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RPG Naruto: Beginning of the End

The Enemy

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OOC: Sign ups will remain open for a good while, but we have enough people to get this thing on the road.

After explaining the situation to the group Koza raised his hand, pointing one finer to the left wall of the briefing room. [COLOR="Navy"]"My fellow Shinobi. The worst threat to our world today, is in that direction. I ask you all prepare fast as humanly possible, then go and eliminate that threat." [/COLOR] Koza lowered his hand and walked toward the door. [COLOR="Navy"]"The building to the immediate right of this one, is the Takigakure armoury. Take all you need, an move out."[/COLOR] Koza walked out the door and vanished in a blur to his own assignments.

Rizen looked around the group of shinobi and smirked. [I]"Yay, me and a bunch of misfits against the most powerful ninja in the world."[/I] Rizen thought to himself sarcastically as he stood and left the room. Down the hall and out the door to the street. The rain fell heavily. It rained almost constantly here, and the sound of a great crashing waterfall could be heard from any point in the village. After a short walk to the right, Rizen entered the armoury. The sound of metal being hammered constantly rang through the room. The room itself was nearly bare, the walls were the exact contrary. One copy of every kind of weapon hung on a rack at some pint or another around the outer rim of the wall.

In the farthest corner from the door, there sat a long glass display case, which also held the clerk from the customers, and vice versa. Rizen approached the far display case, upon reaching it there was a sliver thick view of a back room. While the hammering of metal could be heard, a man constantly scribing notes, scrolls and notes wrote silently in view of any ninja skilled enough to see him. Rizen did not typically use kunai or shuriken as usual ninja would, he used them for traps. As he neared the counter the old clerk's eagle eyes darted him once over, analysing his skill and abilities. "What will it be young man?" Asked the clerk.

"I will take 120 feet of wire, 50 shuriken, 50 kunai, 10 soldier pills, 60 exploding tags, 10 blood clotting pills, and 5 caltrop packs." Rizen replied clearly.

The clerk laughed lightly and commented "Young people these days get too much money." Rizen did not speak, he simply took a scroll out of a back pocket and rolled it open along the counter. The clerk watched carefully, being attacked by many ninja in his long years he had learned to be wary of strangers baring scrolls. Though after reading it over, the clerk simply frowned and nodded "I see. I will get you what you need." Many ninja needed equipment if they were going on missions, and especially high ranked missions. Seeming unfair to make the ninja pay to properly do their jobs, Takigakure and many other shinobi villages made it law to give free equipment to those ninja's.

The clerk reappeared from the back room a few moments later. "Here is your shuriken pouch ad a back pouch for 20 kunai. The pills can be held in your pockets easily enough and everything else is within these scrolls." the clerk explained handing over the ninja tools and 2 scrolls "I believe you know how to use them." Rizen nodded and walked out of the armoury.

[I]"I can only hope my 'team mates' are as swift as I in their preparations. We have no time to spare."[/I] Rizen thought to himself
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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Shinori looked around. He wasn't too low on supplies, he hardly used that kind of thing, anyway. Still, it's always best to prepare for the worst, and the worst was exactly what everyone in that shop was targeting.

"Can I help you, Sonny?"

Shinori looked down again to see the shopkeeper staring at him. "Sure, Gramps. I'll start out with about 10 shuriken, 20 soldier pills, 3 emergency rations and 2 chakra blades. I also need one summoning scroll each for pigeon, chicken, pig and cat."

The shopkeeper went into the back to fetch the supplies. Shinori turned to Jetsu. "So what's your take on this whole thing, Jet?"

Jetsu shrugged. "You know me, Shin."

"Yeah, yeah. You're in it for the girls. Jeez, I hope you don't end up fighting that Haruno chick. I hear she'll punch a hole through your skull if you just look at her wrong."

By this time, the shopkeeper had returned. He handed Shinori his supplies and looked at him intently. "Anything else?"

Shinori thought for a moment. "What do you have in the way of swords?"

"I've got just the thing, hold on," replied the shopkeeper, returning to the backroom. He was back in moments with a large black case in tow. "I think you will find this to be exactly what you're looking for."

The case was nothing special, but the contents were extraordinary. The brown sheath lay slightly below the elegant and finely crafted short blade. The hilt was wrapped in dark leather and there was a single ruby inlaid right in the middle of it.

