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Which video game character, guys or girl, would you have?


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This is going to be like my other post for anime/manga, but for video games thats all. The option here is the same as the other one. Ok which video game character, guy or girl, would you pick and which of the following would you do to him or her? Here is the option:

1. be friends
2. make him or her be your older sibling
3. make him or her be your younger sibling
4. going out on a date together
5. make him or her your family like father, mother, cousin, etc
6. have sex with him or her (optional if you want)
7. making him or her marrying you with love
8. think of some other idea that you would make

( WARNING: Please don't go crazy in your post. Also please don't put any stupid ideas that will get yourself in trouble ok?) Now thats done, here are some things that you got to do. Make a list of video game character name with what you wanna do to him/her and if you want explain why. The list can be as long as you want. Here I will start off so you can get some kind of idea.

1. Dante (Devil May Cry series) - I would like him as a awesome friend because when we fight demon together, we would have fun and joke around. Plus we kick some serious demon butt.

2. Yuffie Kisaragi (Final Fantasy 7 series) - I would like to be with her every single day because Yuffie is so entertaining to be around with and plus she is hot too *Ahem*. When we are together we would definiately be marry to each other. Yes there sex involve*Ahem, Ahem*

3. Balthier (Final Fantasy 12) - With him as my friend we would travel together around Ivalice in his air ship and do stuff like hunting and finding treasure.
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Honestly, there's only one that immediately comes to mind right now, and I'm sure anyone who knows me can already predict who I'm about to fangirl about.

[b]Shino, .hack//G.U.[/b] - Shino seems like the person I would enjoy being friends with (although perhaps this stems from two years of fangirling her, I'm not sure). She's a kind person, but also seems willing to tell (or hint at) people that they may be wrong.
Perhaps for that reason, it'd be better if she was my older sister, hurr. To be quite frank, almost any type of relationship with Shino would be A-OK with me.

This feels like a very short explanation too. o_O
I'll add more later if I think of it - either more people or more detail for Shino, blah.
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I have thought of a few more character for now.

1. [B]Chie Satanoka[/B] (persona 4) - yes she can kick but with her kung-fu move and its not gonna be fun getting hit by her. I would enjoy her company as a friend because she is the person who anyone can hang out with. Maybe when we go defeat some Shadows and do some tag team move and defeat them together.

2. [B]Nanako Dojima[/B] (Persona 4) - reason why is that we be great as brother and sister. She seem very adorable and fun to hang around with. Even though she is young I would like to take care of her when she is feeling down and buy her candy or ice cream when she is feeling sad.
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