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Ghost Forest: Ob collab

Drizzt Do'urden

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A story has been past down for many generation about a group of people taking a bus trip. You see, they were all members of a certain forum website, and were taking a trip into the woods. Why were they taking this trip? Nobody to this day knows, but one things for sure. None of them that returned EVER were the same.

The story begins as the bus full of anime addicts, videogame vultures, movie monsters, reeking roleplayers, story telling sicko's, and curent event creeps pulls into the abandoned camp ground 100 miles into the deepest forest in a state that won't be named in order to keep anyone else from venturing in the same way they did.


I got off the bus to find that our "modern" campsite we were promised, was no more
than a small cleared out area in the middle of the woods. A shower building sat up the hill a couple hundred yards up the road we traveled from. A single water collecting tower next to it sent the promise of hot running water out the window, and it seemed the others getting off the bus were as unimpressed as I am.

[I]"Damn, what happened to all the modern comforts Allamorph promised?"[/I] You see, the basement cat himself had set the trip up for those who ventured in to his forum. Hopefully an explaination would come out of him, as soon as anyone could find him. He was the first one off the bus a moment ago, but where had he gone?

A chilling howl could be heard in the distance; Nightfall seemed fast approaching. I turned to the bus in order to secure a couple others to venture in and find some firewood while the others got the tents set up. Hopefully they could beat the chilly fall night, hopefully.....

An old time campfire ghost story written by OB members, about OB members. I'm sure we all played the game when we were younger, one person starts telling the story and at certain moments the next person in line "buzzes" themselves in and takes over.

This is for people of all writing styles, though I think we should stick with first person to keep the "point of view" going. At the begining of every post, please do what I did and post your name above your post. As far as length, it really doesn't matter. Just when you get to a point that you want somebody else to jump in on just end your post with ........ I think to avoid somebody from jumping to far, or wasting a post we should go with 3-5 paragraphs. 2-6 absolute min/max, if we don't have many participants we can always adjust accordingly.

No posting order, just try and leave time for everyone to post. Maybe try post every 2 days if we are getting a lot of people. This is a collab, so if you have any suggestions, feel free to post them on here so we can decide on rules....oh and as far as rules don't kill anybody off...right now...I'll work up a system for this later.
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