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Writing I'm attempting to do this again......


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[COLOR="DarkOrange"]Most of you remember my thread, Story Contest, right?

The point of the Story Contest is a battle of talent which will sharpen your writing talents.

I will bring up a subject, and a member will write a story about this subject. The story can be fiction, however, it can be nonfiction, but it has to be really well thought out.
Once that person has written their story, another member can counter it. It has to be in that same subject, but it doesn't have to be....well, for example if one member picks nonfiction, the member who counters doesn't have to pick nonficion.

Once two stories are on the thread, voting is now in progress. There is a ten vote limit for the voting period, and once there are ten, I, or Chibi-Master will count them up, and whoever has the most votes wins.

The winner can then pick another subject, and write another story about that subject. Someone can counter it, and the voting processs begins again. This continues.
If someone wins up to 5 rounds, I or Chibi-Master will bring up another subject, and a different person can write a story about that subject and the process begins again. =) Before I reveal the subject, i need to know if everyone's clear on the rules. Are you clear?[/COLOR]
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