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Anime Older Sister/Younger Brother?


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In anime, there is always the cliche of the protective older brother and his younger sister. I was wondering if anyone knows if there are any animes/mangas that concentrate more on older sister/ younger brother relation (not incest of course). It can be any age gap but an example would be an older sister and her kid brother but it is not limited to that. It can also be between an older girl and younger guy, who share a sibling like relation. Are there any such anime/mangas?

I have only 2 examples:
Ren and Ayano from Kaze no Stigma and Kuwabara and Shizuru from Yu Yu Hakusho. It can also be cousins.
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I could only think a few, here is what I think of:
Eureka Seven - briefly in the anime
S-CRY-ed - somewhat in the anime
Ghost Stories - this anime has it
Inuyasha - it has that
reborn - manga has that
My-Hime - somewhat of a older sister and younger brother relationship
Scrapped Princess - it has that
Hana-kimi - funny older sister and yonger brother relationship in manga
Bleach - Genju and Kukaku Shiba relation is funny

>.< thats all I could think of...
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