"Its name is White Phoenix," stated the shopkeeper, "It was once owned by one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist."

"Pefect. Thank you very much," replied Shinori, paying for his acquisitions and fastening the sword to his back.

"Nothing else, then? No exploding tags or anything?"

Shinori smiled. "Exploding tags?" He pulled a small piece of wood out of his pocket, tossed it deftly into the air and pointed at it with two fingers. A thin stream of fire ejected from the fingers, which burst into very large flames on contact with the wood block. "I think I've got it covered."[/FONT]
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[COLOR="Red"][I][SIZE="3"][B][FONT="Garamond"]Udyu worked his way towards the old man. "Sup," Udyu greeted. "Just tell me what you want," the old man rushed. Udyu Stood up on his tippie toes and looked over nto the confined soace. "I think I'll have that box of tissue and somethin sharp," he told him. The old man looked surprised at the order. A box of tissue and somethin sharp?"

"Ok," he replied as he walked to to his box of tissue "and what's your name?" He set the box of Tissue on the counter. "Udyu, Udyu Epe." He Grabbed the box of tissue and took out the tissue and threw the box to the side. Udyu put the stuff in his pocket.

"Oh, that's a unique name. Well I got a weapon just for you," he started to walk over to the closet to get somethin down. Udyu sighed. He knew what weapon he was going to give him. "Here it's a rapier," just like your last name. Udyu grabbed the box and got out the sword and it's case. He quickly set it to his side and put the money on the counter.

"Thanks," he said sarcasticly. He sat down on a bench across from the other 2 that had already gotten their stuff. He started findlin with his stuff as he waited for the intermission of the mission to be over. [/FONT][/B][/SIZE][/I][/COLOR]
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Kai enterted the armoury. His hair was soaking wet and little beads of water trickled down his face. He walked over to the clerk.

" Can I get 20 Shuriken, an exploding tag, and a few feet of wire." He spoke quick and quietly and the old man barely had time to take it to mind. "Are you sure you only need a few shuriken?"
"I'll be fine. Things always have a way of coming back to me in the end." Kai replied.

"I see. Well I'm going to throw in a few Kunai for ya free of charge." He went into the back room.

The old man came back with his order and Kai paid. When he had stowed everything away he walked over and chose to sit next to the yougest one out of the four sitting down.

The kid seemed nervous and in no mood to talk. "I[I] can't beleive a kid this young could be in this mission." [/I]he tought in his head. He seemed so uncaring and un-talented compared to the rest. He couldn't be anything big. Just brought in to disguise us perhaps.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Arimi swept her hair back as she stepped under the over hang, looking around she entered the shop and ordered a few things and pointed at a large scyth on the wall. Paying for the items she walked back out and ran into the back of a young man not much older than her self.
"Oof, what the hell..."
Looking up she arched an eye brow at the young man. Clearing her throat she took a step back and held out her hand.
"Arimi Nojin, pleasure."
"Rizen, so your the misfit of the leaf village huh?"
Her cheeks flushed bright but she nodded none the less as he took her hand and shook it once. She looked around and noticed she was the only girl there.
"Oh man...seriously?"
She put her face in her hand and shook her head.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Mitsuo walked out of the room with a hefty sigh. Working with others was always a strain on his nerves, but if he heard jump, he reluctantly had to ask how high. Looking at those he was working with he realized that the real challenge was not in the battles ahead, but in tolerating those around him.

As the rest of those with him stopped by the armory, Mitsuo just armed up what he brought with him. He passed a kid and a teenager on a bench, the kid waved at Mitsuo to come over. Mitsuo only scoffed at his childish behavior and rolled his eyes as he passed. He saw a guy and the only girl on the mission talking and since they were the only people around his age Mitsuo decided that they would be the least painful to get to know.

[B]"Hi."[/B] Mitsuo grumbled to the pair keeping his head low. The guy just stood for a moment while the girl had he face buried in her hands and was shaking her head.

The young man held out his hand. [B]"Rizen."

"Mitsuo, and you are?" [/B]The girl jumped a bit and then a smile the size of which Mitsuo has never seen stretched across her face.

