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RPG Mobile Suit Gundam Genderations


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[I]The year is Galactic Era 150. Mankind has ushered in a new age of prosperity, with beautiful cities constructed on the Moon (Luna), and floating cities in space called space colonies. Under the guidance of an organization called the Judge Senate, mankind has rid itself of war, pollution and hunger. Sickness is almost a thing of the past, and crime has dropped tremendously. Weapon regulation is almost completely controlled by the Judge Senate. However, as history has shown time and time again, peace can only last so long. Tension occasionally rises, and the Judges quickly wipe it from existence. Many feel as though they are being oppressed by the Judge Senate. Eventually, envy will often rear it's ugly head, along with greed. There have been several issues concerning trade between the Colonies, Luna, and Earth. And thus, the winds of change are blowing. Five years earlier, in Galactic Era 145, several satellites detected an unknown phenomenon in deep space. A few days later, numerous large objects, believed to be highly metallic, flew through the earth sphere, landing in various locations on Earth, Luna, and mining colonies. The Judge Senate conducted an investigation, but nothing was found... officially.[/I]

Several fighter jets approached the rebel base. They were white with blue highlights, Judge fighter jets. Nearby the long silver ship had landed to moniter the battle. Tendou was told to sit this one out, his skills were not necessary. His subordinate Hongo was leading the battle. The rebels had been making small attacks on regulated trade, with unauthorized weaponry. Suddenly, an alarm sounded. The fight was on.
"Break up and target the watchtowers! Watch your backs!" Hongo called out to his fellow pilots. The base which had been silent a minute ago, was now a field of beams and explosions. The rebel base had older weapons, such as shield tanks and older fighters. Thier weapons were no match for the Judge Fighters, neither in technology or pilot skill. The battle seemed to have been won before it began. Then the communication was cut. There was some strange interference in the com system, and the only one who could still be heard was Hongo, due to his command unit's better receivers. However, his voice still came as a blur. The radar cut off soon as well, leaving the pilots deaf and blind.
"Drop--- lik- fli--s! Co-m-un-c-tion out! They--- go- a m----- -uit!" Hongo relayed back to the ship.
"what the hell was that?" asked one of the Judge soldiers, but Tendou had already figured out what was necessary.
"Ready my Tremor! I'm going out!" commanded Tendou, and he ran off to the hangar. He had to make sure that he heard what he heard. As he entered the hangar, there was only three mobile suits in there. Two were identical, large bulky suits with a visor. They were the Tremors, the Judges mass-produced mobile suits. And Tendou was heading towards the third, the Tremor Command type. This suit looked similar to the others, but some of the armor had been rearranged, and it had a large, single antenna on it's head. Tendou jumped in the cockpit, and the mobile suit began to whir to life.
"Launch me!" commanded Tendou.
"But sir, your mobile suit isn't fully booted. You'd be a sitting duck!"
"I didn't ask for your permission! My men are dying out there! Get this suit out there NOW!" Tendou exclaimed. The Tremor shifted to the right, and was loaded onto a large catapult. The top of the ship folded open, and a long landing strip protruded from the top. The strip lit up, and then launched the Tremor through the air. The suit flew into the battlefield, and slammed into the ground. Tendou pulled a panel up from the dashboard that read "hard boot", and he pulled the lever inside. A terrible grinding noise started, but then was replaced by the sound of the engine. "COME AND GET ME YOU SONS OF BITCHES!" Tendou exclaimed as he thrust forward in the Tremor. His mobile suit had higher output than the rest of Tremors, but was still relatively low for a mobile suit. However, Tendou had worked around it. A shield tank approached, and the heavy Tremor suit slammed it's foot down onto the tank, disabling it's power source. Two enemy fighters approached, but Tendou had planned ahead. The left shoulder panel of his unit flew off, revealing a small Vulcan cannon. A quick burst of fire, and the fighters were taken down. His communications were low, and he had very little radar. But he had the experience to adapt to his situation. These jets and tanks were not what he came for. The mobile suit in front of him is what he came for. This suit was what was creating the interference, and had sealed the fate of his comrades. An now it was Tendou's turn to seal it's fate. The right leg panel on the Tremor folded off, and Tendou pulled out the hidden heat sword. It's blade glew bright, and Tendou charged.
The enemy mobile suit easily dodged the blade, but had fallen right into Tendou's trap. Tendou knew the Tremor was too slow to charge with a blade like that and successfully land a blow. Which is why he pulled the machine gun out of his other leg while he was charging. As the enemy suit easily dodged the blade, it was meat with the machine gun face to face. Tendou unloaded on the suit, and as it staggered back, he swung with the heat sword, striking it's left shoulder. The enemy suit fell on it's back, which meant death. Tendou raised his heat blade above the Tremors head, and slammed it down into the enemy suit's chest. "For peace! For justice! For the JUDGES!" exclaimed Tendou, as he twisted the blade in the enemy suit's chest, heavily damaging it's engine, and causing it to detonate. Communication slowly came back. "Casualties report!" commanded Tendo. Suddenly, the primary tower of the base exploded, and a white fighter jet flew out.
"Hongo reporting! Enemy base destroyed!" responded Hongo. "What took you so damn long?"
"Well if you had taken a suit with you in the first place, then we wouldn't have had this problem. Shining Blade, get a team in here. Take prisoners for interrogation, and see what you can find out about this mobile suit."
"Maybe next time you want information on an enemy weapon, you won't tear the shit out of it." Hongo replied. The two of them laughed, as if nothing had happened.
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[QUOTE]The year is Galactic Era 150. Mankind has ushered in a new age of prosperity, with beautiful cities constructed on the Moon (Luna), and floating cities in space called space colonies. Under the guidance of an organization called the Judge Senate, mankind has rid itself of war, pollution and hunger. Sickness is almost a thing of the past, and crime has dropped tremendously. Weapon regulation is almost completely controlled by the Judge Senate. However, as history has shown time and time again, peace can only last so long. Tension occasionally rises, and the Judges quickly wipe it from existence. Many feel as though they are being oppressed by the Judge Senate. Eventually, envy will often rear it's ugly head, along with greed. There have been several issues concerning trade between the Colonies, Luna, and Earth. And thus, the winds of change are blowing. Five years earlier, in Galactic Era 145, several satellites detected an unknown phenomenon in deep space. A few days later, numerous large objects, believed to be highly metallic, flew through the earth sphere, landing in various locations on Earth, Luna, and mining colonies. The Judge Senate conducted an investigation, but nothing was found... officially.

In the abandoned military complex known has Area 51, is base for the organization known for its unbelievable skill to turn junk into anything they needed to either repair or build something amazing. The Scavengers where around since Galatic Era 25. They tend not to attack anything that might be Judge junk. They do what they do best and that was salvage anything from what ever was around. In the Galatic Era 145. Draco was only 13 years old when Wing Gundam fell into the middle of the outside base. Dracos' father, Lavits leader of the Scavengers, saw the importants of not tearing it appart for scrap and ordered to have the gundam moved t the most secured spot in the base. Cheyane Mountian. (Cheyane Mountain is a complex built into a mountain to resist nuclear attacks during the Cold War.)

After 6 months of gathering the money neccessary to employ a member of the Golden Echelons Inc. Lavits hired a GEI (I shortened it) merc named Alexander ?Faust? Faustus. Within 2 years they had a working prototype called WZ-01PTA. 2 where built for testing. Their was a problem with the Command system in the proto types. Out of the 6 pilots tested them, 3 went insanse, 2 suffered major brain damage, and 1 activated the selfdestruct on the WZ-01PTA/2. Faust and the Scavengers scientice figured out the cause of the problem. The Command system that can predict battles was too much for normal pilots to handle. The next 6 months, we had 20 WZ-01PTB's that where more acceptable to normal pilots. The WZ-01PTB became a mass model for the first time in Scavengers' history. The first WZ-01PTB/1 was Draco's MS. His MS was different than the other 19 WZ-01PTBs. His was red and white while the others where a solid dule red. His ammo case on his back was increased instead of having 80,000 apr. He had 160,000 apr but the gun would over heat after firing 43,000. It would take 19mins for the barrels to cool off and be ready for action. The side missile pods on his left shoulder are more up-to-date than the others. Instead of scatter missiles, he has laser guided missiles. The Draw back to this is that he has to keep the laser on his target for 10 seconds in oder for them to lock on. His model is more armored around the chest, legs, and back area. If he runs out of ammo or the enemies get too close, the only close range weapon he hase is an energy sword in his right shoulder. The sword only has a 30 min fight time before it becomes usless. The command systems transmission into the brain of the pilot has been cut in half. Side effects are still reported but not life threatning nor compromising to the Scvengers. His also had a powerfull transmitter with a range of a 1,000 miles while the rest had a range of about 400 miles.

Lavits ordered that in Area 51 that the lowest levels be refurbed for MS production.
It would give the civilians a new job opprotunity and hopefully pilots.

Lavits gave Draco a mission, to attack a small convoy of Judge medical and food transports and to bring back the supplies back to the base for the civilians who needed them. Draco did not wait. It was the first time he would enter a real combat mode. He has been training with simulations and fakes.He hopes that the Judge Transports would have a few gaurds. The Scavengers have been watching this supply line for about a few months. Now was the time to strike and test the MS in real live battle.

Has Draco came closser to the convoy, he noticed that they weren't moving. When he and the other PTB pilots got closer they noticed they where just decoys. Then Judge planes came in. Draco realized it was a trap. Draco shot one plane out of the sky with his gatling and told his squad to be alert for Tremors. Their was about 10 Judge Flyiers in the air. Shooting them down wasn't easy. Draco radioed into base to let them know what was going on out here.

[COLOR="DarRed"]Draco: "Base come in base, we are under attack by Judge Planes! The convoy was a decoy. Need advisement!"[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Blue"]Base: "Finish those jets off quick and get back here! Tremors are attacking the base! You father went to hold them off.! Hurry he won't last long!"[/COLOR]

[COLOR="DarkRed"]Draco: "Are you serious? Shit, squad take those jets down and lets RTB. Home is under attack!"[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Brown"]Squad: "YES SIR!'[/COLOR]

Withing 2 minutes the rest of the Judge jets flew off in retreat. When Draco and his squad return, they saw about 6 PTBs scattered everywhere on the ground on fire. Draco got a gut feeling that they probally caught someone who was tracking the convoy and torchered him till he told where the base was. Coming up to the command tower, he saw his Dads PTB, it was a solid Jade Green, with his left arm missing and he was smoking.

Draco moves his MS over to his dads and holds it in his arms. Syncing with his dads, he finds out that his dad is dead. His combat hardrive noted their was 3 Tremors attacking the base. Which meant their was 3 highly skilled pilots where taking out MS's. His squad had to take these Judge Tremors out before they got access to the underground complexes where the civilians and where at and where the MSP line is located at. Only the highest officials know where the Gundam was and that is probally the Judges are after. His father was one and most of the scientice know too. The scientice are down with the civilians so they cant just shoot everyone. That means they have little time to either they kill these murders or die trying.

[COLOR="DarkRed"]Draco: "Alright guys, We are thats left. All the active pilots are dead and the rookies are still in the simulators. We die trying or we succed and drive these Judge bastards out of our home. Dont try to play hero, just do what we we're trained to do. We will win or we die. Lets move!"[/COLOR]

(OoC: Sorry if isnt what you where hoping for, I want you to kind of finish it for me Masked. Oh, sorry about the curses. Couldn't figure any other words that would fit. Enjoy!)
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[COLOR="Red"]"Attention, Attention, all authorized personel please report to your command stations!" [/COLOR]The voice woke Greg up from a very deap and pleasent sleep. The first one he'd gotten in awhile.

[COLOR="red"]"Attention, attention, all authorized personel please report to your command stations." [/COLOR]

[COLOR="Blue"]"God damn computer voice, I heard you the first time"[/COLOR] Greg rolled over and slowly got out of bed.

[COLOR="Brown"]"Greg, this is the real deal man. Hurry up, we can't take off without you!" [/COLOR]The voice of Greg's RIO Marcus rang into his room. [COLOR="Brown"]"It looks like the judges are attacking the scavengers. Colonel sent us the link a little while ago, didn't you get it?"[/COLOR]
Greg glanced at his watch, apparently he'd turned it on silent mode, he quickly put on his suit and raced to the hangar where his "Big Buddy" was sleeping. Everyone thought of their mobile suits as machines, and junk. But Greg had a different idea, there had been areason he and the god model gundam "linked".

Through all the flashing red lights and people running around, Greg still stopped for a minute to look at his mobile suit. Though it looked identical to the models the rest of his group were piloting, his was the only one that was able to fully utilize the VR combat room. And he loved it,

[COLOR="DarkOrange"]"Private we have you suited up with your Eagle, Titanium whip, Energy Knife, and dual-single hand automatic pistols to get ya started." [/COLOR]Corporal Steve Savage met Greg at the platform.

[COLOR="Blue"]"Sorry Steve, drop the automatics and give me the "Big Boy" rifle, I'll let those bastards know where on our way."[/COLOR] The big boy rifle was Greg's favorite weapon to date. Being one who fancies older technology, the Big boy was an old 50-calibur rifle humans used to use years ago. It's range was around 2 1/2 miles with enough accuracy to hit anything if used in the right hands.

