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[FONT="Century Gothic"]Alright all graphic artists! I have need for a new banner. All I want on it is the title Rabbit Doubt in a scary looking writing and to edit out the name on the right side near the corner of the pic and I want the pic to still look the same just in requirments. I want to keep the words that are already there. Anyone who does this will be greatly credited.
The requirments are OB requirments.
Here is the [URL="http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m5/key_of_darkness/anime/hangthelyingwolf.jpg"][COLOR="YellowGreen"][B]PIC!![/B][/COLOR][/URL]

Thanks in advance for the one who does this, and you will get your credit!

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Here, I died my best with what programs and fonts i had availabe.

I tried to make it look more like blood as well... Not sure how well it worked. But since i knew people would be dying and there owuld be lots of blood in the rpg i figured why not.

If you chose not to use this banner then thats alright :) I understand completely, I dont have indesign so its hard to do any typography stuff lately.

I had done one that looked rather nice but it was to large, the text looked even more like blood in that version. I had to make it resize to where it fit both pixel and file size so its not the max size (I wanted the picture to actually look the same only smaller)

Anyways I hope this works, I hope you like it.
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[FONT="Century Gothic"][COLOR="Navy"]Thanks Frankie! It looks really good. I don't mind it being small but I love the writting. Thanks a bunch and you will get your credit!

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