[B]"Arimi." [/B]she spouted, now beaming ear to ear. Mitsuo has already decided that she was to nice. He didn't have much of a opinion for Rizen but he didn't quite like his hair. [B]"You're from the sand village I see."[/B]

[B]"Yes, and by your demeanor I'll say you are from the Leaf," [/B]The comment had a bit more of an edge than Mitsuo meant but it didn't seem to phase her too much.[B]"What are we waiting around for now?"[/B]
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[I]"One girl"[/I] Rizen thought [I]"and 9 guys. Oh yah, this is going to be [B]fun[/B]"[/I] Rizen shook his head. "Absolutely nothing." he stated blatantly, in response to Mitsuo's question. "Let's head off." Rizen did not wait for objections, he simply employed the body flicker jutsu and vanished toward his goal, the rest of the [I]team[/I] close behind him. One unexpected event was the girl Arimi passing him. [I]"She's fast..."[/I] Rizen thought. His attention on Arimi was quickly shifted to the man waiting for them in the field up ahead.

The river that flowed from Takigakure's waterfall culminated not too far away in a large lake, which then branched off into several smaller rivers. Standing on that lake was a man who Rizen had not looked forward to meeting for quite some time. That was, if e could still be classified as a man.

"Kisame Hoshigaki." Rizen spat the words like poison. The rest of the group looked toward either Rizen or Kisame in shock. "After his precious partner died, Kisame decided to follow his successor, Sasuke Uchiha, who as we all know, is one of Naruto's top generals. That's roughly a 93% possibility that Kisame is also a general. And on the 7% chance he's not. That still makes him an S-Class criminal from the hidden mist."

Kisame swung the infamous Samehada around from his back, pointing it the group. "10 on one? That hardly seems fair." he shouted angrily. "Let' even the odds shall we? Water clone jutsu!" After only one hand sign the water around Kisame reformed into an astounding 9 clones, with plenty remaining for any other water jutsu he may want to use.

"Be extremely careful here. This guy is the real deal. Don't let your guard down for even a second!" Rizen commanded. [I]"Damnit! his is the worst possible scenario!"[/I] Rizen contemplated the situation [I]"Not only did we have no chance for the element of surprise, we have had 0 preparation time! No traps, no strategies, no battle combinations! Nothing! We're really in trouble here, I can only hope this team is more than it appears."[/I] He cursed his bad luck mentally. "Let's get this over with." without a single hand sign Rizen?s hands began glowing with chakra, which then extended roughly an entire foot past the tip of each hand "Chakra swords! If any of you plan of preparing in any way, I suggest you get on with it before he gets impatient."
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Arimi cursed silently and focused her chakra on her feet, her speed increased ten fold, she seemed to phase out of where she was and than behind Kisame, Rizen blinked in surprise. She spun kicked and got his attention long enough for Rizen to get close enough. She jumped back as a water clone crashed down ontop of her. She crouched down into a fighting stance. She looked up as Rizen spoke to her.
"Use a technique, hand to hand is useless against him."
"Oh well, I dunno any. Hand to hand is all I have."
"Your not serious..."
"Dead so."
She seemed to phase again and attacked quickly and appereared next to Rizen.
"Hand to hand is all I'm good for."
She got rid of 3 water clones and showed up by him again.
"Get used to it."
She looked at him smoothing her long blue hair back and giving him a friendly wink she went back to going around kick the water clones aside to make room for the others to use their techniques. [/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR="Green"][I]Shit..." Kai mouthed. He got into a stance and began to look over his new threat. He barely had time to analyze most of the clones before the girl took them out. Kisame however seemed to be enjoying this and produced more clones.
The kid he had sat next to in the armory, was standing a few inches away from him.
"Yaa-hoo! Time for some fun!" he yelled and sprinted toward Kisame. He stretched his arm and balled his hand into a fist. It slammed into Kisame’s face and it splashed down into the water.

Kai watched as the man; who called himself Rizen stepped up to challenge Kisame.[/I][/COLOR]

OOC:sorry for it being so short >.>
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Rizen shook his head [I]"Figures, I knew at least one wouldn't be capable of anything but taijutsu. Oh well, I guess it's just another excuse to protect her."[/I] He darted forward and weaved between 3 water clones, slicing them all in half with his chakra swords. As they fell just more clones formed in front of him. "Destroying his clones will get us nowhere, we have to kill the real Kisame!" he told the group. He raced toward Kisame with cold killing intent in his eyes. Slicing up 2 more water clones only to have them be recreated seconds later. "Damn you Hoshigaki!" Rizen cursed as he dove forward and swung an arm toward Kisame.