After a quick switch out, Greg jumped into his suit and pressed the series of buttons placing it into "cruise" mode in which he wouldn't be placed into the combat room. It was those times the suit lost a lot of its thrust. That's why the "nameless ones" were using jet fighters as RIOs (Radio Incercept officers). They would break away once the suits went into combat mode, well some would. There were some crazy son's of bitches out there like his Rio Marcus did, he always stayed for the whole thing. More than a time or two saving someone in a suit's life.

[COLOR="Red"]"Please enter launch sequence." [/COLOR]The automated computer voice he'd come to know and love so much was right on que.

[COLOR="Blue"]"Private Greg Johnson Sierra November 3 3 5 7 2 5 9 3 1 0"[/COLOR] , that was the winning combo.

[COLOR="Red"]"Welcome Greg, downloading mission parameters from home unit....scanning...scanning ready for take off." [/COLOR]Here it came, Greg's favorite part. "[COLOR="red"]3.....2....1....launch"[/COLOR] With that the mobile suit took off like a rocket. Through the maze of tunnels the Nameless Ones had dug throughout the years, the tunnels were so intricate that no man could pilot a jet or suit out of them. It HAD to be done with autopilot, one of the safety features incase of Judge Attack.

With an explosion Greg shot out of the earth and into the blue sky, he looked around in amazement as he saw the deployment. 20 Suits at their RIO's 40 pilots in total rulling the sky. The voice of Colonel Shultz, the squad's leader came over the intercom.

[COLOR="DarkRed"]"Attention all, due to the sensetivity of working with an ally that doesn't expect out help. We will lead off with the snipers and long range missles from the RIOs. All Rios, I'm talking to you Marcus, are to disperse as soon as missiles are launched to prevent any chance of a "friendly fire" incident. All troops switch to battle mode, T-minus 4 minutes until contact"[/COLOR] Greg hated the Colonel, he was the one person keeping Greg from running his own squad.

Greg moved to the front of the snipers and switched into VR mode, he always love the whir of the mechanisms as it dropped him into the room. Everything lit up at once, he suddenly saw EVERYTHING around him. He still marveled at the blue outlines of the weaponry and armor he now wore. He raised the rifle, cameras switched to the scope view. He saw his first target and waited until he heard the words he knew was coming.

"[COLOR="darkred"]Fire at will!" [/COLOR]Greg was the first, as always, to squeeze his shot off. He loved the way the distant mobile suits head snapped forward, he squeezed off a second round, this one took the suit down to its knees, and one last shot dropped the suit silent. It's battle was done. The downside to Greg's choosen weapons were their age and over all effectivness. The others could drop most mobile suits in 1 or 2 shots, but Greg always needed the third with his. It was okay, he didn't mind. He still had 12 more rounds, and they were quickly going to be gone.
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"Fucking Snipers..." mumbled Tendou. Tendou hated their cowardice. Unfortunately, their cowardice was effective. Effective enough for Tendou to be ordered to take them out with his satellite cannon. His Tremor Command sat outside the Judge carrier with a long cannon loaded on his shoulder. However, this cannon was not made to shoot anything, but to target it. The Judge satellite in the sky relayed a satellite image to Tendou's Tremmor, and he gave it orders to where to shoot. So he zoomed in on one of the enemy mobile suits. For some reason, these MS were helping the Scavengers, but Tendou would put a stop to it.He zoomed in on one of the sniper mobile suits, which seemed to be using an older model rifel, but at greater accuracy. And Tendou fired.
"What the hell?" Hongo inquired to Tedou. "You missed!" Hongo was waiting in his Judge fighter jet, waiting to be deployed.
"Just because they're cowards, doesn't mean I have to be." Tendou shot a few more shots down around the snipers, just to let them know what they were up against. Then he dropped the cannon down, and charged through the battlefield towards the enemy mobile suits. Tendou knew that the enemy suits were superior in close range combat. And that's what he wanted. He had to test the capabilities of the enemy mobile suits first hand, to learn what they're up against. He dropped the armor off his left and right legs, pulling out the heat sword and machine gun. The armor on his shoulder panels blew off, revealing two shoulder mounted grenade launchers. He charged into battle, ready for anything...
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Draco heard the sound of sniper shoots and the MS at cross-road main and frakfaurt fell down after 3 hits. Draco looked around wondering where the hell that came from. Using the outdated zoom software he managed to get an image from about 2miles away. Wondering why he nor his team was shot. Then it hit him, Namless Ones! They had a small trade agreement for medical supplies and spare parts. While reloading his gatling with what ammo he had left, which he called Wolfie, he heard the sound of the Judges satalitte cannon fireing. He hated that sound, it ment death if it can be aimed right.

Zooming into the Namless Ones snipper location to find that the Judges where playing with them. An alarm went off in his MS indicating movement to the south-east. A Judge Tremor with its leg and shoulder armor poping off and starting to dash twoards the snipers.

[COLOR="DarkRed"]Draco: "Hey Namless Ones, I don't know if you can hear me. You got one Judge Tremor moving to your location. I'll try to slow it down! Scavenger Leader out."[/COLOR]

Draco was hoping that his attenna was stil functioning for that transmission. Pulling his damaged PTB towards the Tremor and started to fire Wolfie at the Tremor. Hitting it in the foot, right thigh, and upper torso, it stumbled back and turned around. Draco knew that his ammo was normal ammo used in common sub-machine for MS's. It probally did minor damage to the Tremor but it slowed it down.
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The transmission was full of static and broken up, but the main part of the message got through. [COLOR="Sienna"]"Nameless....Tremor moving too.....Scavenger Leader Out"[/COLOR] Amidst the other transmissions the "Oh help me's" and the "I'm going down" Finally a good one. As Greg turned to face the direction of the new foe, Marcus' voice rang out.

[COLOR="Orange"]"Greg, the Judge Tremor is engaged with a damaged Scavenger MS. I'm moving to assist."[/COLOR]
Greg brought up his radar, tracking Marcus and finding the location of the battle. He quickly found that the dueling MS's were too close to bother with using his rifle. He turned and fired his last 3 shots at the main battle and broke out of formation.

As if on Cue the Colonel came up over the comm link.

[COLOR="Purple"]"Johnson, what in the hell are you doing? You and Marcus get your ass' back here. Allow the gunners to shread that Judge Tremor when he's dismantling that dumbass who got in his way."[/COLOR]

Greg dropped his Rifle and brought out his whip and desert eagle. He was going to save the knife until he needed it.

"[COLOR="Blue"]Marcus you heard him, drop your load and return to base. Sir, with all undue respect, I don't think the Scavengers would take to kindly to us letting their leader be cut down when he saved our butts!"[/COLOR]

Not waiting on a reply Greg dashed at the Tremor. The Scavenger caused a small amount of visible damage, but even from the distance Greg could tell it was only superficial. The pilot was experienced, and it was going to be a REAL battle finally.

[COLOR="Orange"]"Splash two Judge fighters for me, I'm heading on to assist with the assaulting Tremor."[/COLOR] Marcus' came over the intercomm again.

[COLOR="Blue"]"Negative Marcus, he's too good. Look how he fights, he's not just some rook." [/COLOR]

As he knew he would, Marcus didn't listen. He saw him veer into view on the oppisite side of the Judge Tremor, unloading a volley from his internal Gattling gun. And just as he knew he would, the Tremor dodged with ease and fired a single volley in return, too quick for Marcus to avoid. Greg hung his head as he saw his friends jet go up in flames.

[COLOR="blue"]"Big mistake you bastard!" [/COLOR]Marcus called through an open hailing frequency. He fired 4 rounds from the eagle, 3 misses and 1 strike in the arm of the unit. He discared the weapon electing to use the knife instead. He turned his attention on the Scavenger's leaders MS who was still operable.

[COLOR="blue"]"Thank you for the heads up sir, go relieve yourself. I'll handle it from here."[/COLOR] He could hear the sound of the main unit meeting with the Judge's attack force at the Scavenger's back. With the mass quantities of bodies flying around, Greg doubted anyone would make it out alive. He did know, however, that he was going to take this MS down quickly. Even if he had to use all his suits power to do so.

[COLOR="blue"]"Okay big buddy, let's do this."[/COLOR] He said silently to his suit, Greg sprang forward leading with his whip, hoping to score a quick kill up close with his knife. He knew he was being reckless, but these weren't the only weapons he possessed.
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[FONT="Bookman Old Style"][B]“Fa….Fau…FAUST!!!”[/B] Faust fell angrily out of bed, fumbling for the walkie-talkie like device that had violently woken him up. Once he’d found it, he slammed it against the table before responding kindly to the message.

[B]“The hell? I was sleeping!”[/B] The Owner of Golden Echelons Inc. ignored his comment altogether and continued giving him orders.

[B]“The Scavengers are under attack by the Judge Marines, and though the Nameless Ones have engaged in the conflict as well, they still require extra support. You’ve been requested personally by a Mr. Alucard. Hurry up and get to the hangar at HQ. Understood?”[/B] Faust grumbled in response and slammed down the communicator, throwing on his standard (and bizarre) normal battle outfit- a white, collared, button up shirt with thick black borders, black jeans, and a white scarf. The outfit was rather overdramatic for piloting, and detrimental in most cases, but he liked it nonetheless. He then grabbed his keys and bolted from his apartment.

He made it to the main building in no time at all, and was contemplating the upcoming events while riding in the company elevators that led the “developmental levels” of the building only accessible by “the manager and certain employees”. He loved the secrecy of the underground factory, despite the fact that the Judge Senate already suspected that they were producing mobile suits illegally. He stepped out of the elevator, saluted his fellow engineers and stopped in front of his mobile suit, so that he could bow and speak to it before boarding, as was customary for him.

[B]“You ready? Another battle together… I promise not to let you down, buddy.”[/B] And agitated voice called down from above, ordering him into the cockpit immediately. The order cause Faust to become stern immediately. His superiors always respected his attachment to his mobile suit, and his devotion to acknowledging it as more then a weapon of war, so if they were hurrying him along, things were serious. He boarded the cockpit in no time and all and was immediately linked mentally to his mobile suit, blinking his eyes once as his mobile suit’s vision washed over his eyes. He blinked again, and his vision returned to normal.

[B]“Ready.”[/B] His commander voice erupted into the cockpit, briefing Faust about the battle, and relaying its coordinates. Faust mentally programmed them into his mobile suit, and took in a deep breath as his commander began to finish speaking. He didn’t enjoy fighting. He loved his mobile suit, every one he’d ever created, and he was a more than competent pilot- definitely the most skilled engineer- but he found no comfort on the battle field. But he fought nonetheless, because he had to. Because it was right. Because the Judge Senate had to be stopped. A single line cut through his thoughts.
“Pilot Alexander Faustus, Mobile Suit Rx93- 5274... LAUNCH!”[/B] In no time at all, he had been jettisoned into space, and was rushing off towards the battle field.[/FONT]


[SIZE="1"][B]OOC:[/B] Use Faust in battle anyway you please. I'd rather you incorporated him into your already ensuing battle so he can augment the fight instead of messing up any set direction for this battle. :D[/SIZE]
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Kagami sat back in his chair waiting for the computer to finish its calculations for the test he was running it through. Since they have found the Freedom gundam Kagami?s main job have been to harness the power of the nuclear reactor. He was picked to do this job being that he is one of the most intelligent people in the Operation Freedom. Also that after the Freedom gundam was found he was part of the group who came up with the designs for the other mobile suits that were put in mass production.

For months he has been trapped at his computer trying to understand what is it that he was missing in unlocking the secret to how to control the power of the nuclear reactor. He has spent so much time on this project he has barely had the time to work on his own mobile suit. As Kagami was seating back thinking of very thing he had tried or haven?t tried the computer went off.

[I]Simulation Complete. Reactor stable holding at 95%. Reactor still stable holding at 97%.[/I]

?This is it I think I might got it.? Kagami said out loud to himself hoping that this time it won?t be a failure.

[I]Reactor stable holding at 100%[/I]

?I?ve done it, I finally done it. I have found away to control the nuclear?s power. I have to tell Katsuhito about this.? Kagami rolled back in his chair and got up excited about the news. As he was about to walk away he heard his laptop once more.

[I]Reactor unstable at 115% reaching critical mass[/I]

?No no no this can?t be happening I thought I had it this time.?

Kagami then walked over to his computer and pulled the wires from the laptop out from the freedom gundams powerplanet.

?Damn I was so close.? He said in shame as he ended the simulation on his laptop. He sat back in his chair and began again starting from step one.

As he was working one of the crew members came up behind him with some news for him.

?Sir we have a problem.? He said with urgency in his voice. Right away Kagami knew that it couldn?t be to important because he is coming to him with the news. Anything that is of real importance they wouldn?t bother telling a mechanic.

?Look I?m busy and don?t really have time for anything but this reactor. I don?t really mean to sound rude but go tell someone else who might care.? He then pulled his attention back to his laptop.

?Sir it is about the reactor.? He replied as Kagami turned around slowly in his chair now paying more attention than before wanting to hear what he has to say.

?It seems that someone has downloaded all the information we have on the freedom gundam and the nuclear reactor as well.?

?I can?t believe you came bothering me with this. The person was me I had some information missing on my laptop so I downloaded everything from the network. See problem solved.?

Kagami then began to turn back around to get back to work but was stopped one last time.

?Sir someone else downloaded the information from an unsecured network. They have everything on freedom gundam and the mobile suits we have.?

Kagami got up from his seat and took the papers out of the man?s hand and read everything over seeing the time and what information was stolen.

?This can?t be right, you would have to have a password in order to even get into our network and even with that you will still need a password to get any data we may have. The only people who know of this are me and?. did you tell anyone else about this??

