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Sign Up Blue Dragon: Age Of Everlasting Shadow.


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[COLOR="Blue"] [SIZE="3"][FONT="Arial Black"]Blue Dragon: Age of Everlasting Shadow[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]

[QUOTE][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Back-story: The world is cold. So very cold... The distant future holds no hope. Just more emptiness...

Times have changed. The world Shu knew is now lost. One is never free from the eye's of TheWarlord. Who is The Warlord you ask?
No one can say for sure. He was not born on this earth we call home. He is of...different people.

About 10 years ago The Warlord unleashed his army a Grynats. Grynats are his defending force. His army if you would. These were but small pawns in his conquering of the world. The Warlord brought forth his dark magic in the form of a shadow...

There are many records of this "shadow" being seen, But it has never been without great consequence. With this force The Warlord has..enslaved the world. Molded it with his hands of destruction into a world where fear and tyranny Reigns. [/FONT]

[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]There is but one hope for our world. A prophecy. Foretelling us of..warriors that will combat the Warlord with power very much like his own. But this is just a feint glimmer of hope and in these dark times, you need more then a glimmer to save you.[/FONT][/QUOTE]

[B]In this RP you will become the warriors of the prophecy. Traveling the world, fighting Bringers army, and striving to win back a world that was once yours, by using your shadows. You however can not do it alone. You must meet and befriend many allies in this perilous quest. Now go and become one with your shadow![/B]

[COLOR="Red"]Sign Up Sheet:

Name: [Any name as long as it suit?s the RP. First and last]

Gender: [Male or Female]

Age: [11-14]

Shadow*: [Can be any Animal or Mythical Beast]

Shadow Appearance: [What does your shadow look like?]

Weapon specialization: [Swords, daggers, hammers, Etc. You don?t have to have one.]

Personality: [How your character acts]

Appearance: [Hair color, clothes, etc]

Brief History: [A short paragraph of insight on your characters past.][/COLOR]

[COLOR="Cyan"]*Shadows- For those of you that are not familiar with Blue Dragon and it?s perks, Shadows are physical beings on their own. But they in a way use a host. If not learned to be controlled the host is manipulated by the shadow beast within. Shadows have a tendency to be any type of animal. They do not exactly have to be one animal and can be many mixed together. They also do not have to look like their animal. Maybe just a few characteristics of the animal to make it obvious as to what animal it is. More about shadows will be explained during the Rp.[/COLOR]

I'll post My Sign up in a bit. Thanks for Reading!
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