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[SIZE="1"][COLOR="SlateGray"]Have you ever been in, what I like to call, a Multimedia Mood? Where you're craving playing wild west games, and watching wild west flicks to go along with it, or you feel like your day isn't complete without some type of RPG, and the accompanying anime?

I get those more often than not. Heck, I'm in one right now.

Shooters and Gundam games.

Started last night when I was sitting around bored to tears. So I went and rifled through my collection of games and spotted one I hadn't played in a while; R-Type Final. So, I popped it in.
Love all over again. I played it for a good hour or so, and then when I quit I felt the urge to play any other shooter. Played Silpheed. Raiden. Gradius. More R-Type, more Gradius, alot more Silpheed (Read: name).

After I beat a few games, R-Type Final, R-Type 2 and Silpheed to note, I wanted to play something else. Went and dug some more. Found Mobile Suit Gundam: Federation vs Zeon.

Aw crap.Then I needed to watch some Gundam shows, play more Gundam games.
Either way, I was in a Multimedia Mood.

What about you guys?[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[FONT="Tahoma"][COLOR="DarkGreen"]I've been doing that ever since they started airing the anime for [B]Tales of the Abyss[/B]. Since the episodes were just one a week, I pulled out the game and started over from the beginning. The anime is up to episode 18 of 26 and I'm close to the end of the game and just running around doing side quests while I wait for it to finish. [/COLOR][/FONT]
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I believe I might've done that once. I had a craving for Dragonball Z for an entire day or 3(well, almost) and decided that I was going to watch whatever I had on VHS, (What? I'm old school XD) which I believe was the Cell Games and parts of the Buu Saga.

The game of choice at the time was DBZ Budokai 3, seeing if I could ever get through them whatchamacallits... (without taking damage) Some part of the game where you fight characters at different levels. 99 being the highest. That was where I experienced a cheating Goku.
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I've been doing the same as Aaryanna with the [B]Tales of the Abyss[/B] game since the anime is currently airing in Japan. I'm close to the end and picking up all sorts of side quests while I wait for the anime to catch up to where I'm at.

In the past, when I use to play more [B]Star Wars[/B] games, I'd do the same. I'd be playing one of the games and then end up re-watching some of the shows or reading some of the books.
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