"No just like you wish, if anything happens that deals with the reactor we report to you."

"Good lets keep it just between me and you ill fix this myself."

There are four people including himself who knows the password but there is only one people who it could be.

?Where is Kurenai?? Kagami asked with some attitude in his voice. It took him a minute to answer as he stood there taking sometime to think of it.

?He was last seen in the hangar.?

Kagami eyes open wide as his worse fear could come true. If anybody got there hands on that information the organization will be in trouble and Kagami will be the one to blame being that he is the one who is post to have all information on freedom secure. But even with the information stolen it would still take someone with Kagami?s intellect to crack the code that he has placed inside just in case if something like this would happen.

Kagami moved the man aside and took off running heading towards the hangar. In the hangar he ran upstairs to the platform to get to his mobile suit. As he was in the hangar he noticed that Kurenai?s mobile suit was gone like he figured. He stopped once he reached his mobile suit. His was different from all of the other mobile suits. One of the main things that set his mobile suit from the other from mass production was the fact his have no long range weapons at all. His only focus on speed and close range fighting. Besides its offense battle fighting its color was different as well. While the other displayed colors of hope and freedom his was all black with hint of red on the chest and outline of the legs and arms. As Kagami got into his mobile suit, control pop up in the right hand corner of the monitors.

?Kagami are you going to join in on the battle going on?? Kagami looked up at the monitor as he finishes bulking himself in.

?Battle? What battle are you talking about?? He asked not having a clue what was going on.

?Kagami the Judge Marines are attacking the scavenger, seems like a lot of people are getting involved to help. I see that you are in you mobile suit so I figured you must have found out and now on your way.?

Kagami let out a little laugh before he answered. ?It?s not my call and not my problem I have other things to worry about like where is Kurenai?s mobile suit??

?One second? He just left not to long ago just east of here.?

?Thanks and if you don?t mind could you open up those pretty little doors so I can be on my way??

Control first made sure that the take off area was clear and know one was close by. Normally this wouldn?t be a problem but this wasn?t a schedule launch. After the count down Kagami and his mobile suit [URL="http://img375.imageshack.us/img375/845/0002gundambyagito666su9.jpg"][B][U]Vengeance[/U][/B][/URL] took off out of the freedom base.

A few moments later Kagami had caught up with Kurenai. What Kagami?s mobile suit lack in offensive of weapons it made up in speed. He used all the technology he learned from freedom and used it to his best ability for his own mobile suit making it faster then the mobile suit of production.

Kurenai mobile suit stopped in its tracks. Kurenai must have seen Kagami on his radar. Kagami then open a line for commutation.

?I have just one question, why? Why would you give our information away and to all people the Judge Senate??

There was a moment of silence before he had answered.

?Kagami me and you have been friends since you join Operation Freedom. As you live you meet a lot of people. You see them live and you see them die. Everyone wants to do something big something that when they die they will be remembered by. You Kagami you will be remembered for making the nuclear reactor work, it?s only a matter of time before you get it right. And for me?.?

Before he could continue Kagami then cut him off.

?That?s what all this is about? You stole the plans so that people will remember you as the perspn who got thousands of people killed? You do know that?s what people will remember you by once they get their hands on that data. You honestly think the Judge Senate is going to give us a slap on the wrist? You will bring death to everyone who is part of operation freedom and people who have anything to do with us. I?m sorry I can?t let you give that information out.?

?Kagami you never looked at the big picture. A war is coming and its time to choose a side.?

?So you side with the people who killed your family? What would you little girl think of you??

?SHUT YOUR MONTH! You don?t know anything about my little girl. I?m doing this so that no father would have to go through what I did. No father should have to see their children die. I know she will be happy of me. Think about it Kagami if another origination wins this battle they are only going to form the world the way they see fit. Like the saying goes [I]better the devil you know than the devil you don't[/I].?

?Well when you see your daughter why don?t you ask her.?

Kurenai then pulled out his beam saber. ?Kagami you know why I picked this day to put my plans in motion? Because this is the day when you work on your mobile suit, the day before you work on it you disconnect all the weapons you do have and work on them to make sure they are up to date. I knew it would be you who would come after me and you would do so by you self because you wouldn?t want anyone to know how you mess up. And when you would come out here you will do so leaving your weapons behind like so, making your self a sitting duck.?

?I will make sure you die a fast death my friend.?

?So you still going to act like you have the upper hand? Very well. DIE KAGAMI ARATA!? He shouted as he turned around and ran toward Kagami.

Kagami stood there waiting for his pray to come closer, waiting to end Kurenai life. Before Kurenai got into striking distance Kagami shed one tear and said. ?Farewell my friend maybe you will live peacefully in the other life with your family.?

Right before Kurenai?s mobile suit was about to attack there was a bright flash then moments later his mobile suit exploded. Kagami?s mobile suit stood still with its back facing the explosion.

Before the moment of attack Kagami had used a flash bang to blind Kurenai momentarily then he used his hidden beam saber that is connected to his forearm. With it he had cut right through the mobile suit hitting the powerplanet of the mobile suit making it unstable causing it to explode.

He then headed back to base.
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Draco looked up and saw that the Tremor cut his gun in half. Throwing what was left of his gun down to the ground, popping his missile pods open in attempt to gain time to get his energy sword out before the Tremor could kill him. Firing about 9 scatter missiles towards the charging Tremor, he jump and dodged out of the way and backing off a little. Giving Draco enough time to pull his close range weapon out. When it activated, a timer started indicating he only had 30 minutes before the weapon ran out of energy.

[COLOR="DarkRed"]Draco: "I'm ready for you!"[/COLOR]

Draco said that has he charged the Tremor. For a Tremor, it moved very quick. Draco could barely keep up his deffense no less to attack. Jumping, sliding, and ducking the heat sword, Draco suddently got a damage alert to the right arm. Pushing the Tremor back, he looked at his arm. It was shot up bad. Noticing that the enemy was holding a machine in one hand and the heat sword in the other. He couldn't keep up with this beating. All the sudden a Namless Ones MS appeared and started to help him out.

[COLOR="DarkRed"]Draco: "Its about time someone showed up. I can't take much more."[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Blue"]Namless Ones: "Thank you for the heads up sir, go relieve yourself. I'll handle it from here."[/COLOR]

[COLOR="DarkRed"]Draco: "Thanks friend, I'll try to get whats left of my squad and get the other rookies. Just watch that one. Hes very fast."[/COLOR]

Draco turned around and ran off to his dads MS and grabs the gun and ammo from it and attaches it to his. Has he attached it to his, one of the rookie Tremors appeared and started to fire upon him. Hitting him in the chest, Draco's MS felll on its back. The rookie pilot thinking he killed him, turned around and started tomove towards his squad. A mistake which would kill him. Firing his weapon at the enemy, the Tremor shuttered as rounds of APRs hit dead center of its back. Hitting its power supply, it exploded in flames. It was hisfirst actuall MS kill since he started piloting his MS.

Then he heard the sound of a MS landing infront of him. He noticed right away that it was Fausts MS. Draco radioed to his squad not to fire on this MS.

[COLOR="DarkRed"]Draco: "Man, its been on hell of a day. Ambushed, home base attacked, my poor Wolfie cut in half, resued by the Namless Ones, my dad was murdered, and Faust shows up. I don't know how much more excitment I can take today!"[/COLOR]

Faust helps Draco get up off his back and walks him overto his squad.

[COLOR="Purple"]Faust: "I see your are in a pinch, I came to help."[/COLOR]

[COLOR="DarkRed"]Draco: "Well if you can, take out theother rookie tremor thats pinning my unit and reenforcements down. I think he is over behind that tower."[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Purple"]Faust: "I'll see what I can do."[/COLOR]

With that Faust dashes towards the enemy Tremor and takes it out like it was nothing.
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[COLOR="Blue"][I]"God damn this guys good"[/I][/COLOR] Greg jumped back snaping the whip forward with all his might. Once again, the tremor easily dodged the attack. Greg had to admit, this was the toughest battle he'd ever had. He couldn't believe the pilot was so easily capable of manuvering the heavy tremor unit.

The tremor lunged forward suddenly cutting the distance between them down in no time. He opened fire with the odd looking gun he had in one hand. Greg had been expecting him to lead with the Heat sword, and barley had time to dodge. He dove to the side, crashing with a sickening thud. Luckily he'd taken no real damage and he was able to get back to his feet quickly, unluckily he got up just as a grenade from the shoulder mounted unit exploded just a few meters away sending him rearing.

He landed on his ass, sensors going off everywhere. After he sprung to his feet he did a quick diagostic scan, luckily the damage was mostly superficial. No systems were damaged.

[COLOR="blue"]"Okay you son of a bitch, you want to dish it out. Let's see if you can take it!" [/COLOR]

He closed the hailing frequency and said a quick few commands.

[COLOR="blue"]"Johnson code 7 3 2 8 B"[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Red"]"Thank you Greg, command please"[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Blue"]"Initiate God 725"[/COLOR]


Greg discarded the whip and armed his energy knife. His left hand began to grow a light bluish color. He could just see the pilot's face in his mind. Not many knew of the God gundam's special ability. Nor had they seen it used for a long time, the pilot had to be scared and Greg loved it.

Greg dodged another grenade launched by the Tremor, and in a second was upon him. Slashing, punching, he wasn't hitting anything. He did everything he could to act like a rookie until he heard the sweetest thing in the world.

[COLOR="red"]"Power at 25% Private Johnson"[/COLOR]

That was all he needed to boost this battle in his favor. He led forward with a punch, making it painfully obvious he would fall short. As expected the tremor turned his body slightly to aim one of those deadly grenade launchers at his face.

At the moment of truth, Greg released his palm sending forward a blast from his charged hand. The blast hit home, and with an explosion sent the tremor down. As Greg prepared to leap onto his foe and finish the job, three explosions rocked the ground in front of him. Causing him to jump back and get into a defensive stance.

He realized at once what it was, the Tremor had enough sense to let a couple grenades fall from his other shoulder mounted unit. Setting a perfect trap for Gred,

[COLOR="Blue"][I]"Damn that was good, he would've definateally got me there."[/I][/COLOR] Greg thought as the tremor rose to his feet. He wasn't sure of the damage, but he did manage to take out one shoulder mounted grenade. He waited patientlly, his enemy knew nothing of the energy charge, so he didn't know a thing about the limits either. Every second he had to rest was another second closer to the big finalle.

[COLOR="Red"]"725 Power at 10% and rising Private Johnson. All systems normal." [/COLOR]Greg smiled, it seemed things were in his favor.
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This new mobile suit... he knew it was coming before he saw it. It was like a sixth sense. He felt it's presence from above before it ever showed up on radar. The mobile suit design was familiar, which was unusual. But that didn't matter. Tendou sensed something unusual about this mobile suit. He didn't know why, it was completely unexplainable. And then he was hit.
"What the hell!" Tendou shouted, snapping out his trance. His Tremor had been hit in the shoulder with some unusual energy weapon from the Nameless One's mobile suit. Tendou would have easily dodged it, but he was distracted by the suit that mysteriously appeared. But that wouldn't happen again. He had a mission to accomplish. And he was going to succeed. He was pushing his Tremor's capabilities to the limit, not only testing it's abilities and his own, but also those of the enemy. Thier suits were superior, and he was outnumbered. He knew that the only reason he was still alive was his exceptional skill. That energy blast let out by the enemy mobile suit was indeed fascinating, but at the same time, Tendou realized it more than likely had far more destructive abilities. His Tremor was shot up, and significantly damaged. The power was running low, although the Judge satellite could easily amend this problem. His grenades were gone, and his machine gun was empty. His heat sword was still good, and that was what he was good at. However, it's solid blade would not last long against a beam saber. He had had his fun, now it was time for the mission to end.
"This is Tendou Souji speaking? Are phase three parameters met?" Tendou called on a general channel, where everyone in the battle could hear it. But the response only came through on his suit... and Draco's.
"Affirmative! Proceeding to phase 4!" The mysterious voice responded. A large blast came from inside the Scavenger's base. Two WZ-01PTB mobile suits flew out, in flight mode. Before the other pilots could react, the sky began to rain with fire. Two other Tremor Command types had appeared on opposing sides of the battlefield, letting out blasts from their satellite cannons. The remaining Tremors on the battlefield covered began to retreat, specifically guarding the two stole WZ-01PTB suits.
"It's been fun gentlemen. We will have to finish this battle another time." Tendou relayed to his opponents.
"NO! THE MOBILE SUITS!" Shouted Draco. In a rush of panic and anger, he charged. Leaving his suit open, he was stuck by Tendou's heat sword, knocking the suit to the ground. Before he could get up, Draco's suit was hit by a large blast from the sky, tearing off it's right arm and sending it down. Tendou raised his heat sword to the sky, and prepared to finish Draco.
"For peace! For justice! For the JUDGES!" shouted Tendou, thrusting the sword down, but suddenly stopping. "No... another time. When you're ready." Tendou backed away from the downed suit.
"You'll fucking regret this!" Draco yelled, enraged.
"I hope so," replied Tendou. In the havoc of battle, Tendou retreated back to his carrier. The remaining Judge suits were soon to follow, along with the two stolen mobile suits. The pilots all jumped out of their mobile suits quickly, running to Tendou's mobile suit. The cockpit opened, and the crowd cheered as Tendou walked out. "Do not clap for me, I was merely a distraction. Please, applaud our spies, for they made this whole operation a success." Nonetheless, the crowd continued to cheer for their hero. The Judge fleet moved away from the battle, and was soon met by another larger fleet. The two WZ-01PTB mobile suits were then handed over to the Judge Technicians. The media was informed that there had been a hostage situation by a terrorist organization, and the Judges had intervened. Tendou was awarded a couple of medals, and life went on. But Tendou still laid awake at night...
"What was with that mobile suit..."

[URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=59607]!A BACKSTAGE TOPIC IS UP! CLICK HERE![/URL]
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Draco was walking around the room waiting for Faust to show up. He knew that they had to come up with a pilot recognition code that only the pilots know from basics. Thats why it was soo easy for them to activate and mobilize the MS's.

While thinking on a way to improve security measures he had an idea. The basic PTB should have a sheild for defending a fixed target! (here's what it would look like, First the Command Model WZ-12932CM-0. [IMG]http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a51/xiombarg001/commandgundam2.jpg[/IMG] and the Base model WZ-BD32331-1.[url]http://www.microforever.com/gundamfix/0015-3.jpg[/url]. Notice that theWZ-BD32331-1 main weapon has been switched to a lighter assualt riffle and a sheild.)

If Faust agreed to help build a new model, it could take less than a year and the remodeled PTBs could be refitted to the WZ-BD32331-1. He would keep the PTBs going for reinforcements because they could be made very fast. He would upgrade them with AP rounds and reinforced armor in the cockpit area. He would also have a security application on all models with activation codes, voice recognition, and eye scans. That chould prevent any spie from highjacking of any more MS. Also It would mean that everyone would have to be reinstalled into the main frame of the Base and a major refit for the cockpit itself. It would be worth it to stop more deaths from happening again.

Faust walks into the room and shut the door behind him. Draco looks up and smiles. He walks over to Faust and shakes his hand for helping with the battle. For about an hour, they talked about who is going to run the Scavengers since his dad was killed. Draco would be the next one to be Leader but he wanted the people to decide. He felt like he failed them by letting the Judges take two PTBs'.

Then Draco shows the plans on a napkin he soo roughly sketched. Faust looked impressed by his offer but needed some time to think about it. Draco agreed to any amount of time to think and turned around and told Faust he was going to check on his MS repairs. It was his first MS and no matter what, He wanted it repaired and stored in his hanger. He would have the first security devices installed in this one.

[COLOR="DarkRed"]Draco: "Hows the repairs going Chuck?"[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Green"]Chuck: "Its going according to schedual, Draco. We'll have her combat ready in a few days. The gun will take a little bit longer to fix. I'd say about a month to fix it right."[/COLOR]

[COLOR="DarkRed"]Draco: "Thanks Chuck, take as long as you need. Test and retest as many times as you like. I got to go check the wounded and count the dead."[/COLOR]

Draco walks off into the Hospital and the morage.
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Greg laid in his room starring at the ceiling thinking about Marcus. His best friend/Rio killed, he had to find that judge tremor and finish what he started. Their battle had been short, and Greg wasn't so sure he would have won, but he will next time; for Marcus.

As he started to drift to sleep, a voice came over his com watch. [COLOR="DarkOrange"]"Johnson, get to the hangar at once."[/COLOR] The voice was commander Rex, the big cheese of the namelessones.

[COLOR="Blue"]"On my way sir"[/COLOR] Greg didn't dare make the commander wait. Though Rex was a laid back guy and you never saw him angry, it was something Greg never wanted to see.

Greg stepped into the hangar to see his MS loaded onto an underground rail train. Commander Rex, Colonel Jackson, and a few other high end officers Greg new by face and not name were standing by beside his MS. Greg followed normal protocall since Rex was there, normally he wouldn't have bothred saluting, but he didn't want to give that asshole Jackson a chance to get rid of him.

After saluting the group the commander spoke. "[COLOR="DarkOrange"]I receieved a message from the scavengers today. It seems the Judges made off with a couple classified MS and they're requesting aid."[/COLOR] Greg noticed Colonel Jackson rolling his eyes, he must've not agreed with whatever the commander was abou tto say.

[COLOR="darkorange"]"I've agreed to send a liason to them, and low and behold they've requested your services. You have a real gift for piloting the God model Greg, they've seen it now they're requesting YOUR help. You are to leave at once. This is an opportunity to gain an alliance with the Scavengers, so I cannot even begin to express the importance. Contact us when you've learned what you will be doing to help them. dismissed"[/COLOR]

Greg loaded himself into the train car without a word. He wasn't to sure how to feel about the mission, on one hand he didn't like the idea of having to fall under someone else's command, but on the other hand the scavengers had some of the best equipment and specialists around. Maybe they could help him to improve his "big buddy".
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Back at HQ in the hangar, Kagami sat in the cockpit of his mobile suit thinking about everything that was bothering him after he just killed his friend. Ever since he came to Operation Freedom he never had any friends. Everyone just stayed away from him thinking that maybe Kagami was stuck up or arrogant because of how smart he is. Kurenai was the only person who befriended him seeing Kagami for who he really was. Both of them worked on all the mobile suits together as a team. Even though Kagami is a smart individual he always had a problem forgetting about the small little things, that?s when Kurenai would remind him whenever they ran into a problems. They were a team and for the most part friends.

That is why his death lays so heavy on Kagami?s heart even to the point he began second guessing himself about what his and Freedoms true goals are. Were Kurenai words true? Is stopping the Judge Senate really what is right for everybody? Ever since Kagami was a child he never had a problem with the Judge Senate everything really didn?t start for him till he joined Freedom. That?s when he saw other members of Freedom and other organizations die at the hands of the Senate.

As these entire questions begin to dwell in his head he began to seeing things from a different light.
?When you think about, who really are the bad guys in all this? I mean under the leadership of the Judge Senate mankind has been free of war, pollution and hunger. For the most part crime has dropped enormously. So who is to say they are really the evil ones? If I was in control of the Judge Senate myself I would probably do the same thing they are doing when other groups rise up and try to obliterate everything I tried so hard to build. Maybe I am on the wrong side. If so then that means I killed my friend for??..nothing.? [/I]Kagami thought to himself.

After a while of thinking he finally got out of his mobile suit?s cockpit. While getting out he sees one of the fellow Freedom members on the stairway above him standing there as if he was waiting for him to come out. Kagami made eye contact with him letting him know that he acknowledge him.

?Sir sorry to disturb you but Mr.Brousseau wants to see you right away in his office its emergency.?

This was a total shock to Kagami. Why would the leader of Freedom want to speak to him, he?s only a mechanic? This must have been pretty important for him to be summoned to Brousseau quarters.

?Tell him I?m on my way.? Kagami said trying to hold back how nervous he really was. The last time he had seen or even heard from the leader was when he and his team finished the first mobile suit years ago.

Moments later Kagami stood still in front of Brousseau?s door not knowing what was waiting for him. The only thing he can do is walk in and find out. Kagami stretch out his arm and grab the door handle turning it slowly and opens the door walking threw it slowly. As he walk in he notice Brousseau standing at his window looking out at the scenery.

?Come in sit down Kagami, we have a bit to talk about.? He said as he heard Kagami open his door and walk in.

He waited a bit before turning around making sure he gave Kagami enough time to be seated. He turns around slowly making eye contact with Kagami.

?So Kagami let me ask you something. Are you aware of everything that went down in the past hour??

Kagami began to get a little worried some how maybe Brousseau must have found out that all the information they had on freedom gundam must have been stolen. It was stupid of Kagami to think that he could keep this kind of information from the leader of this organization. But before Kagami admit to anything he has to know first how much he really knows.

?I can say that I don't sir, I been out on the testing field running through some new operation schemes on my mobile suit. Why do you ask??

The look on Brousseau face showed that he might or might not have believed him.

?Well so make a long story short. It seems that the Judge Senate attacked the Scavengers today and a lot of other groups join to help the Scavengers but it was all for nothing. The Judges made it off with some mobile suits that belonged to the Scavengers. It?s safe to say they had a spy in their group. One can even assume that every group might have a spy themselves in their own organization including us.?

[I]?It seems that Kurenai wasn?t the only person who thought that maybe the Senate is the correct side to be on.? [/I]Kagami thought to himself.

?Kagami, you wouldn?t happen to know anything about this would you??

Kagami could answer him honestly but the problem is already solve to why should he say anything and at least this way his friends name wont be known as trader.

?Sorry Sir I can?t say I know anything about that.?

Brousseau then sat down in his sat and reached in some secret department and pulled out a remote pressing a button pointing it at the screen behind Kagami.

?So I guess you were doing your little test run by yourself then.?

Brousseau said as the screen then displayed Kagami and Kurenai. Kagami didn?t know what to say as he watched on as this video showed that he in fact knew that Freedom did have a spy. Brousseau stopped the video before it got to the scene of Kagami killing his friend. He was thankful for that because he couldn't watch the death of his friend more then once.

?It?s okay Kagami I?m pretty sure you had your own reasons for not telling me that you did find out today that Kurenai was in deed a spy. But as the video shows at the end I know now that you are not the spy and that you are for our cause. Knowing this I want to give you something.?

Once again Brousseau reach in the department once more and pulled out a disc. He then threw the disc in Kagami?s lap.

?That there is the true information on Freedom Gundam. With that you will be able to develop a working and successful nuclear reactor.?

Kagami was shocked at first trying to think about what he heard.

?That can?t be right I was with the team who worked on the Freedom gundam. I?m the one who found out about the capabilities of the nuclear reactor. What do you mean this is the real information??

?Technically you were part of the second team. Do you really think that something of that importance I would let just anybody work on? I had my own personal group of people work on it first. Then they left the scraps to you and your team. I had to know that you and the others could be trusted. And by what happened today I see I made the right move wouldn't you say??

Kagami really couldn?t blame Brousseau for what he did. If he hadn't who?s to say that the Judge Senate wouldn?t have the information on the Freedom gundam now.

?Well know that now that I have this I?ll make a security on this information that no one will be able to crack without the password.?

?Happy to hear that, I would hate for that information to get in the wrong hands. I know you will have that reactor up and running in no time.?

?That I will sir, matter of fact I?ll get right on it now.? Kagami said as he was about to get up before Brousseau stopped him.

?That would be nice but the thing is you have other matters to worry about.?

?Other matters??

?My nephew is gone and there is no telling when he will be back. With him gone Freedom doesn?t have someone to lead them in battle. That is why I called you here. You will be Freedoms leader till Christophe returns.?

Kagami knew what he heard couldn't be real.

?ME?? He said out loud.

?Sir I?m only a mechanic I can?t lead a team into battle. For that matter I don?t even like to fight. That?s why I work on the mobile suits not destroy them.?

?Kagami we both know you are more then qualified. Since you got here you did nothing but watch Christophe and other mobile suit pilots learning from them making there skills your own. By now I know you knew I known of your gift. And with your gift your skills comes second to Christophe himself. Or who?s to say that your skills might be a little better sine your mind is like a human computer. I now you always wanted to know and now we all will find out how well of a mobile suit pilot you will become.?

There was a lot that Kagami wanted to say. First thing being that he might not be the right one for the job being that he has been second guessing himself if he made the right choice by join Freedom. But if he told Brousseau now there is no telling what his reaction might be after all the events that took place today. Brousseau could easily think of him as a spy and why not. He lied about not knowing Kurenai was a spy to begin with. Brousseau could spin that to make up what ever he wants. Either way the only thing Kagami could do is take this offer.

?Thanks sir I?ll try my best to make you proud.?

Kagami then got up from his seat and walked towards the door. As he grab the handle to open the door Brousseau stopped him once again.

?Kagami don?t try, do.?

Kagami looked back taking in the last words then walk out heading to his own room.
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?I hate this bullshit,? Tendou muttered to Hongo. They were in a Judge battleship, heading towards Luna. Tendou was decked out in a military uniform, while Hongo was outfitting a pilot uniform.
?So why are you investigating the Golden Echelons Inc anyways?? Hongo replied.
?Well, remember that terrorist base we took down about a week ago, the one that had the mobile suit deployed? They turned out to be part of the Black Cobras. You?re familiar with them, I assume?? asked Tendou.
?Who in the Judges isn?t? They?re one of the top terrorist organizations. But what does this have to do with the GEI??
?The mobile suit I destroyed, it?s believed to have been developed by the GEI. It was also somewhat similar in design to a mobile suit I saw at the A51 battle earlier this week. GEI more than likely sold the thing to them.?
?So the Judges sent their poster boy in to ask a few questions. The job?s pretty much meaningless, huh? A company as big as the GEI would have to be caught in the act before we could really do anything.? Hongo looked at Tendou?s face, and knew he hit the jackpot. Tendou hated these type of assignments. ?And meanwhile, I get to have all the fun.?
?Fun?? Tendou inquired, ?I guess you could call it that? there was recently a disturbance believed to be a mobile suit battle near the L3 colony area. We were supposedly expecting a spy to bring us some information from the terrorist organization Operation Freedom. You get to take a small group of marines in to investigate.?
?And what if we run into some? hostiles?? Hongo asked with a grin.
?I think you know what that calls for. By the way, we have two extra Tremor Commands on this ship, why don?t you take one with you instead of that dinky old fighter jet??
?You know I don?t like the Tremors? they?re just too slow for me, even the Command type. Build me a fast mobile suit, and I?ll give that a shot.? Hongo replied, with a smile on his face. He turned to his friend Tendou, and raised his hand with three fingers up. ?Three times faster??
?Three times stronger!? Tendou returned. Both he and Hongo gripped hands. They were old friends, and had known each other for most of their lives. Hongo would never have been recognized by the Judges if Tendou hadn?t put in a good word. Then the intercom rang, alerting that it was Hongo?s time to go.
?I?ll see you around, buddy. We?ll get some drinks together when we get back. Maybe even see about getting you a girl.? Hongo laughed, and jumped off towards his fighter. Hongo piloted the JD-32, a mass produced fighter jet similar to the JD-31, but with far higher output. It looked similar to the JD-31, but had a light blue streak along it?s wing. Tendou stepped out of the hangar, and began walking towards the bridge. Soon after the fighters launched, they would be arriving at the GEI headquarters on Luna?