Kisame easily blocked with Samehada "Is that the best you've got?"

Rizen did a backward hand spring narrowly avoiding Kisame's counter attack. [I]"How could I have been so stupid?! Samehada consumes chakra, unless I manage a direct blow my chakra swords are going to be useless here!"[/I] Rizen berated himself. "I have to rethink my strategy." he whispered to himself. "Hey, someone cover me for a while, I need to think." With that Rizen jumped backward and retreated to behind the group. He at cross legged on the water ad took out a scroll, quickly writing notes and battle plans scratching one out about once every 10 seconds. [I]"Damnit! [B]Something's[/B] gotta work right?!"[/I]
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[SIZE="3"][FONT="Lucida Console"][B][I][COLOR="Red"]He stood on the water holding his fist and shaking it. "Whoa, that felt good!" He lowered his head laughing. Then looked back up and realized he was surrounded by three of those water clones. "That's not good!" They all rushed towards him ready to pummle him.He jumped and placed his hand on one of the clones and turned it the other direction. He fell o the water with his hands and then spun around on a hand stand and forced them away. He pushed up with his hands to get higher in the air and landed on his feet. The three regathered them selves and charged towards him. He grabed 2 peices of tissue paper out of his pocket amd hurled them at the outer 2 clones. Then yelled," Suiton: Mizu Ho-ru!" With his hand still in the handsong postition that water below the middle clone sank. Then while the two with the tissue on their faces were stunned he mereliy grinned and said, "Kami Chein no Jutsu." As he said that chains of paper peirced through the back of the clone's head and they dissolved to water. The he walked over to the hole in the water and opened his palm wide open. Then with a quick and sudden movement collapsed he water on the cone and the water pressure took care of the rest. He clapped his hands from side to side taunting the weakness of the clones.[/COLOR][/I][/B][/FONT][/SIZE]
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Arimi obliged and began to circle Kisame at high speeds, she took the scyth from her back and caught him on the arm making him blood rain down and taint the blue water under him.
"You'll pay for that bitch."
"Just try to catch me."
She began to run around him again the more chakra she used the faster her movements got till she was nothing but a blur. More and more cuts appered on Kisame as she moved around him. She didn't harm him to much realizing the intent to kill from Rizen she held back enough to slow him down. She showed up next to Rizen making him jump.
"You might want to think faster, he's begining to learn my movements."
Before he could answer her she was gone and back to keeping Kisame busy, with him concentrating on her his clones got few and far between. She appereared behind him and cursed as he spun around punching her in the face, she flipped back and shook her head as she spit blood from her busted lip into the water. She growled and pushed back into the fight this time making her self go even faster, she looked over as Rizen looked up from his paper every now and than to see how they were doing, he blinked as he saw a flash of blue surrounding Kisame, she called over to him.
"Would you hurry it up over there?! Sheesh!"
She stopped and dodged a kick to her side and was gone in a flash, she showed up next to Kisame and tapped his shoulder.
"I think I got it!"
She looked up distracted for a moment and regretted it as Kisame slammed his leg into her side sending her flying at Rizen.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Rizen has his face buried in his scroll and jotting down his notes. Mitsuo stood behind eying the scroll in Rizen's lap. He took a loud bite from an apple he had skewered with his kunai from a nearby tree. Rizen made a slight jump and spun around staring daggers at Mitsuo.

[B]"Shouldn't you be helping the others?"[/B] He spat at Mitsuo.
"They've got it covered, the dwarf seems to be having a hay day fighting them. What are you writing?" [/B]Mitsuo replied taking another bite from the apple.[B]

"Notes on the fight. We can't exactly fight this guy by normal means."[/B] Rizen turned back to his scroll[B] "What were you doing sneaking up on me anyway?"

"Being sneaky," [/B]Mitsuo said mouth full of apple. "Ain't that our jobs?"

Rizen scoffed and otherwise ignored Mitsuo and went back to writing his notes. Meanwhile Mitsuo kept on crunching on his apple and reading over Rizen's shoulder. After a moment Rizen started to get fed up with his colleagues behavior.
"Do you mind?"[/B] he snapped.
"You have bad handwriting."

"And you are offensive."

"Well you have a bad haircut."

[/B]Rizen was working on a response when he was interruptedas Arimi came skipping like a stone across the water.
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Rizen stood to catch Arimi, cushioning her impact. "Are you ok?" he asked kindly. Arimi nodded and laid back on the shore.

