staring at, took a good look at me and jumped off the rock. Jarred jumped down soon after.

Sam, who was a huge show off, took his sunglasses and put them in his pocket. He then twirled and jumped in the air, before falling to the ground on his knees. Jarred just shook his head and walked. I just tried my best not to laugh at him. He smiled and stood up, he was wearing a gold shirt with dark blue pants. His sunglasses were an annoying tie-die color besides the lenses, which were pitch black.

Jarred wore a red t-shirt and blue shorts? he wasn?t very fashionable as far as I was concerned. I just shook my head and sat down. I talked to them for a bit than decided it was time to leave and go back home, I was suddenly hit by a wave of sleepy energy, yes it?s an energy wave. So before I left I told them I?d see them an hour earlier than usual, before we had to work, I needed to talk to someone before me and Vadim were worked to our bones.


On my way home I looked above at the crack and saw that the sky was beginning to darken, and not just gray, but the color of the clouds was almost black. I heard thunder roar and soon it started to rain. But before I could rush off, I heard a voice calling my name.

[B]?Hey, you, Cedric? you better get home? tomorrow?s going to be a very long day.?[/B] A man?s voice said from behind me. I quickly turned to the man, but I could only see his face. His eyes were red and his hair was black, it draped over his left eye, leaving only a faint glint for me to see their color. He smiled and nodded.

[B]?Yeah, man, you better get home soon. Cedric, tomorrow is you?re day!?[/B] The man said. I gave him a weird look.

[B]?Who are you?? [/B]I asked, but before I got an answer, the man disappeared. I was shocked, and I ran back home. The storm was fierce when I got home, thunder booming all around the dome-shaped cliff. Vadim looked at me with a frown.
?This sucks, and today was looking nice!? He said. I looked back earlier that day to when I was having good vibes about today, too bad I was mistaken. It was only twelve in the afternoon, so me and Vadim decided to go to the shops and buy some food with what little money we had saved up.

When we returned a few hours later, the storm was still raging. The electrical system in Yuipay was bad enough as is, but the storm blacked out the entire village. The only part of our village that was outside was the electricity plant, but of coarse, the Belkavians had to take that place too. Usually I couldn?t sleep during power outages, but today I was tired more than usual, and I had tomorrow to look forward to. Yeah, more work as usual, so I needed rest. It was seven in the evening, but I went to bed, and I fell asleep quickly.


When I woke up it was still storming! Vadim and I ventured out around 6 to the digging site. We had to dig for stupid stuff so that Belkava could have the upper hand again Hequious. No one really knew why the war was going on here in Yuipay, so why we have to do this digging his a mystery to me and the rest of the villagers.

The Belkavians wore white uniforms, and they never smiled. Most of them were jerks, they wouldn?t even help some of the women in the village, which offended me. The stone around us was an odd orange color, not like other cliffs, it was an odd neon-like orange. The rest of the cliff was covered with dark gray stone.

The place where we dug was well guarded from the elder residents of Yuipay who didn?t have to work. Belkava can?t help women, but they don?t give a crap about the old? I don?t know if there?s even a word for that kind of behavior. Thinking about the state our village was in made me sick to my stomach, and my hatred for Belkava grew more intense. It was because of them that I couldn?t see the stars and the moon, or Ezekiel.

The digging site was fenced in wood and it was always covered with a coat of creepiness that seemed to never dry. The storm made it even more eerie as the sound of muffled thunder and wind came into the crack above us. Where I lived, there was a hole big enough to see the sky, but here, there was only a small crack that left everything above us unnoticeable. I looked to my left as I walked the steps holding my shovel.

There I saw that man from yesterday who called me ?man.? He was smiling, this time I could see he was wearing a cloak. I looked at his hand to see that he was holding a weird remote. I looked ahead of me as I tried to drown out my stalker. As soon as I hit the last step I felt someone punch my side.

[B]?Get to work you little deviant!? [/B]hollered one of the Belkavian soldiers. I scowled and started working.


I looked to my left and to my right, the people around me looked depressed. The storm was odd, but the feeling that something awesome was going to happen had returned.

A few minutes after I started digging I hit something. I don?t know what I hit but it was so hard, my shovel bent! I knew I was in deep trouble, but the Belkavian soldiers were withdrawn into their offices. I bent to and looked at the object I hit. I wiped dirt off of it and it looked like a red headlight that you find on cars, but no one uses cars here, so it was odd. But suddenly, out of no where I saw it blink.

I fell to the ground and grabbed at Vadim?s ankle hoping that he might have seen what I saw, but he was too busy with his work. Suddenly, almost at the sped of light, what I hit jumped out of the dirt. It looked like a metal dinosaur. It was black and it had red eyes. I was amazed, so amazed I couldn?t? see my brother and the rest of the workers running away.

[B]?Holy shit son!? [/B]Vadim hollered at me, [B]?get off the ground and-? [/B]before my brother could say another word the man from earlier burst from the shadows and threw something at the robotic-lizard-thing in front of me. It growled and dodged whatever the hell that man threw at it. The creature just growled and walked over to me, it picked me up off the ground and had me on his back.

[B]?Hey you Cedric!? [/B]The mystery man called my name, [B]?Take Vadim and go to the town entrance, ride that bitch as fast as you can!? [/B]He said to me smiling as a horde of Belkavian soldiers flooded from their barracks. The dinosaur-thing that picked me up ran over and picked up my brother. The thing was cradling him like a baby as it ran off toward the entrance. I didn?t tell it to move, and surely it didn?t know where it was going, but I was imagining the path to the entrance, and it took the exact same path.

The townsfolk were scrambling off like maniacs as me and Vadim were being carried away. I looked behind me to see the mystery man holding two small rifles and he had the remote he had in his pocket. He jumped on the sides of buildings so often and he even shot at some of the soldiers as they gave chase. We were finally reaching the entrance, I looked ahead to see Sam and Jarred, who skipped off of work, at the gates of the village. They were staring at me like I was an alien or something.

The weird thing that I was riding was growling happily, almost like it liked being chased! I noticed that the mystery man was right ahead of us too! He was riding some kind of hover board, he was showing off as much as Sam did! He put his guns in their holsters and he took out the remote and pressed a red button that was on it. Suddenly the ground shook and the gates of the village shattered!

[B]?Hey Cedric, man, you gotta tell that? thing that you?re riding to compact itself?? [/B]The man yelled as he put his feet on the ground.

[B]?If you don?t? know what this thing is, how can it compact itself?!? [/B]I asked. I just thought anyways, and sure enough, the monster stopped and began to shrink, as it seemed. Me and Vadim fell to the ground, but Sam and Jarred picked us up. A few seconds ago me and Vadim were riding a 7-foot mechanical dinosaur, and now in front of us was a small little lizard-like thing that hopped onto my shoulder. The rumbling from before was continuing, but it was just a nuisance.

[B]?Reflect on that later guys, get your ass over here so we can get on my ship!? [/B]The man hollered as an airship emerged from the sand outside of our village. It was big enough to hold all of us, but it wasn?t that big, probably the size of two-regular sized houses side by side, but it was still a marvel. I looked at Vadim and realized what my vibe was? we were getting out of this hellhole.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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