?So let me get this strait? you have no idea where this mobile suit came from?? Tendou asked. He was in an office, with a handful of officials around him, all from the Golden Echelons Inc. He had asked these questions so many times to so many different companies. He knew all he had to do was ask the right questions, and follow procedure, and then he could go home. He knew the excuse they were going to make.
?You see, we make many different parts to many different machines, and we sell them to whoever has the money to pay for them. Now these products are not meant to be used with lethal intentions, but it is possible for them to be. More than likely, these Black Cobra terrorists bought our parts in order to repair a mobile suit weapon they had purchased someplace else.? a GEI scientist replied. It was bullshit. He knew it was bullshit, and Tendou knew it was bullshit. But this is what the little microphone in Tendou?s coat pocket needed to hear.
?I?m sorry for wasting your time. Please, excuse me.? Tendou got up, and started walking out of the GEI headquarters. He decided to stop at a nearby drink machine and grab a soda. He reached his hand into his pocket to get his account card, and it hit him. His body went cold for a second, and he forgot where he was and what he was doing. He sensed something? someone. And as soon as it had appeared, it left. He turned around, dazed. There was only one man nearby. He was a bit older than Tendou, and wore an unbuttoned white shirt with black borders, black jeans, and a white scarf. He had just been walking by, when he saw Tendou suddenly spin around madly and stare at him. Tendou looked at him, and he looked at Tendou? standing there in a Judge uniform, exhausted, and in front of a soda machine.
?Don?t look at me? I?m not buying you a damn soda?? the man replied, and then walked off. Tendou looked down at the account card in his hand, and saw that in his momentary spasm, he had crushed the card. He walked away from the machine, dazed and confused. He made his way back to the Judge battleship, and plopped down on his bed. He stared at the crumpled card he had laid on his desk.
?What the hell is wrong with me?? He asked himself. He heard a knock on his door. ?Come in.? A young girl, about 17, walked in, in a trainee uniform. She had a pissed look on her face, probably because she had been asked to do room service duty. She had short blond hair, and was about six feet long. She was thin, but curvy, and had a nice young body on her.
?Is there anything I can get for you? SIR!? she asked, in a sarcastic manner. Tendou shook his head, and waved her away. She happily obliged, and he stared at he rear as she walked out the room, the door sliding shut behind her. Tendou laid back down on the bed, staring at the ceiling. He smiled to himself.
?Dammit, I need to get laid??
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Draco walks throughout the ground level and surveys the damage that was caused to this unprovoked distruction to his home. He knew that his father had ordered several attacks on supply convoys but decreed that no one should die. His father hated killing with out a reason. The Judges killed anyone that got in their way. Civilians and Soldiers alike. Even kids where targeted. He had to figure out something other than doing the same thing. It was the only thing that seperated the Scavengers and terroist.

It hit him. It might be a slow process to do but if they take great care in planning attacks on only military targets it might draw that misterious Tremor out. Planes from the old days of airial spy planes might give a better chance than satalittes. Satalittes are mostly controlled Judges and the ones that arent controlled take too long to possition.

Draco walks into hanger 5 and takes tarps off of SR-77's (faster and more effecient SR-71's and are single pilot air crafts). Only a few MS pilots could actually pilot these crafts. They reach over mach 8 and can take photos 300 in 2 seconds with about 10,000 photos per roll and the resolution is about 10 megapixels. Their impossible to intercept and move too fast for auto turrets to fire at. Their is a draw back to their speed.They only have an approximently 12hour flight time and are limited to an altitude about the themosphere of the Earths atmosphere.

This plan will take months of planning, building, and most important. Luring that Tremor out. Scavengers really didn't care what they where doing to the solor system but when they killed good pilots and civilians, They took it too far. Mistaking the Scavengers for just some junk people was their mistake. For out of the junk, MS's will rise. For everyone they kill, 2 will rise in its place. With bases and colonies threw out the solar system. They would get trouble from everywhere. It will take time to really organized every single base to corordinate attacks, MS productin, pilot training, and to gather more friends in the cause of Freedom from the Judge oppressors.

Walking out of the hanger, a messenger appeared.

[COLOR="Yellow"]Messenger: "Sir, we've just recieved word that the pilot of the MS that saved you has left Operation Freedom's forward base and and is on his way here by Rail car. He should arrive here in 5 days."[/COLOR]

[COLOR="DarkRed"]Draco: "Thats good, please have the crews clean this mess up before he arrives then give them a raise and a vacation. They earned it. Now I must go and get my fathers body and MS prepared for the rtual barrial. Please take care my friend."[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Yellow"]Messenger: "Yes sir. Safety be with us all."[/COLOR]

The mseeneger disappears into his transport and drives off. Draco walks by his fathers MS. Having his body put into his Jade MS for the ritual burrial. Placing the arms acrossed the chest and setting up for the fire.

Gathering around the burrial was soldiers and civilians who loved and followed his father. He turns arround and lights the MS. It quickly goes up in a blaze of fire. Members of the military saluted and fired 21 guns in honor of a fallen leader and a dear friend. He left the ceremony and a single tear trickled down his face.

On a plack in his room was a picture of him and his dad and a Saying: "Machines can be replaced, a life can't be."

He must get better. That Tremor could of killed him. Instead he spares him and takes off with his fathers PTBs. It confused him, even though he was fighting. His MS command system was above normal percentage and yet his mind didn't cave in due to its feed back into the users mind. He would have his new WZ-12932CM-0 and his first MS command system at 65%. He plans to gather information for about 6-7 months and 3-4 months of preperations. He will get those MS's back and will fight that person in the Tremor.

(OoC: Hey look at these. I'm the first post on a new page! SWEET!!!)
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[FONT= Bookman Old Style]Faust landed in the hangar of Golden Echelons inc. and sat their sullenly, thinking over the battle and the blueprints he had received from Draco. He felt partly responsible for the hi-jacked Mobile Suits- had he been more of an asset in battle, or simply more aware, he might have been able to strike down the Mobile Suits before the Judges had managed to steal two. He disgustedly thought of how the Judges must feel right at that moment. Cherishing their precious thefts. A group that stood for justice and righteousness cherishing deception. It was almost too funny. Most rebel groups wouldn?t even stoop to attempting to rob the Judge Senate. And it wasn?t because they were afraid. It was because they were more than ready to use their own resources to combat the Judge Senate. Of course, should a rebel operative get in and sabotage their weapons, it would be a despicable act. If they did the same to the rebels, it?d be worthy of medals.

But such was the way of war. Those inherent hypocrisies, contradictions, and propaganda were necessary to pull the tide of war in your favor. It didn?t sit any better in his stomach, but that was the truth nonetheless. He shook off the thought and reviewed the blueprints Draco had given him. He couldn?t help but chuckle at the fact that they were written on a napkin, but when inspiration struck, it struck. You didn?t question it. The reinforcements to their Mobile Suits seemed like a solid, viable idea. It would take time, but not much, especially if he sent some of his own men personally to assist Draco. He looked around the cockpit and smiled.
?Whaddya think, buddy? Sound good to you??[/B] He patted the controls and jumped out of the cockpit, walking out of the hangar and delivering the plans to his personal team. He made a couple of suggestions, then walked off for the elevator. Before he had even pressed the button to close the doors, a voice came through the elevator.

[B]?Mr. Faustus, a representative from the Judge Senate, a Mr. Tendou Souji is here to question the board of directors about suspected illicit activities and association with the illegal producing of Mobile Suits.?[/B] Faust froze, not out of fear, but of sheer discomfort. He had been around Judge members plenty of times before, but he had heard of Souji. He was one of the Judge?s best pilots, and had undoubtedly been involved in the battle today. It wasn?t as if Souji would recognize him from the battle earlier? But that didn?t settle his stomach any. After a long period of silence, Faust responded.

[B]"Orders??[/B] The line buzzed, and then the electronic voice replied curtly.

[B]?Stay away.?[/B] Faust growled and rolled his eyes. As if that wasn?t abundantly clear. Of course, the problem there was, this elevator wasn?t exactly common knowledge, and there was absolutely no way to make it from this room out of the building without passing the Grande Chamber. Faust sighed and put his hands behind his head, mumbling aloud.
?Oh well? If he recognizes me in civilian attire, he should get an award.?[/B] Faust walked out of the elevator, and, unluckily for him, he could hear the door to the Grande Chamber opening, and faint voices obviously settling or ending a matter. He grimaced but didn?t increase his pace any- if he went streaking by he would like highly suspicious. He casually walked by the hallway, but he had been spotted. In what had to have been the most coincidental moment Faust had ever seen, Mr. Souji spun around and looked him dead in the eyes. Faust?s body froze, and he merely gazed back, and the two stood, interlocked, for what felt like an eternity. Attempting to break the silence, Faust spoke.

[B]?Don?t look at me? I?m not buying you a damn soda,[/B]? he pulled his pockets out, revealing he had no money in them.

[B]?Besides, that machine doesn?t work??[/B] Faust chuckled meekly after saying that, but he got the impression Souji hadn?t actually heard him. Faust nodded slightly at the man, the sped off, just needing to get out of that hallway. Next thing he knew, he was on the train going back to meet up with Draco. When he?d finally come to his senses, he noticed an attractive woman sitting across from him smiling at him. He grinned back and turned his head to the window, muttering under his breath.

[B]?Damnit? I need to get laid??[/B][/FONT]
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Gerg shielded his eyes as the door to the rail car opened. He had elected to stay with his gundam on the trip instead of taking one of the passenger cars. The inspecting guard apparently hadn't been informed.

[COLOR="Green"]"Holy shit, Tom there's a guy in here!" [/COLOR]He rushed inside to see if Greg was alive or not. After close examination he must've determined he was a threat and pointed his rifle in Greg's face. [COLOR="green"]"Who the blazes are you?" [/COLOR]

Greg put his hand on the muzzle and pointed the gun away. [COLOR="Blue"]"Please don't point that in my face, I would really hate to hurt a member of the group I'm here to help." [/COLOR]The guard stared at Greg widemouthed, not quite sure how to take the man.

Next the guard, who must have been Tom, stepped in. Apparently Tom was this guys superior because he was informed of who Greg was. [COLOR="Olive"]"Stand down, that's the liason from the Nameless Ones. He's here to meet with Draco and Faust about getting our MS back. Sorry about that sir, I'll make sure this idiot washes your suit for you." [/COLOR]

Greg stood up and brushed the first guard on his way out of the car. [COLOR="Blue"]"No, don't let him near my suit. It seems like you guys don't keep secrets very well. It seems like you guys don't have any secrets around here huh? Now where do I go to meet with this Draco guy?" [/COLOR]

The guard pointed him in the direction of what appeared to be the main building in the compound. Greg made his way out and paused as the guard called to him. [COLOR="Olive"]"Sir, I'll have our men switch out these obselete weapons you are carrying, and replace them.."[/COLOR] Greg whirled around towards the man and cut him off.

[COLOR="Blue"]"Do not touch my weapons!" [/COLOR]He turned again and stormed off, he fought the urge to go punch the man in the face. Sure his weapons were "outdated" but he didn't here them complaining when he was saving their asses.

Greg entered the large building. Inside there was a small desk with a very attractive young lady sitting behind the desk. Greg approached her. [COLOR="blue"]"Excuse m...me miss." [/COLOR]Why the hell was he studdering. He didn't do that. [COLOR="blue"]"I..I'm Greg Johnson. I'm here to meet with....ummm...damn....Draco that's it."[/COLOR]
The girl smiled at him, Greg could feel his face get hot.[COLOR="Magenta"] "Well hello Greg, I'm Jenna. I'll see if I can't get someone to find him."[/COLOR] Greg sat down, starring at the young beauty. Kicking himself for being such a dumbass, and waiting for someone to take him to see Draco.
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Kagami stayed up all night and most of the day running through the folders of all the mobile suit pilots. Normally he would have just waited for the next morning but the images of himself killing his friend kept running in his mind making it hard to sleep. So to keep his mind occupied he read up on all of the people he is now reasonable to lead. For all of this time he was studying up on them trying to learn all he could about them all. One fact that he did learn is that all of them seemed to be for the ideals of Freedom. By looking at there profiles he would never guess that any of them could be a spy but at times like this you could never be to sure. Out of everyone only three people really stood out of the entire bunch. These three just wasn?t any ordinary pilots, they were hand chosen by Christophe. Only information that was given in there profiles were the names of them and their mobile suits, everything else was classified. What was interesting to Kagami was the fact that the mobile suits were not made by anyone from Freedom but by Faust. Kagami has heard of Faust a lot of times specially when it came to mobile suits. Question is why he only worked on these three suits.

While doing all of this research there was a knock at his door. ?Come in.? Kagami yell out. A young man with a clipboard in hand and had on the standard Freedom gear for a private.