"Just tired." she smiled.
Rizen nodded and took out a few kunai and some wire. "Now if you don't mind, I have a job to do!" he glared at Mitsuo.

"Good, because I have an apple to eat." Mitsuo answered proudly, taking another bite.

Rizen just grumbled and ran toward kisame, who's clones were now nowhere to be seen. Rizen threw one kunai at kisame. Upon impact with Samehada, Kisame realised the kunai had an exploding tag tied to it. His eyes went wide and a large blast ensued. But the mild wind quickly blew away the smoke and kisame was revealed completely unharmed. After Rizen perform a few hand signs...nothing happened. Kisame then saw Rizen take out another kunai and rush him head on.

The rest of the group saw Rizen get out another 2 kunai and go in a wide ark coming around on Kisame's left. Kisame stood doing nothing until the last second moving Samehada to the side. Rizen stabbed the two kunai he had into Samehada and leapt back. [I]"Damn, he saw through my genjutsu!"[/I] Rizen thought. Kisame laughed ant pointed Samehada at Rizen.

Rizen quickly jumped to his feet and flicked out his arm, causing a third kunai to flip out of his sleeve and into his hand. Kisame was surprised, but only for a moment, meaning when Rizen threw the kunai it too was lodged into Samehada. Kisame laughed again. Rizen ran back to the group and held up 2 kunai by the center of the wire tying their ends together. He held it above his head and spun it a few times before throwing it at Kisame like a bolas.

Kisame simply smirked as the contraption flew towards his neck, only to be meet and wrap around Samehada. "Now!" Rizen said loudly. Arimi was up again by now, she along with Mitsuo, Kai, and Udyu stood at the ready. Rizen pulled his arm back, yanking on a second wire tied on of the kunai in his make shift bolas. Kisame chuckled to himself as he simply let go of Samehada for a moment. Since the kunai with the wire on it had wrapped around the great sword, pulling on it simply caused the weapon to spin rather than be pulled away. A second later, after letting Samehada spin in the air a moment, Kisame took grasp again. Rizen whispered something to Udyu, then handed him a wire leading to Samehada, he did the same with Mitsuo and Kai.

"OK guys, let's do it." Rizen had in fact tied a wire to each kunai he had stuck in Kisame's sword up till now. Kisame having just let his sword spin out of his hand for a moment caused the wires on the other 3 kunai to spin around Samehada. On Rizen's word The group of himself, Kai, Udyu, and even Mitsuo pulled on their wires. Like before the wrapped wires only caused Samehada to spin once more. But now Rizen knew exactly how Kisame would react.

Kisame let out a loud laugh" You really think the exact same trick twice will somehow work on the second try. You must be dumber than you look. The instant Kisame let go of Samehada, Arimi was gone. she put almost all her remaining chakra into one nigh unblockable kick. The kick sent Kisame sliding back on the water about 5 feet. The wires in Rizen's other 3 kunai were much shorter and thus became tight quickly, with nothing holding it back Samehada flew toward Rizen and the others. Rizen caught it but a moment later threw it at a tree, along with six shuriken on wire, the shuriken wrapped around Samehada and the tree, tying them tightly together and holding the sword in place.

"Now Go!! Go!! Go!!!" Rizen yelled as he ran to Arimi with Kai and Udyu lining up for a full assault, Mitsuo stayed behind with the others assuming those 4 could handle it.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Arimi took a deep breath and summoned the last amount of chakra she had left, grabbed Rizen's hand and sprinted towards Kisame, she spun in the air and threw him hard towards Kisame and sent a few kunai of her own his way before her chakra ran out and she fell below the water's surface, she popped back up and watched as Rizen and the others closed in on Kisame. Swimming as fast as her worn out limbs would allow her she reached the shore and ran her normal speed was still impressive as she came up under Rizen just in time to launch him the rest of the way giving him an extra boost of speed to catch Kisame off guard, again she felt and saw the killing intent on Rizen more than any of the other group and she wanted to get Rizen there first before the others, it felt as if he needed to do this. She threw one last kunai at Kisame to distract him making it curve behind him when her knees gave way and she hit the ground hard looking upshe watched as Rizen made it to Kisame first to deal the final blow.
"Good, I saw the killing lust in his eyes, perhaps that won't come back for a while..."
She fell back onto her butt and took a deep breath as everyone came down off of their adrenaline high. She looked up as Rizen stood over her.
"You had me kill him, why?"
"You wanted the kill. I could see it from the beginning of the fight. Am I wrong?"
He looked down at her for what seemed forever, she just looked up at him waiting for him to answer.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR="Red"][I][B][SIZE="3"][FONT="System"]"Hmph," Udyu Crossed his arms and sat down," Yall didn't even let me fight him!"
He Puffed his lip out and turned his head the other way. "Your such a baby Udyu," Kai Complained. "Oh Yeah you can just go on some other adventure with your, Anbu mask," Udyu Argued Sarcasticaly. Then the 2 got in a arguement and the rest of the team thougt about what their next step may be. "We are going to need a strategy next time we go into battle," Rizen explained," And we won't be able to get any thaught up if the 2 babies don't stop fighting." Arimi sighed at the ridicoulus fighting between the "kids".

