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RPG Turmoil of Shadow's (play)


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It is 2381, 30 years after WW3. Clone wars have spread across the face of the earth. Colonisations battle for superiority of territories. The pride of the races did not matter anymore. Humans would side with vampires, Elves side with Dwarfes, all to gain power.
All plutonium and nuclear weapons have been sent deep into space. A futile resistance to save this element was quickly wiped out. The leader of the clones, known only as the 'Janus' empire, has gained control of 60% of the Earth. Sparce mountain regions, where peace once prospered, has now become training grounds for the Janus soldiers. The Empire is quickly dominating the Earth. Only 5 short years ago, they owned only 5% of the earth. Many small Resistances try to stop this Empire, and ones similar too it, and they fail miserably. But one Resistance, consisting mainly of Mercanaries and bounty hunters, has managed to gain control of one colonies territory. They are slowly building up members and weapons, and plan to bring peace back to the Earth, by eventually challenging the might Empire of Janus.

In the fortress of the resistance (that's right, we have a fortress), the leader, an elf named Ralvenar, sits in the high tower or the fortress, looking at a map of the territories of the Janus group.

Ralvenar: Finally we have a map of their controlled areas. Get my team in here, we have work to take care of.

Secretary: Yes Sir........

The secretary leaves the room, as Ralvenar looks at the map with interest. Suddenly a message comes out on the comm link.

Comm: Attention, would all members of team Delta1 please report to the missions room. That is all.......

The secretary comes back into Ralvenar's room.

Ralvenar: Bring this map, and follow me.

Sec: Yes sir.... *thinks* I hate this guy!

Ralvenar: Hey, that's enough of that!!!

Sec: What the????

Ralvenar grins, and continues walking down the hall. He enters the breifing room, and lays the map down on the table.

Ralvenar: Now I wait for the others!
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The door opens and Andrew emerges from the door way.

Andrew: What's up boss?

He takes a seat at the table and puts his feet on it. He looks at Ralvenar awaiting an answer.....

Ralvenar: I'll explain when everyone gets here.

Andrew: I knew I shouldn't have come so early.
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The door opens agen this time Ash is standing there.

Ash: Where's everyone else?

Ralvenar: We are awaiting their arrival

Ash: What you mean i'm early?

Ralvenar: Don't work your brain to much it may melt.

Ash: *Think* What a Jerk

Ralvenar: Enough name calling.

Ash::eek: What the...?

Ralvenar just smiles again :D
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Guest QuickSilver
akira enters the room

akira:yo *looks around the room* where is everybody

ralvenar:they will come just wait and see

akira then goes into the corner and suts down
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Ralvenar: Akira, sit down...........

Akira takes a seat near Ralvenar.

Ash: When are.....

Ralvenar: SSH, I didn't ask you to speak!

Ash:*thinking* Bastard!

Ralvenar: How many times must I tell you to stop doing that?

Ash: Gah!!!

Andrew: :laugh:
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Guest QuickSilver
akira:what is it boss


ash:why dont you ever let me speak

ralvenar:because you keep interepting me you fool*slaps ash across the face*
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A tall man dressed in black slowly enters the room, making no sound as he silent opens the door. He stares at the man sitting behind the desk and grins slightly, bearing sharp points of teeth behind his lips.

Lium:.. So .. , this is the fortress of the almighty "resistance"..

he laughs again and looks around at the rag tag set of people looking around, spotting the half breed he growls slightly.. "half breed,you should never have been sired". After a moment he calmly takes a seat and looks around the room again, pushing a lock of black hair out of his eye.. He thinks to himself, " how are these people going to stop Janus? I have no quarrel with either of them, I have even sided with Janus on occasion, I have no interest in any of these stupid mortal matters, except the fact that I may soon get to feast on their blood...".. he licks his fangs and bites into his lip softly , allowing blood to pool down into his mouth..
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Ralvenar looks up at Lium, extremely pissed. He strides over and throws him off his chair, onto the floor, he grips Liam's throat.

Liam: Get off me!!!

Liam pulls and tugs at Ralvenar's arm but it's no use, Ralvenar is much stronger than he is.

Ralvenar: Now you listen to me! You will stop your indescent behaviour, and treat my team, most of which could kill you in an instant, with some respect. And we will stop Janus.... you mark my words. NOW GET UP!

Ralvenar lets go of Liam's throat, and Liam gets up, rubbing his throat. He sits down in his chair, and Ralvenar stands at the head of the table.

Andrew: Shouldn't mess with the boss man, he's got more power than you know..... as have the rest....... *looks at Ash* well, most of us anyways.
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Lium grumbles and looks at the elf standing behind the table. "I was foolish to come here at all,".Lium rises to his feet and takes a glance about the room, chuckling to himself slightly as he leaves.He continues down the hall and slips past security and out the door. "I don't need this." he twists his head and it cracks a little. "especially from an elf". Lium travels down through the mountains till he reaches the first town he sees, noticing it has lots of people, he slips in and waits for night fall. He thinks to himself "Soon.. I will have fresh blood".

After night fall a drunk stumbles out of the bar, and lium starts his hunt. The drunk sings happily to himself, all the while lium silently follows him through the shadows. After a few moments the drunk turns into an alley way and lium smiles "good." he the turns down the alley and closes in on his prey.. his eyes glowing an omnious red,peircing through the darkness at the man, who is now shouting in fear..

"Quiet friend, this will all be over soon". He says as he calmly walks towards the man, cowering on the ground. He reaches out his arm and picks the drunk up by the scruff of his neck, pulling him towards him. He sinks his fangs in and blood pools slowly into his mouth, as he greedily consumes it.
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