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Another Banner Rate please

Guest Altron Gundam

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Ehh.... I don't like it that much.... the text is... dull looking.... like the the design of the text, the text itself in a whole, color and all, doesn't fit the logo.... Also that green in the BG of the banner... not good... yuo should colorize the Background after you do a Motion blur or whatever you are doing to it.... try using others pic like in the BG and making the Opacity low so you only see eys or something... the feather tool is a god send, use it :)

See what feather can do: [img]http://jikannohizumi.net/banners/gacyu.jpg[/img]
See how the side of Gackt's face blends in witht he motions blur to the side... feather is awesome.... so is Radial blur... and making other filters.... try doing tests, you'll be surprised how they come out.
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