"Ok! How abot you two stop this fighting right now," Rizen demanded. The two looked up and blinked with alertness. Udyu put his hand to his head to sollute him,"Yes sir." Udyu then got out his rapier and peirced it through the wooden part of his scroll. "I am sorry, and will be better." He sounded like a movie he had seen right before the mission about a man with a good tailed beast in him, but everyone hated him. At that thought Udyu lowered his head and started to giggle. "You may continue," he said after he ended his laughing.[/FONT][/SIZE][/B][/I][/COLOR]
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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Shinori stepped out of the storage area. "What's up, gu- Aw, crap. Yo, Jet, we missed the action!"

"You serious? Who was it?"

"The shark guy. Kisame, I think. Oh, well. This kind of fight wasn't very compatible with my chakra type, anyway. If it were that Kyuubi kid..."

"I don't think so," interrupted Rizen, "That one's our final target and you remember that. Don't underestimate him because you have a chakra type advantage. He's a friggin' Jinchuuriki!"

"Alright, alright. I get it. Just remember to wake me up next time there's a party going on. I need the exercise. So what now, fearless leader?"

[size=1]OOC: Yeah. Its' short. I don't feel very creative right now and I have to go soon anyway.[/size][/FONT]
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Draco walks up to Rizen and taps him lightly on the shoulder making him jump about 20 feet in the air. When he jumped, everyone jumped as well for no-one noticed Draco till he tapped Rizen. Rizen came down and turned around looking at Draco with that pissed off look.

Rizen: "Who the hell are you?"

Draco "I'm Draco Narzo. Pleasure to meet you. Im a wondering ninja in search of a job or food. I saw that fight and thought to my self I would love to get in the group. Its not easy having you, that cute girl, and the two guys fight while that lazy one sits in the back eatting an apple. I offer my help."

Rizen: "Let me think."

Rizen gathers his fellow ninja to talk to them. While Rizen was thinking, Draco sits on a bench and pulls out a small box.

Draco: (Talking to himself)"Shit! My last box of food. I might have to look for scraps again."

The kid walks to Draco and touches the giant longsowd on the back. Draco bolts up and grabs the kid by his throught.

Draco: (With a mean voice)"Do not ever touch this sowrd or it will kill you!"

Draco then throughs the kid into a barral of rain water making him totally drenched.
Draco takes the longsowrd out and gives it 3 look overs and pulls out a prestine white cloth and a bottle of wax. Draco sits back down, waxing his sword and looking at the ground.

(OoC: Sorry about the late intro, been buisy.)
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Arimi stood from where she was sitting swung her scyth over her shoulder so the point was under Draco's chin.
"Threaten him again I'll slice you in half, call me cute again and I'll gut you like a fish and feed you to the wolves."
She walked away and clipped the scyth to her back and leaned on a tree. Her chakra was still low. Looking up she walked over to Rizen and stumbled into him.
"Sorry, still exhausted. What do you think? Should we trust him or not?"
Rizen looked at her and than looked back at Draco.
"We'll see if he's trust worthy or not."
"You sure that's a wise choice?"
"Not entirely. But we could use the help."
She nodded and sighed putting her arm on his shoulder and leaning into him smiling.
"He calls me cute again, I'll kill him."
Rizen stepped to the side making her stumble sideways. She looked over at him and smiled sweetly.
"Come on I won't bite, less you want me to."
He looked away from her frowning as she laughed.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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"And on the final day, GOD CREATED MAN!!!!!!!!"

