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Roxie Faye

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[size=1][color=#9933ff]I just saw this topic in passing on crunchyroll while googling for Edward Elric, and I thought it would be fun to bring it here. So choose your anime friends and family!

This would be mine:

[b]Waaay older brother:[/b] Kenshin Himura [Rurouni Kenshin]. Kenshin would be like that older brother who's in his thirties while you're still in your teens, or something. Totally the advice-giving, but still cool type.

[b]Slightly older brother:[/b] Zech Merquise (Milliardo Peacecraft, whatever) [Gundam Wing]. Move over, Relena, he's mine! Just kidding. I think Zechs would be the type of older brother that would tease me, and I'd tease him, but we could also hang out and laugh once in a while. ...When he's not fighting the Gundams, that is.

[b]Pet:[/b] Impmon/Beelzemon [Digimon]. He would be SO cool to have around. He'd just turn into a giant, bad-*** Digimon and it'd be all cool.

[b]Aunt:[/b] Yuuko [XXXHolic]. She'd be a pretty neat aunt to have, with the magic and wish granting at all. I'd have to be careful, though, not to get tricked into doing stuff for her. XD

[b]Cousins:[/b] Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin [Ouran High School Host Club]. A pair of mischievous red-headed twins as cousins? I'm not sure it could get any better! Although, I'd have to be careful not to become a victim of their pranks...

[b]Boyfriend:[/b] Ken Ichijouji [Digimon]. Come on, did you see anything else coming?

[b]Good friend:[/b] L [Death Note]. He's really intelligent, which is one of the first things I look for. He's probably get really annoyed with me, though, because I wouldn't be able to keep up with how smart he is. ^^;[/color][/size]
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Older brother: Sakata Gintoki (Gintama): Really cool, Really wise, Really funny, Really Lazy.

Younger brother: Ed (FMA): Really angry, Really hyper, would boss him around and force him to be my slave labourer.

Youngest brother: Ippo (HNI): Wuss brother that I would stick up for, yet his strong in his own right.

Uncle: Wolfwood (Trigun): Badass uncle, he would be really kind and be there to help when im in a tight spot.

Aunt: Celes Victoria (Hellsing): I dont know why but she just seems to have a very good "aunt" feel about her. Being a vampire can always be handy too.

Friend: Inoue Orihime: :animestun just to try and get frisky if possible.
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Waaay older brother: Zangulus [Slayers]- He's incredibly awesome, cool with a sword, and can fight like crazy. Plus, I could steal his sweet boots, cloak and hat.

Slightly older brother: Bashou [Pokemon]- He's the quiet type, seems to be very loyal, and everyone needs an emo brother, right? Just so long as he didn't go around tying up random little girls on me.

Little brother: Jun [Rozen Maiden]- Because he seems to need someone to make him feel loved, and he's got these incredible enchanted ball jointed dolls in Lolita dresses...

Sister: Misa [Death Note]- Because I love her Gothic wardrobe and would totally, ahem, borrow from it. And she's just plain adorable.

Pet: Meowth [Pokemon]- Granted, he'd probably get annoying after a while, but who wouldn't want a witty talking cat around? He can translate to human talk, and you KNOW that's useful.

Aunt: Faye Valentine [Cowboy Bebop]: Because let's face it, she's AWESOME. She'd have great stories to tell and is the type you can just let your hair down around.

Uncle: Professor Sebastian [Pokemon]- Who DOESN'T want a biseinen mad scientist as their uncle? I mean, really. Completely awesome, and you'd have brainpower around when needed.

Cousin: Tracey Sketchit [Pokemon]- Yes, I said Tracey. He's a bit... odd, we all know that, but when the other branches of my anime family tree involve a mad scientist, a sexy female bounty hunter, and a swordfighting mercenary, a guy who has a tendency to draw Pokemon at... very inopportune times... and gets excited over counting Magikarp is pretty normal. He's an artist, so he could help me with my own work, and he has a Scyther. What's cooler than that?

Boyfriend: James [Pokemon]- Of course he's my boyfriend. Read the user title, people. Seriously, though, IMO James is The Perfect Guy. He has everything I want in a guy, and he's plain adorable.

Good friend: Domino [Pokemon]- Because she's cool and even though she is technically a villain, she seems like she'd be an awesome person to just hang out with (assuming she likes you). And if I ever needed revenge on a person, I 'd know who to call... mehhehheh.
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[CENTER][FONT="Palatino Linotype"]Yay! This looks fun!

Waaay older brother: Kakashi (Naruto) - He kinda seems like the protective big brotherly type to me.

Slightly older brother: Kiba (Wolf's Rain) - He probably smells like a dog, and I love the scent of dogs. Also seemingly protective.

Little brother: Fumikazu (.hack// [BlackRose's little brother] - I want to help him out of the coma!

Sister: BlackRose (.hack//Games, Another Birth) - She seems protective, and I need people to protect me because I can't fight at all.

Pet: Eevee (Pokemon) - My favorite Pokemon out of all of them. It's extremely cute, and I miss pretending I was one like I did when I was little.

Aunt: Helba (.hack//Games, Another Birth, etc.) - Because she's awesome and she comes off as the aunty-type to me.

Uncle: Urahara (Bleach) - He reminds me of my real uncle from my dad's side, but it would be more awesome because he'd be all anime-y.

Cousin: Shino (.hack//ROOTS, G.U.) - She's pretty, has a great personality, and she seems trustworthy. So of course I want her as a cousin.

Boyfriend: Kankuro (Naruto) - Yes. I have a crush on him. I have had one for like... ever. Don't judge. He's actually pretty cute without the hat and make-up.

Good friend: Sohma Yuki (Fruits Basket) - I want a rat as a good friend. I could just hug him and have a pet rat to feed to my Eevee.[/FONT][/CENTER]
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