?Can I help you?? Kagami ask with a tired look on his face. Staying up all night normally doesn?t get to him. He?s used to long nights working on the nuclear reactor but just sitting at a table reading peoples biography is something else.

?Sir you are need in the dinning hall. I?m here to take you to meet THEM.? It was obvious by the look on his face and the way he said them he was referring about the top three pilots in Freedom. To most people this would be a great honor to be working with them but for Kagami, that wasn?t the case. Kagami then closes all of the folders on his table and stacked them in one big pile. Kagami got up and walked pass the private waiting for him to leader the way. While Kagami was walking pass the private his eyes had glance at the pile of folders.

Once they got to the doors of the dinning area the private stopped at the door and pat Kagami on the back wishing him luck. Kagami responded with a fake smile. He walks in and notices right away that nobody else was here besides the three.

?Wow, abuse your power much?? He said to himself amazed at the fact that they kick everyone out just to they can eat alone. As he was approaching them in the corner he could over hear them laughing and joking having a good time. ?They don?t seem like a bad group after all.? He thought to himself. Once he got close enough to been notice a big gentlemen wear a green pilots suit with a scar running from the top to the bottom of the right side of his face gave a head knob to the others signifying that they had company. Right away they stop talking and focus all there attention to Kagami. He stood there a moment not knowing what to say. So he figured best thing to do is introduce himself.

?Hey I?m Kagami Arata new member of the team. Before you saying anything let me guess. Your Masato Kusaka, you pilot model number XXXG-01H better known as the [URL="http://img183.imageshack.us/my.php?image=gundamsentrailbynightwijy8.jpg"][B][COLOR="SeaGreen"]Hope Mobile Suit."[/COLOR][/B][/URL] (clicky)

The big guy said nothing at all he just kept on looking at Kagami as if he was crazy. By that look Kagami figured out that he was the strong silent type. He then move on to the female sitting to his right. As he was looking at her was lost in her beauty. She had long pink mix with red color hair that went perfect with face and the way the sweat was running down her face made her pretty sky blue eyes sparkle. ?You must be so wet.? It took him a second to get what he said and once he realize it his eyes got wide and he began to shack his head from left to right and shake his hands back and forth. ?That?s not what I meant. I was trying that you are wet? I mean the sweat from your face makes you hot.. I mean that the heat in here.. aww just forget it I already put my foot in my mouth.? Kagami was embarrassed and he had every right to be. The young lady at the table seemed to be the only one who found who showed any emotion she displayed this by laughing at Kagami. ?Its okay Kagami, I know what you meant. You can continue this is quite entertaining.? He took at second and this time he actually thought of everything he was going to say to make sure he doesn?t slip up again. ?You?re Mari Sonoda. You call you [URL="http://img133.imageshack.us/my.php?image=quantumgundambynightwinbg0.jpg"][B][I][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Mobile suit Peace[/COLOR][/I][/B][/URL] mobile suit Peace.? He was happy that everything came out right and that there was no mistake. He then looks over to the left at the last member of the group. ?Last but not least Takumi Inui. You pilot mobile suit model number XXXG-01J2 also known as [URL="http://img75.imageshack.us/my.php?image=guardiangundambynightwidj9.jpg"][B][I][COLOR="Red"]Justice.[/COLOR][/I][/B][/URL] They say your skills are equal to Christophe.? Kagami took a moment before he continued talking. ?I have to say I?m honor to be work along side you guys? and girl.? Takumi laid his drink down on the table and lean back in his chair. ?First thing, are we post to be impress by that little display of information you just shot out here? If so we?re not. It?s going to take more then learning background checks to make an impression with this group. Second don?t play us as fools, we know that you are not here to work along side us but lead us. Let me make this clear right now.? Takumi then lean up at the end of his chair and his face was livid. ?The only leader of this team and Freedom is Christophe. I could give a rat?s ass what his uncle may say or think. When Christophe is gone for he reason I then take control till his return. Don?t think for one second that you are going to replace him.? ?I?m not here to replace anybody. To be honest I didn?t ev?.? Before Kagami could finish Takumi interrupted. ?Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit that?s all I hear when you speak. I don?t care what you have to say. You just sit back and don?t get in our way and there won?t be a problem. If for some reason you do have a problem you can be sure to take it up with big tank here.? Takumi said while pointing at Masato. Masato then crush his soda with three fingers displaying his power to insert fear into Kagami?s heart. It would be a lie to say it didn?t work.

Takumi and the rest of the two got up from the table and were about to head off to there own quarters till the alarm went off. A man then spoke on the PA trying to out sound the alarm going off. ?Takumi, Masato, Mari and Kagami are to report to the hangar at once we have a code JS-2.? I repeat Takumi, Masato, Mari and Kagami report to the hangar we have a code JS-2.? The group all looked at each other and smiled. They were happy because they haven?t got any action in a while and a code JS-2 meant that they were about to get down and dirty. So right away they all but Kagami took off to the hangar. For a moment he stood there not knowing what that code meant. Even though he has been with Freedom for some years, learning the codes for fighter pilots was not his forte. Standing around wasn?t going to give him any answer so he then took off to the hangar to find out what is going on.

When he caught up with the others he could tell they had already been told what was going on. ?How did they find us?? Takumi ask while trying to hold back his anger. Over the past year he and the rest of the Freedom organization made sure to be careful so they won?t be noticed by the Judge Senate. ?Well Sir Mr. Arata had taken his mobile suit out just yesterday so they must have caught onto the disturbance and traced it back to his last location.? Takumi then looked right at Kagami. ?Nice going rook, you haven?t been on this team for an hour and you already mess up.? ?Takumi!? Mari shouted telling him to lay off. ?What ever. How many are there?? ?We reported four mobile suits and one fighter jet.? A big smile appears on Takumi?s face. It seem to be the only sign of emotion he has shown all day besides being angry. ?A fighter jet huh? I haven?t gone against one of those in a while. This should be fun.? They all then head towards there mobile suits. As Kagami was going to his he got stop by Takumi. ?Not you rook, you done enough damage you just stay here and watch how things are post to be done.? Takumi then ran off to his mobile suit leaving Kagami behind.

Inside the cockpit of his mobile suit Takumi was hitting switches making sure everything were in order before he took off. While he was checking everything the monitor of his right showed displayed Mari?s face. ?Takumi don?t you think you were a little hard on Kagami?? ?Nope.? He said with a simply reply. ?Four against five sounds better than three against five you know.? Takumi began to get a little frustrated. ?Damn Mari are you sweet on the boy? Why you care so much how I treat that rookie? He F up and now we have to fix his mistakes. You know Christophe wouldn?t accept anything less than perfect. And that boy is far from it. I?m just treating him how Christophe would. Besides we been against tougher situations before, this is nothing we can?t handle. Takumi out.? Without even letting her reply he cut commutations getting ready for battle.

Some time has pass and Kagami stood in the hangar looking at his mobile suit just wondering what was going on. They have been gone for the past 30 minutes and they haven?t gotten a word back from then since they left. All this waiting began to get to him. Normally he wouldn?t have a problem doing what he was told but for some reason he didn?t want to do anything but be out in that battle field fighting with the others. This stroke him odd because of the fact he never was a fighting type to begin with. He finally got to the point where he couldn?t wait any longer. Waiting no time he then climbs the latter next to his mobile suit. Once in the cockpit he turned everything online and made sure everything was operational. He was a little hesitant to leave. Kagami has never been in a real life battle and the only life he has ever taken was his friends. Before leaving to join in the battle field he sat there in his cockpit thinking everything out trying to think of every outcome. He kept telling himself that he could do it that he can?t be beat. He repeated that in his head over and over giving himself some courage. Once he felt like he was ready he took off into battle.

Rushing to the battle field first thing he noticed was Takumi was in the air fighting the jet fighter and Masato was taking on two mobile suits by himself. Then it hit him. ?Mari, where is she?? he said to himself. As he quickly looked around he noticed that she was in trouble he snapped. Wasting no time he took off full thrusters in here direction. While heading forward he pulled out his beam saber. With the art of surprise on his side Kagami approached behind the judge marine mobile and cut the legs off from under him. The mobile suit then fell down to the ground falling in its back. To make sure that pilot wouldn?t try to do any sneak attack Kagami used the tail on his mobile suit and jam it through the mobiles suits cockpit killing the pilot. He then look and saw that Takumi was in trouble with the jet pilot so he then took off into the skies. As he took off he didn?t know that the other mobile suit pilot who was fighting with Masato had locked on him. So when he took off Mari mobile suit had took all of the attack head on damaging her mobile suit to the point he it was paralyzed from the waist down. Kagami noticed all this when it was to late. ?NO!? he screams out realizing he made a mistake. He then changed his direction heading toward the shooter of the mobile suit who had damaged Mari?s mobile suit. As Kagami was approaching the Judge was firing away with his machine guns. Kagami quickly began to move from left to right trying to make sure to avoid any vulnerable spot on his mobile suit from getting hit. Once in striking distance he cut the machine guns in half. Right away he notices his enemy pull out his heat sword. Reacting as fast as he could he brought his saber up to the right to avoid attack that was about to cut right through his mobile suit if he didn?t react fast enough. While there swords were lock up against each other Kagami could feel that his opponent must have thought they were at a stalemate. Then a slit had opened from the left forearm of Kagami?s mobile suit and then a beam saber from the inside of shot out. This saber was different from the one in his right hand. This saber was connected directly to the suit's powerplant as opposed to running on its own internal power source, allowing its length and intensity to be adjusted considerably to cut through even heavily armored mobile suits as if they were nothing. Now with his other saber out he quickly used this surprise to his advantage and brought his forearm under his other cutting the other mobile suits arms off. Now that it was rendered helpless Kagami then wasting no time sliced the mobile suit right now the middle cutting it in half then quickly flew backwards as it blow up with debris flying every where.

Looking up he saw that Takumi was in some trouble, he then went to give him some aid. They both were trying to attack the fighter jet but just ended up getting in each others way as they both would try to attack and avoid being hit at the same time. After a while this began to get tiresome to Takumi so he quickly opened a line of commutation to Kagami. ?God damnit Kagami you getting in the way just fall back.? Inside his mobile suit Kagami shook his head no. It was as if he was another person as he was piloting this mobile suit. ?No Takumi I can take him.? ?I don?t care what you can do, you will fall back that is a order.? Everything in his body was telling Kagami to keep fighting but he knew he had to fall back so he did so.

Kagami watched on as Takumi was fighting he could have gone and help Masato fight the last mobile suit but he didn?t want to. His attention was on the fighter jet. Mobile suit were slow compared to his and a fighter jet would be a challenge to Kagami so he could really test his skill. While watching he noticed the pattern both Takumi and his opponent were doing as both were attacking and evading each other attack. After a while Kagami caught the pattern the guy in the mobile suit was doing. He knew how to stop him. Watching them on his left he took off to the right. Takumi kept firing at the fighter jet all seem for nothing his. He didn?t make not one direct hit and he was about to run out of bullets. Takumi then began to fire in a up and down formation making his enemy do a barrel roll to the right. When the fighter jet came out of the barrel roll Kagami was right there waiting for him as if he knew he was going to be there. The person piloting the fight jet tried to avoid Kagami but it was to late, Kagami was a step ahead of him. He quickly had sliced the wing of the fighter jet off as the pilot tried to avoid him. The jet with its wing gone lost control and went for a nose dive right for the wrong out of control. Kagami look on waiting for the pilot to crash. As he was looking on he notice that even though the pilot was out of control he had enough control to head right at Mari who?s mobile suit was on the ground damage. The pilot was going to die and take someone down with him. Takumi release what was going on about the same time as Kagami. Both of them took off heading towards Mari. Takumi was firing his gun like crazy trying to knock the plane off course but nothing seemed to be work. Kagami had so much power going to his thruster that they were in the danger zone but this didn?t matter he had to save Mari?s life. Then at that last moment it felt like time was moving in slow motion for Kagami and Takumi. As soon as both had got close enough to do anything it was to late. The jet his Mari?s mobile suit died on blowing up on impact killing the pilot and Mari instantly. The blast of the explosion sent both Kagami?s and Takumi?s mobile suit flying destroying half of the suit in the process.

All the power in Kagami?s mobile suit had went off and electrical wires where swing around sparking in the cockpit. Kagami tried to open the cockpit but it would open. He slowly fasten himself him his straps and crawled to the cockpit door and opened it manually. When he opened the door he saw his mobile suit head laying in front of him. As he was thinking of the damage of his mobile suit it then his him, Mari. He tried to run to direction of the wreckage but his leg had got injured so he was limping as fast as he could. While approaching the rubble he notice Takumi mobile suit was in just as much bad damage as his. Takumi quickly noticed Kagami once he got into his sights. He picked up the closets thing next took him took off at Kagami. Once Kagami was close enough he delivered a baseball swing to Kagami stomach with full force. Kagami fell to the ground instantly coughing up blood. ?YOU SON OF A BITCH YOU ARE GOING TO DIE FOR THIS!? Takumi screams out as he continues to stump a mud whole in Kagami?s face. Masato quickly run to Kagami?s rescue grabbing Takumi stopping him from killing Kagami. As all this was going on none of them noticed the last Judge leave the scene heading back to headquarters.

A couple hours had pass and Kagami laid in the infirmary a bloody mess. He had a couple of fractured ribs and face wasn?t even recognizable. He was lucky that Masato came when he did if Takumi had just a few more minute Kagami would probably be died right about now. He was also lucky that they place Takumi in another building to make sure that there wouldn?t be a round 2.

