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This is the Pure Blood underground thread. First I just want to note I fixed the opening post a little, realised I kind of made it hard to follow up. Just go to your homes, gather stuff ,think it over, and head to the dark district (I'll explain lower down exactly what that is) Also this thread will e used to verify things, i.e. all of the vampires common weaknesses ad strengths, I'll explain a little further into artificials, and I'll cover things like the 'districts' and the general public's mind set.


[I]Weaknesses-[/I] All vampires have a curtain set of weaknesses. This section lists those weaknesses.

- All vampires get burned by direct sunlight this is obvious. [I]Note: covering your skin protects you from sunlight.[/I]

- All vampires have a strong aversion to holy symbols and holy ground. They do not cause pain they simply feel physically ill when close to crosses and the like, as well as when they are in churches (old abandon churches remade don't count) and when they are in cemeteries. (Why the media always portrays vamps loving the graveyard is beyond me, what vampire wants to walk on blessed ground surrounded by crosses?!)

- Vampires do not like garlic, this relates back to their strong smell and a vampires enhanced senses, a vampire retaining his sense of smell will not enter an area laced with garlic.

- A vampire cannot enter a private area (house, apartment etc) unless invited in by someone with authority to do so.

- Vampires cannot cross running water, they can pass over it (a bridge) or be carried or thrown over, or they can jump over if the yare skilled enough. But no vampire may simply walk through a river or other source of running water. (Still water has no effect)

Those are all of the weaknesses I an think of right now, if I forgot any please tell me.

[I]Strengths-[/I] For all their weaknesses, each vampire has a range of abilities justifying it's various draw backs.

-Vampires have enhanced strength surpassing normal humans easily, this dos not mean a vampire can throw cars around, nor can they simply run through walls. They have enough extra force to overpower a human, and easily break bones with strikes. (Vampires with especially enhanced strength can do some more incredible feats)

- Vampires have enhanced speed as well, once again you can't out run a car, or move too fast to see. Vampires may however dash past a running human with ease, appearing to a human as a person shaped blur, when moving around top speed.(Vampires with especially enhanced speed, may indeed out run cars or move too fast for humans to see at all.)

- Most if not all vampires have their 5 senses enhanced (sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste.) They can see perfectly in low light and pitch black conditions, hear various sounds at a distance through a range of other distractions, they ca track prey for miles on scent alone, some are rumoured to have the ability to tell the history of an object or area simply by sing their enhanced touch to read subtle marks and striations, their taste never really comes into effect but let's say that?s how they can taste things like the peoples emotions before being bitten.

- Empathic, most vampires have an enhanced mind, allowing them to sense the emotions of those around them.

- Vampires also have a slight form of hypnosis at their disposal, while this ability is moderate it is akin to the strength or speed enhancements, some vampires (like Valence, or Kieran) have their min manipulating powers enhanced far beyond regular attributes. The average vampire only has the power akin to jedi mind tricks for example. Planting a mild urge or mental suggestion in their target, though the strong willed can fight this weaker version off easily.

- All pure vampires have an enhanced capacity for healing, allowing them to heal up minor cuts and bullet wounds with relative ease.

- Vampires are for all practical purposes, immortal. They cannot be killed unless stabbed in the heart with a wooden steak, decapitated, or held in direct sunlight or running water for a pretty moderate duration.

[B][U]Districts:[/U][/B] In this mystery city, there are many different districts in which the city is divided. I will fill them in as the become prominent, but for now we only really only know one.

[I][U]Dark District-[/U][/I] The dark district is a part of down near the edge, in which all the lights have been broken, street lights, neon signs, traffic lights, all of them. This is only a few blocks, but it is a common gathering place for vampires. The only others who hang around the dark district are the drug dealers, weapon traders, and various other black market type crowd. The reason the dark district remains dark, is that it also happens to be the area surrounded by the most tall buildings, making it only really lit during the hours of 11 am - 3 pm otherwise tall shadows blanket the area.

Anyone willing to go into the dark district, to try fixing he lights, hasn't returned. Many repair men and street workers have fallen victim to this mysterious Bermuda triangle of the city. Even 2 swat teams sent in a couple of weeks ago, simply lost contact and never came out.
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