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Gaming THPS3 Codes


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Well dude, I got the game, but don't know any codes for it..... I'm getting a magazine today, so if they've got any codes in it, I'll post 'em up for you. :) But I love that game, it's kewl..... I still gotta get the hang of the tricks on it though, I can't get enough points! Grrrrr :angry2: :angry3:
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I'm not sure if the PS2/Gamecube versions have the same codes. I have the PS2 version so you could try these codes for the Cube version:

[B]Backdoor[/B] -unlocks cheats (snowboard mode, first-person mode, etc.)

[B]Roadtrip[/B] -unlocks all levels :)

[B]Peepshow[/B] -unlocks all skater movies

[B]yohomies[/B] -unlocks all secret characters :)

Those are all I know.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by RicoTranzrig [/i]
[B]The movies are really funny and cool...especially Chad Muska's... [/B][/QUOTE]
Hehe, I like Chad Muska. He's the only character on the game that I can actually do half of his tricks.....

And nope, the magazine I got didn't have any codes for it. Try VP-Master's though, they could work. :)
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Well the YOHOMIES codes didn't work becasue that's for PS2 and heres the ones I know that work.

POPCORN=All movies



MARKEDCARDS=all cheats

I want the code to unlock all characters on GAMECUBE I just tried the YOHOMIES code and it didn't work because its the PS2 version to get everyone whats the one for Gamecube???
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