A nurse came in to check on Kagami. ?How are you feeling?? She asked feeling bad for him. ?I feel great cant you see it on my face?? He said sarcastically. ?I have to get out of here and get with a team and get what?s left of the mobile suits.? As he tried to get up the nurse slowly laid him back down. ?You don?t have nothing to worry about they have a team already working on that.? Kagami looked around thinking of something to come up with but nothing hit his head so he went with the true. ?Look I cant be here I?m going to my room.? She then kept her hand on his chest trying to make him stay down. ?You are in no condition to go anywhere you have to rest.? ?And that I will in my own room now get your damn hands off me.? He then smacks her hands off of his chest and head towards his room.

It took him forever but he made it to his room. As the door opened he went to the direction of his bed. But on the way there he noticed something at his desk. He walked slowly to his desk and noticed that all of the folders were scattered all over the table and left open. Kagami knew for a fact he didn?t leave the folders this way. It took a while but he added everything up. Someone came in and took pictures of all of the folders on his desk and if someone did that. It means.

?There was another spy.?

OOC: Sorry if it might be a little sloppy i was in a hurry to post this. It should at least be read able. Next post i'll take more time on it.
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A heavily damaged Tremor. That was all that was left. Hongo had lead an investigation unit in, with a handful of men. And all that was left was a heavily damaged Tremor, piloted by an injured soldier. And that drove Tendou mad.
"Turn this god damn battleship around! We're going back to that colony!" commanded Tendou, blinded by rage. The other soldiers looked at him like he was insane. They had never seen their great hero like this.
"You don't have the authorization to give that order," one of the Generals replied. Tendou may have been a hero, but there were still higher ranking officers than him. However, he still had the most influence.
"Fine... then I will have a word with my father about this..." Tendou stormed out of the room. His father was a member of the Senate itself, one of the most powerful men in the world. If Tendou could reason with him, he would get what he wanted. Tendou ran off to his room. He sat there in the dark, planning his next action. His anger was fueled by the loss of his friend. Hongo was like a brother to him. He loved him. And these monsters... they took his life. Just like his mother. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. "What!" The door slid open, and his general walked in.
"I've made a report to my superiors. You are to pick two other soldiers from this ship, and will be sent in an unarmed shuttle to the Lavits base nearby." the General replied. Tendou stood up alarmed.
"What is the meaning of this bullshit!? I-"
"Shut up soldier! You're getting what you want!" the General interrupted. Tendou realized what had happened. His mood changed. He walked out the room with a smile on his face. The Lavits base was not only a small military base owned by the Judges, but also a research factory. He knew they had something for him. But first he had to pick a couple of soldiers. He turned back to the General.
"Hey bossman, who's the best fighter pilot we have here?" The general opened his mouth to answer, but Tendou cut him off. "I want him and that blond trainee that was doing room service the other day." He walked off and laughed to himself.

At the Lavits base, Tendou had revieved what he needed.
"Tendou Souji, you are to take the battleship [i]Aznable[/i] to the L3 colony area, and launch an attack on the terrorist organization calling themselves Freedom. The [i]Aznable[/i] will be armed with 6 JD-31 Fighters, and 8 Tremor mobile suits, two of which are command types. Also, your Tremor has been repaired, here is the documentation on it. You are dismissed." The officer handed Tendou some papers, and walked off. Tendou looked through the papers.
"What in God's name!?" he exclaimed, reading the repair information.

The [i]Aznable[/i] approached the L3 area, and Tendou was preparing. He had been given soldiers and weapons, but he knew that it was his fight. A knock on the door made him turn around. He opened it, and the young blond girl walked in. She looked frightened. She attempted to raise her hand to salute him, but couldn't stop shaking.
"It's okay. There's no need to be formal miss." Tendou stated. The girl began to speek, stuttering at first.
"M-M-Mister Tendou, I mean Commander... I'm sorry to ask you this, but... why did you pick me. I'm just a trainee... I've never fought before." She said, as tears rolled down her face. To her surprise, Tendou put his arms around her.
"You never will. I'll protect you. I brought you along to let you see what a battle really looked like. I'll make this world a better place, where there are no battles. That way you will never have to worry about fighting." Tendou said softly. The girl buried her head in his chest. She looked up at Tendou.
"I'm Maria," she said quietly. Tendou smiled at her.
"You have a name badge for a reason." he replied. The two of them laughed. The intercom interrupted thier moment.
"Commander Tendou, the battle will begin shortly. What are your orders!" Tendou looked at the girl in his arms.
"We'll finish this later," he told her. "I'm heading to the hanger, have all fighter pilots ready to mobilize, and all mobile suit pilots on standby."

An alarm sounded at the Freedom base. Kagami rushed to the hangar to see what was going on.
"There are five objects approaching. Judging by their speed and formation, they are most likely Judge fighter jets. Wait... the one at the front of the formation... it's too big to be a fighter jet. Bringing it up on the monitor." And there it was. What had once been a mass produced Tremor, was now the JD-03X: Tremor Flight Custom. The Judge scientists had rebuilt the damaged Tremor Command with extras based off of the stolen Scavengers mobile suits. The armor was more durable, but lighter. It had a large wingspan, and was far more heavily armed than the regular Tremor. The output was also three times that of the Command type. Tendou smiled...
"THREE TIMES FASTER! THREE TIMES STRONGER! THIS IS FOR YOU, HONGO!" yelled Tendou. All four fighter jets let loose a missile shower on the colony base, blowing huge chunks out of the colony side. Alarms went off, and the emergency power came on.
"All mobile suits prepare for combat! I repeat! All mobile suits prepare for combat!" The colony echoed these words. Kagami stood there in terror. He knew that it was hopeless, that there was no way this battle could be won. Even if they managed to defeat these fighters and suits, the Judges would send an even bigger fleet after them. He knew deep in his heart that Freedom could not stand up to the Judges... alone.
Tendou was not in the mood to wait. He broke from the formation, and hurled his mobile suit towards a nearby sattelite. He unsheathed his heat sword, which was now encoted by a layer of thermal energy, and struck the sattelite, knocking it out of proper orbit. "FOR TRUTH, FOR JUSTICE, FOR THE JUDGES!" Tendou slammed his mobile suit into the sattlite, sending it directly into the colony, and blowing a large hole in the side. Three enemy MS flew out of the colony, and headed towards the jet formation. Tendou would not let them get there. His suit rocketed towards the MS, and tore them apart in a matter of seconds with his heat sword.
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Draco was walking around his hanger looking for some way to improve on this MS. Energy weapons or older weapons? More armor or less? Speed or stabability? Those are what he was wondering to do. Maybe Greg of the Nameless Ones could give him a nudge in a direction. He also hopes that Faust could help him refit this one to be better. WOndering all these things he didn't notice a messenger was trying to get his attention from 2 stories bellow.

[COLOR="Yellow"]Messenger: "Sir, SIR!"[/COLOR]

[COLOR="DarkRed"]Draco: "OH, Hello. Im sorry I got lost in thought. What is it? Has Greg arrived yet?"[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Yellow"]Messenger: "Yes he arrived but was in the cart with his MS and when we offered to upgrade his weapons, he said fuck you basically."[/COLOR]

[COLOR="DarkRed"]Draco: "Well, I can understand that but maybe I can make it clear to him that we do not use energy weapons. Their way to expensive and heavy. Besides, the are more likely to explode when cut. Tell him to meet me in the Leaders office and make sure hes treated like a normal person. I bet he doesn't like to be treated like someone important. I'll be their in 10 minutes."[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Yellow"]Messenger: "Sir, yes sir." [/COLOR]

Draco didn't like to be called sir at anytime just because he became Leader of the Scanvengers on Earth but it was neccisary to. So he knew that Greg was probally forced to come here instead of volunteering for it. If his plan was to suceed, he would need powerful friends to fight the Judges. One small step at a time. The first one was to attack a ship construction yard and hopefully capture one of their ships for their use. An eye for an eye so says the bible. They stole something of theirs so they'll do the same. Hopefully it wouldn't too heavirly guarded. The others are to attack Judge targers only. Civilians are not the ones reasponsible for the attacks. Their for not a target.

On his way to the Leaders office, another messenger appeared.

[COLOR="Blue"]Messneger: "Sir, we just got comfermation that the L3 colony has been attacked!"[/COLOR]

[COLOR="DarkRed"]Draco: "Thats none of our concern at this moment privit. Just tell the guys at intel to keep a close watch on the L3 Colony and record anythin you find usefull. Then go back to MS training ok?"[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Blue"]Messenger: "Sir yes sir.'[/COLOR]

Draco didn't know what was on the L3 Colony to make the Judges attack it but it must be something to threaten them. He didn't care. Scavenger bases in space where near jupitor (on Titan), the moon, and uranus. He continues to ride the elevator to his room and prepairs to talk to Greg.
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Greg heard the door slide open with that mechanical whir. He was facing the other way, but was sure that it had to be Draco. He sort've felt bad not getting up as the man entered, but he was sick of all the formalities. He wasn't trying to be disrespectful at all, being the leader of a whole faction had to be difficult, but if he was to be treated as Greg and not as someone special. He had to treat others in the same way.

The man walked by him and sat down in the other chair across the table and smiled.

[COLOR="DarkOrange"]"Its good to get to meet and thank it person the man who saved me."[/COLOR] He reached his hand across the table, [COLOR="darkorange"]"The names Draco, Draco Alucard."[/COLOR]
Greg took his hand and shook it, he liked this man. He could tell just from that statement, and how the man carried himself that he was going to enjoy working with him. [COLOR="Blue"]"Greg Johnson, don't mention the battle it was something that anyone would have done, plus I didn't get the bastard anyways, so why is it you guys need help?" [/COLOR]He couldn't help calling him sir, it was a force of habit.

[COLOR="DarkOrange"]"Please, I hate sir call me Draco. Well let's get to the matters at hand, I think that we have some parts to help you increase your MS's potential greatly..."[/COLOR]Greg didn't even let him finish the sentence.

"[COLOR="blue"]Please, don't mention upgrading, or anything else. I have my big..my suit right where I want it. I know the weapons are a little outdated, but they're mine." [/COLOR]

Draco smiled, apparently he'd already had prepared for Greg to say something along those lines. [COLOR="darkorange"]"I figured as much, I do think that if you let my people take a look at your existing weapons we can help." [/COLOR]
Greg knew Draco wouldn't take no for an answer, however, he'd been told not to allow anyone to look at the suits capabilities. The suit still held some secrets, and the Namelessones wouldn't trust anyone until they proved to be allies.

[COLOR="blue"]"I'm sorry, my superiors won't let me consent to any aspect of my suit to be examined, but if your guys have some weapons that you think may be good, or if you can upgrade the weapons I brought with me, have them feel free."[/COLOR]
Draco nodded, Greg had a feeling a new set of weapons was already waiting on him. Draco was definateally in control of the conversation, he went into detail about the plans to attack the construction site, and other key points. Greg listened intently, the plan seemed solid enough.

[COLOR="darkorange"]"I have one question for you though, would you mind if I asked your input on something?" [/COLOR]Greg thought they were done for the day. He had something he needed to do before he retired for the night.

[COLOR="darkorange"]"I'm wanting to make some upgrades to my suit, you wouldn't happen to have any ideas would you?" [/COLOR]
Greg thought about it, he ran the small part of the battle he saw Draco participate in. He seemed to be at one with his suit, the only problem he could think of was speed. [COLOR="blue"]"I think your suit fights with a similar problem as mine, speed. You have a lot of skill, but in my opinion speed is the one thing we're both lacking."[/COLOR]

[COLOR="darkorange"]"Well if you want, I can have my...nevermind I'm sure that you're happy with the way your suit is. I'll think about what you said though."[/COLOR]

Greg shook the mans hand again and stood up. He started out of the room, and glanced back at Draco.

[COLOR="blue"]"Oh I have one more question for you, I know that we have another meeting with the one you called Faust and some other higher ups to get the ball rolling. But could you maybe see if that cute receptionist, Jenna, would meet me at the tavern tonight?" [/COLOR]Greg didn't wait for a reply. He walked out of the room and headed for his. He had to get on the phone with his people, he wouldn't divulge anything yet. But he'd at least let them know that these guys could be trusted, who knew. Maybe this alliance could help bring about the end to the judges once and for all.
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[FONT="Bookman Old Style"]Faust sat outside of the Leader?s Office, waiting patiently for Greg and Draco to finish their meeting. He tried hard not to make eye contact with attractive receptionist, Jenna, she had said her name was. He slipped up by accident, catching her gaze and couldn?t help but smile at her. She smiled back, and he sighed, relieved, as the doors opened. A man walked briskly by, too quickly for Faust to catch a look at his face. Draco walked out next, nodding for Faust to go in, then walking over to the receptionist and whispering something into her ear. Before she disappeared fro, Faust?s vision, he noticed she was blushing. Faust laughed softly and took a seat inside of the room. He looked over the room quickly, before Draco came back into the room. Faust instinctively got up and turned to greet his friend. Draco laughed and took his hand.
?You know those formalities are no longer necessary.?[/B] Faust shrugged complacently.

[B]?Well? Old habits and all.?[/B] Draco motioned for Faust to sit. Faust nodded and took his seat, and Draco sat across from him. They spoke again about nonsensical matters, as old friends do, until Faust found it a good time to bring up Mr. Souji?s arrival at his job. Draco thought on that a moment before responding.