All sound stopped as everyone looked towards the yell.

Standing behind them all was a male, wearing nothing but a pair of boxers, a katana somehow staying attached to it. He was actually pretty toned, but that still didn't deter from the fact that he was half naked.

Rizen stared for a moment before he realized where he had seen the semi-naked kook before. "Shiro Kurogane?"

The male nodded brightly, a large grin splitting his face. "That is me! Shiro Kurogane the GREAT SLAYER OF GODS, MASTER OF KAWARIMI, at your service, cappy-tan."

The ANBU leader sighed, remembering how difficult it was to take anything the older male had to say at face value. He had changed his name five times in the entire 'interview', and had changed his age no less than eight. Shiro had finally shrugged and said his, hopefully, real name, and the age he possibly was.

While their leader nodded and motioned the nin to join them, the rest of the team stared, completely confused. There was so much confusion in the air, it seemed almost to flow off of the group. But Shiro only grinned brighter.

"So where have you been, Shiro." It wasn't said as a question, mostly because Rizen honestly didn't care.

"Well, I was watching how everyone fought. I wanted to see what everyone could do, and while its impossible to get that from a pretty short battle, at least I know some about the team. I'm not letting Charon's life go on the line with a team I don't trust."

"Charon is a sword." Shiro had been quite proud of that in the interview, yelling at the top of his lungs of the sword's "awesomeness".

Arimi broke out of her confusion and approached the newcomer. "Welcome to the team, Shiro."

Shiro looked at the only girl on the team before nodding. "Nice to meet you ms. I am Davian Montgomery, age 20, and I am a great singerrrr~" He finished his introduction by singing the last syllable. At her look he smiled. "I'm kidding. That was who I was last week. Had to get into some... Uh... Opera house? Ya, that's what it was. I had to go there, and kill some old dude. So I became a great singerrr~~ And never having sung before, it is safe to say, my dear, that I was not a very good great singer. It was fun though, and he died of a heart attack so I didn't even have to do anything!"

Rizen was honestly surprised (though it was well hidden) that the male was able to keep his thoughts coherent for such a long period of time, but mostly attributed that to having nothing to really confuse him.

Arimi smiled though, having understood what he was saying. "But... Why do you have almost nothing on?"

Shiro looked down and a confused look crossed his face. "Where the hell did my shirt go?" He looked backwards and saw it covering something. He walked over to the red article of clothing and lifted it from a branch. He went a little bit further and picked up his black pants. He came back and put them on. "Why the hell were they off? I don't remember getting laid, and even if I did, where's the girl? There was nothing any further on...."

"Did I eat her?"

Unnoticed to him, but Arimi stepped back a bit. "Uhh.... Shiro?"

The brown-haired male looked at her. "Ye~s? Is there something you need my dear?"

"Have you... Really eaten someone?" She looked a little pale...

"Not that I can think of. Charon has though. I guess. He does that. She does that. It. He. She. We. They. I. You? What the hell would you call a sword? A boat is called female, so what would a sword be? Does it really even matter?"

Everyone shook their head, no.

"Fair enough!"
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Draco didnt even flench when Arimi almost cut his throught. He frowned and laugh.

Draco: "If you kill me the Hidden Village in the Mountains clan will disappear forever without me paying the Rock village a vist to seek resolution. My clan was destroyed by the Rock Vilage. Im on a journy to pay them back and seek resolution. Oh, you pretty when you r angry."

Draco laughs soo hard that he fell back wards when Shiro came into view. Still on the ground, laughing hard till he lost breath. Draco got up and watched Rizen and Arimi talked to the nearly naked and obviously confused guy.

As Draco got up, he spots a coin on the ground and picks it up. Draco felt like an idiot for throwing the guy so he went over to him and did a few hand signs.

Draco: "Sata no cleana seta nama Udyu."

After that Udyu was dry as a wistle.

Draco: "Sorry about that man, didnt mean to go awall on ya. Its a special sword from my clan. It has special values. If theirs anything I can do to make it up to ya let me know."

Draco bows his head in respect for the guy and holds a hand out for forgiveness.
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Rizen sympathetically put his hands on Shiro's shoulders. "Shiro..."

"Yes my liege?" Shiro responded loudly.

