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Mr. Blonde

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[B]One opponent is desired but will consider more than one.
Join me if you'd like.[/B]


The distant rolling hills jump off of the earth like the backs of giants. Farther out snow covered peaks stab the sky and the blood red morning sun runs down into the fields, bathing the swaying wheat in golden umber. A shoddy, run down farm house sits propped up in the middle of the field. The wooden shutters shake and the old boards creak as the light wind passes by. The old screen door nearly breaks off of its hinges as the elderly farmer swings it open and steps out onto the porch. A beagle (looking to be as old as the screen door) ambles out behind him. The farmer sips on his morning coffee, letting his bones settle down in the rocking chair on the porch. The beagle begins to lay down but his joints seem to give out half way through. He collapses with his head on the farmer's mud crusted boots. This'll do.

"This'll be a good morning," the farmer says to his dog.

Suddenly there is a thunderous BOOM in the distance. The farmer rises to his feet as quickly as he's able and steps off of his porch. A bright light flashes in the sky. An unidentifiable object speeds towards the earth. A tail of fire and smoke consume [U]it[/U] and the sky. It's on a collision course for the farmland. Not but a moment passes before the object barrels down and impacts the wheat field not but 50 yards from the farmer's house. Fire quickly spreads and only seconds later the fields as far as the eye can see are consumed in flames. A cloud of black smoke takes over the land. The farmer is bewildered. He coughs and hacks, waving his hand in front of his face to clear the air. He can't see but two feet in front of him. He covers his eyes from the brightly glowing flames but between flickers he notices a shadow. A siloquette of a man walks through the towering inferno.

"Who goes there?!" The farmer yells.

There is no reply. The shadow moves closer.

"Do you know what happened? Who goes there?!"

The farmer shakes his head and rushes into his house. He returns a moment later with a rifle and a box of shells. He flips open the shaft and rests the rifle in the crook of his arm, loading shells into the barrel. His flips it closed and cocks the firearm. He points it out in front of him. His old dog retreats back inside. He wants no part of this.

"Now I said, 'who goes there?'. I won't ask it again. I'll have to fire on you. Just answer me!"

The farmer pauses a moment and then fires a shot. The shadow haults... for but a moment and then continues walking towards the old man. The farmer then hears something strange; what sounds like the hum of an electric generator growing ever closer. The farmer takes a steps back, then another, and another until his stands up against the side of his house. He seems to have been almost pushed there, as if against his will. The man seems to almost be in pain as the hum grows louder and louder until the shadow is before him. Katakidoushi, Saiya-Jin Elite towers over the farmer, whom is petrified. Kataki opens his white glove and reveals the mangled remains of the bullet the farmer fired at him. The farmer falls to the floor of his porch and the rifle goes off again. This time the shell evaporates into a cloud of dust before it even reaches Kataki. He smirks. Kataki reaches back and throws the bullet he holds in his hand straight at the farmer's chest. It pierces through the hand that clutches his heart, and bursts out of hisback, splintering the wood of the porch floor. The man gasps, and he is gone. The beagle makes a break out of the screen door and begins a mad dash into the distance. Kataki raises his arm and a small Ki blast forms in his palm, but something distracts him: a dull beeping in the distance. He pays no more head to the beast and lets the dog escape. Kataki levetates off of the ground and with a burst of energy that blows away the farm house he flies across the burning fields. The gust from his speed blows out some of the flames which are beginning to die down. He reaches his pod, which collided into Earth. The pod door is open and his scouter is blinking. He fits it onto his ear and adjusts it over his eye. A wide smile creeps across his face.

"Challenge," he mutters.

He bursts off of the ground and rises above the veil of thick, black smoke. The sun has risen above the mountains and is now more golden than red. The scouter pin-points the energy it's picked up: between the mountain peaks in the distance. The brightening sun siloquettes the mysterious figure as it closes in fast.

"Challenge." Kataki menacingly laughs.
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[SIZE="1"]Welcome to OtakuBoards, Katakidoushi.

Here in the theatre, we have a certain set of rules for RPGs. We require that you set up a thread in the auditions forum in order to recruit members.

[URL="http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=58238"][CLICK HERE FOR RULES][/URL]

After you have your players, then you may come to the theatre and officially start the RPG. Please go over these rules, and if you decide you would like to continue this RPG, feel free to recreate it when you have fulfilled all the requirements.

Thanks again,

[COLOR="Red"]Thread Closed[/COLOR]
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