[B]?Hmm? I suppose there?s no getting around that eventual visit. But as we both know, he has nothing concrete on you, and he was merely going for routine.?[/B] Faust leaned forward in his seat and locked his hands, looking intently at Draco.

[B]?Yah? But something odd happened? I was walking by, and I didn?t display any signs of guilt, or any emotion? And miraculously, as if he SENSED me? He spun around and gazed right at me. It was like he KNEW. I froze momentarily, but I regained my composure and left. It was unnerving.?[/B] Draco sat in silence, thinking over the matter. Faust simply brushed aside the matter and began speaking again.

[B]?As for the modifications you were interested in making, I handed them over to my team with some personal touches that I made, knowing fully well you?d be alright with that,?[/B] Draco chuckled at that, [B]?and they?ll be on their way in no time at all. You have our full support.?[/B] Draco smiled and nodded. A sudden notice interrupted their discussion, though.
?Draco, Draco sir! The attack on L3 colony has intensified.?[/B] Faust looked to Draco, inquisitively.

[B]?What should we do? Do we go assist? We haven?t exactly recovered from the last battle? But we can?t leave our allies high and dry. Your thoughts??[/B] Draco took a moment to think, then spoke.[/FONT]
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[COLOR="DarkRed"]Draco: "Order a group of 5 pilots. Strip them of their heavy ordenance and equip energy rifles and space flight equipment. Orders are to shoot any Judge Tremors and ships down and make it back here alive. Have Jenna contact Col. Aru on the Moon Base that I will be contacting him soon. Let him know of the pan and tell him I want my pilots back. Well looks like my plans will have to wait. Thanks for the support Faust. you are a great contributor and a good friend to my late father, the Scavengers, and me. My peace be with us and good luck be with you."[/COLOR]

Faust nodded and both walked from the table. Draco had to meet the group of pilots for himself and tell them that dying was out of the question. IF their was anyway to avoid being directly targeted they should take it. Death was not an option to him nor the family. If it comes down to it, they should set the self distruct to 3 minute timmer and abandon the MS and use their vital suits jetpack to get to the Friggite Beta.

The doors to his room open and a screen turns on.

[COLOR="DarkRed"]Draco: "Ah, Col. Adu. I believe the last time we have seen each other was about 4 years ago when my dad, Lavits Alucard, was alive. I was still in training to be a pilot. Im sure you have heard of the news?"[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Green"]Adu: "Oh yea, your Draco. Im glade to see that you are ok. yes, all the colonies have heard of the lose of the great leader Lavits and my dear friend. I know that you would have a good reason to call me at this time?"[/COLOR]

[COLOR="DarkRed"]Draco: "Yes I do Adu. I need of your Friggite, Beta, to be used in an assist for the L3 colony deffense. Its believed the Freedom Orginization is located their. If we could show that the "ALL" Scavengers, G.E.I.,Freedom, and the Namless Ones could join forces, we might deffeat the Judge Senate and bring True peace back to the universe."[/COLOR]

Adu looks to a privit and calls him over to him.

[COLOR="Green"]Adu: "Privit, ready the pilots and the Beta, Tell Captain Low to pick up Leader Dracos' squad and preceed directly to L3. Make sure the pilots are very well trained pilots."[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Grey"]Privit: "Sir right away sir!"[/COLOR]

The privit salutes Adu and Draco then turns towards the door. Adu turns back to the screen and looks at Draco.

[COLOR="Green"]Adu: "The Scavenger space colonies are now at your control Leader Draco. Your father would be proud of you."[/COLOR]

[COLOR="DarkRed"]Draco: "Thats good and thank you Adu. Tell the other colony leaders that we are once again united under one banner but they should be in control of the colonies themselves. Lets try to keep the pilots alive. Tell them that I will be on that Friggite to lead the defense for L3. Draco Out."[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Green"]Adu: "Yes Draco, may safety be with us all."[/COLOR]

Draco heads out the door and heads to the hanger for his MS. Its risky going into a space battlefield but it might be the only way for the Freedom Orginization to see that we are their to help. Being a Leader might help see that even he would risk his life for his allies.
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Kagami stood with his back against the wall looking down at the table. ?I just can?t do anything right.? He thought to himself as he stands in shame. Today just wasn?t his day, first he got one of his partners killed and also his and Takumi?s mobile suit almost destroyed in the process. And now the files on all of the mobile suit pilots had now been copied putting everyone in danger. ?Some leader I turned out to be.? He says as he walks over to his desk and bends down very slowly still in a lot of pain with his right arm holding across his chest. With his left hand he reached under the table pulling something from under it. He had taped the disk that Alexandre gave him the other day there. Rising slowly to his feet Kagami?s mind was made up. He was going to give Alexandre the disk back and tell him he can no longer be Freedoms leader and that he will be leaving. Kagami then put the disk in his back pocket and made his way to Alexandre?s office.

When Kagami made it to Alexandre office he notice that the door was already half way open and also no one was at the front desk to tell Alexandre he was here. So not waiting for an invitation Kagami walk on in. As he step into Alexandre office he saw him packing files into a fold and his office look as if he was leaving. ?Sir what is going on here?? Kagami ask curious of what was happening. ?Some things have occurred and now I have to leave, don?t worry you are still going to be in charge while Im gone.? Alexandre replied. Kagami approach Alexandre office desk getting in a little closer to tell him the news. ?That?s why I?m here Sir, I can?t be Freedom?s leader anymore.? Kagami said knowing full well that this was the best choice he has made since being Freedom?s leader. Alexandre stops packing his things for one moment. ?Kagami as much as I would love to entertain you about this I don?t have the time. If this is about the spy, I already know about it. Don?t worry its okay not a problem.? Kagami didn?t understand how could have Alexandre already know about the spy he just found out himself. ?What do you mean you know about it?? Kagami ask with an interesting appearance on his face. ?Kagami I made all the information on those files up just for this fact alone. You didn?t really believe that there was really just one spy did you?? Alexandre asks continuing to pack his things. ?I did. But why would you do that? If the enemy gets there hands on those files they are going to think the information is real. You have names of other people in different organizations in them files. You are putting there life?s at risk.? Kagami said with his voice slowly rising. ?Just relax Kagami, those other people don?t matter there nothing more then pawns. Kagami this is war and war is nothing more than a chess game. It?s the jobs of pawns to be sacrifice so that you?re more important pieces can get in position to get at the goal at hand. Kagami for someone who is suppose to be so smart, your not.? Kagami stood there just amaze at what he heard. ?So Mari was nothing but a pawn to you to? One of the people who have did so much for?? Kagami then stop talking as something then hit him. Alexandre never brought up Mari?s name. When Kagami came into the office Alexandre automatically assume it was about the spy but why would he? ?I understand now, we are all pawns. Why didn?t I see this sooner?? Alexandre stop what he was doing wondering what was going to happen next. ?You were planning this from the beginning.? Alexandre then replied by saying. ?Been planning what exactly?? ?When I came in here about to tell you I was going to leave freedom the first thing you brought was about the spy. How did you already know about that unless you planned it? Why not bring up the death of Mari? You had been waiting me to fail from the start.? Alexandre then sat down in his chair and rests his chin on his hand. ?Enlighten me Kagami?? Kagami then gave him self a second thinking of everything so he could get it all plan out. ?You want to have Freedom all for yourself. Thing is your not next in line, Takumi is. So in order for you to be leader you need to get him out of the way. So while everyone thinks your nephew is just away and while you still have more power then Takumi you made me second in charge. You knew that with me in charge that I would make mistake and end up getting everyone killed leaving you as leader. Why else would you pick a mechanic to be leader? Because you needed someone who you could control, you knew I wasn?t going to turn down the roll of being leader because you had the footage of me killing Kurenai. You could easy wing that to make me seem like I?m a spy too since I never told anyone. Only question I don?t know the answer to is why would you go threw so much to rule Freedom? Isn?t your goal also to destroy the judge senate? Why would you care who leads as long as the job gets down.? Alexandre waited a moment and then began to laugh a little. ?Kagami you are aware that what you speak is consider treason you could be killed for this without hard proof.? ?Your right but the thing is your not going to do anything to me. See an innocent man would do nothing. If he did nothing wrong he wouldn?t have anything to hid. On the other hand a guilty man would have me killed but the only thing is it would raise eyebrows and there would be others who would look in what a said and find out the truth.? After the statement Kagami just made the room was silent neither one said anything they just looked at each other till Alexandre broke the silence. ?If you would accuse me Kagami I have things to finish here.? In the inside Kagami knew that he had him but he didn?t have and hard proof everything was just a theory. If he was going to get proof on Alexandre he was going to need help.

Later that day Kagami was heading to the holding cell. Reason being because after the incident between him and Takumi, Alexandre had him locked up and sentenced to death for trying to kill Freedoms leader. This act only helps prove Kagami?s theory. All he had to do was some how get Takumi to see it but after what happened it wasn?t going to be an easy task.

?I?m here to release prisoner Takumi Inui.? Kagami said towards the guard.

?I?m sorry Sir but that can?t be done.?

?And why the hell not?? he replied with his voice starting to get a little aggressive.

?Well Sir he is going to be put to death for trying to kill you.?

Kagami let out a soft laugh. ?If he tried to kill me why would I the LEADER OF FREEDOM be here getting him out? It would make no since right? Now I?m going to tell you one more time. I am here to release prisoner Takumi Inui.?

For a moment the guard didn?t know what to say or do. If the new leader of freedom is saying he wasn?t trying to kill him he had no choice but to believe him. So he then unlocks the door and hands Kagami the keys as he walks by. While walking to the cell he notices Masato standing there talking with Takumi. As Kagami continues to walk to the cell Masato turn to his direction.

?You look like hell.? He says watching Kagami holding his rib cage area while he comes near.

?I?ll live.? He replies.

?Not for long.? Takumi said from the cell.

It was obvious that Takumi still felt strong towards killing Kagami.

?I know nothing I say will change how you feel towards me and I don?t blame you for it. But there something I must tell you it?s very important but first we have to get out of here.?

Kagami then used the keys to open the cell?s door. Takumi slowly got up to his feet and walk towards the door. As he got next to Kagami he lean in close to his left ear.

?This changes nothing. I promised Mari I would kill you and I will, count on it.? Takumi said as steps away from Kagami and goes and stands next to Masato.

?Whatever you have to say make it fast.?

Wasting no time Kagami jumped right into it. ?Well it about Alexandre, I think he wants you de??

Before Kagami could finish his sentence alarms sounded at the Freedom base. Kagami and the others rushed to the hangar to see what was going on.

Masato and Takumi made it to the hangar before Kagami did so they had already ask what was going on.

"There are five objects approaching. Judging by their speed and formation, they are most likely Judge fighter jets. Wait... the one at the front of the formation... it's too big to be a fighter jet. Bringing it up on the monitor."

What the group was looking at seemed to be Tremor but with modifications.

?I have seen that design before.? Takumi said nothing really sure where he seen the new design for the improved Tremor.

They continue to watch the monitors as four fighter jets release a barrage of missiles on the colony base, destroying large portions of the colony. Alarms went off once again, and the emergency backup power came on.

"All mobile suits prepare for combat! I repeat! All mobile suits prepare for combat!"

For the first time Kagami didn?t know what to do or say all he could do was stand there in terror. It wasn?t long before Takumi broke the silence between the three.

?Come on Masato you heard the man we have a job to do.?

Masato stood there a second thinking of the condition Takumi was really in. Even though he tried to hide it Masato seen right through it. Before Masato could ask Takumi about how he was Kagami step up and said something.

?I?m going to.?

Takumi turns around with fury in his eyes.

?No the hell your not, you already got one of us killed and I be damned if it happens to another mobile suit pilot.? Takumi shouted.

?Look I made a mistake. Mari died because of my actions and I will never forgive myself for that. Right now we are being under attack and I can help make things right.?

?How do you think you are going to help? With those broken ribs you have you can?t pilot a mobile suit. All you would do is get your self and everybody else out there killed.?

With all his strength, Kagami then stood up straight hold his pain back.

?You can?t stop me. I?m going to help.?

Takumi started to laugh. He then walks in close to Kagami stopping once they were face to face.

?Your problem is you don?t listen.?

Then out of no where Takumi deliver a devastating blow to Kagami?s stomach. The effect of the blow made Kagami fall down to his knee?s passing out laying down at Takumi?s feet.

?What about you Takumi? Don?t you think you should escape with some of the other who is not fighting??

Takumi then turns around to face Masato.

?Come on old friend you know my place is out there with you on the battle field.?

Right as Masato was about to answer he and Takumi look over to the side as they watch Kagami?s and Takumi?s mobile suit get taken away.

?Seems like they don?t want to take any chances. They taken yawl mobile suits to the secret base.?

Takumi then turns around watching as his mobile suit was being taken away thinking to himself that this probably was going to be the last time he sees it.

?Yea this was always me and Christophe plan. If ever under attack take the entire mobile suit?s that couldn?t be used in battle to the base me and him made secretly. Shame I wont see it again.?

Takumi then could feel Masato come up behind him.

?Don?t worry my friend you will use it again.?

It took a moment to sink into Takumi?s head and once it did it was to late. Masato had hit Takumi in the back of the head knocking him out.

?Don?t worry I?ll hold them off with the rest of the mobile suit pilots so you and the rest can escape.?

Masato stopped a couple of private who were evacuating.

?You guys get these two and take them with the others to the underground base quickly.?

Masato stood knowing that this might be his last battle but if it was he was going to take out every son of a bitch that he could. He then ran to his mobile suit to go and help out the other members of Freedom.
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