"I have your first assignment." Rizen stated darkly. "I need you to shut up, for about 5 hours. Think you can handle that?" Rizen asked.

"Yes sir! Cap'n sir!" Replied Shiro with a dramatic salute, before walking away and talking to some others in the group.

"Fantastic..." Rizen muttered, as he made his way to Arimi. She had a sort of half scared look on her face, not looking forward to a lecture.

"Look, Rizen, about that biting comment I was just ki-" She stopped trying to talk when Rizen placed a hand over her mouth. A moment later his hand began glowing a feint green, and her lip stopped hurting. "You..my lip" Arimi aid, confused yet again.

"I'm apparently the leader, but I am also the main medic here." Rizen explained.

"Hey I know a healing jutsu too!" Arimi defended herself.

"OK, and when you're out of chakra, exactly how useful is that healing jutsu?" Rizen asked cruelly. Arimi just looked away.

"Thank you." She said reluctantly before walking away.

Rizen shook his head, before walking over to Draco, "OK you can tag along if you want, I promise you no payment, only standard food, and absolutely no mercy under any circumstances if you harm one of my team mates." Rizen and Draco stared each other down for a bit before Draco finally nodded. Rizen just walked away an took out some paper and scribbling down a rough map and plans of how to travel. [I]"We are not going into a fight like that again. I won't let us."[/I] He thought to himself as he pondered over his plans and strategies.
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After agreeing to Rizens terms, Draco sat down and kind of fell into a sort of sleep.
Missing out on a few things and was really paying attention to anything. He just sat their thinking if he could be really of help. Then he thought that was bull and he made the right choice. About several minutes later he got out of his sleep like trance and said aloud.

Draco: "Well food is food. I'll be happy for just water and bread. Standard food to me is like rich peoples food. Just ask of what you need me to do and I'll do it. If I can e used a bait or something I'll gladly do it Rizen."

Rizen just gave him a cold glare and continued to write in his scroll. Draco walks over to Arimi and whispered.

Draco: "I know your fast, I would last a match of speed with you, but your scythe skill is a bit low. You swing to slow. You dont grip the handle. You are a little slow. Use the scythes weight to the advantage. Find the balance of the weapon and mastering it will be easy. Now if you excuse me, I must sit over their and sleep."

Draco dissapates into shadows and appears a few feet away. he sits down and closes his eyes.

Draco: "Wake me when we move."

Draco falls asleep but his head twitches to voices coming from the party.
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Seta walked up sitting next to Rizen "You know you really auta stop over dramatization those jumps when people sneak up on you"

"it's just too obvious that they are there tho"

"still you actually jumped up when that guy there 'snuck up on you', your a ninja and the head of a blackops devision, nobody would be that surprised let alone you"

with a laugh Rizen replied "true enough but you heard what he aid about that sword your holding, isn't stealing it a bit much for a prank"

smiling Seta replied "yea but i wanted to figure out if it was a boy or girl sword... maby its an it"

at this point is when draco realised that Seta had used replacement technique on his sword when he was looking away with a clone transformed as a sword. Seta dropping the sword with its point sticking in the ground quickly said "nice to meet you all, i'm Seta and will talk to you all later" as Dracos fist hit the side of his face and the clone dispersed into smoke.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Arimi felt her cheeks get hot as she flushed bright at his comment. She looked at the scyth on her back and stalked off into a small clearing not to far away from the group. She made a point to look back at Rizen and nod towards the clearing so he knew where she was going. As she turned her back to him she put her fingers on her lips where he had healed her, she shook her head and looked at the ground and continued walking till she reached the clearing. She unclipped the scyth and spun it quickly, she was out of chakra but she was sure that she could still move fairly quickly. She took a deep breath and spun the scyth expertly till it was a blur, she than began to move with it as if dancing to an unheard rhythm. She jumped into the air and kicked the base of a tree and watched as leaves fell, she hit the ground and began to spin around slicing all the leaves in half before they hit the ground. She dropped to one knee as she ran out of breathe. She sighed and fell to her side and than her back as she watched the halves fall. Closing her eyes she sighed and put her hand over her eyes.
"I think I'm good enough and that's all that matters. Screw what he says."
She gritted her teeth as his comments rang through her mind again.
She slammed her fist on the ground and bit back her curse, it was like being home all over again, she was being taken lightly and being pointed out. She hated it and she didn't want to go back just yet.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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