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A Calm Dark...


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[FONT="Tahoma"]Well, I decided to write something short and quick. It's like a poem, but built like a short story. In my opinion what I wrote is an interpratation of what a surprise death can be if you least expect it.

[SIZE="1"][INDENT]It?s dark. As far as you can see. It surrounds you. Haunting you. Almost like a phantom. You panic and try to hide. But you?re too afraid. Too tense. Too reliant on your instincts to save you. You try and scream, but nothing comes out. Almost as if your vocal chords were taken. Suddenly it becomes clear. You remember that the dark can?t hurt you. You start to calm down. Your ability to think straight returns. Finally you smile, knowing fully well that the dark is nothing to be afraid of. As you turn the corner to return?

Snap! Something breaks in the distance. You freeze. Thought ceases once again. You feel insecure. Afraid. Fearful. Regretful. You know you should have kept running, so why go back? It?s too late nevertheless. You could try to run again. But what is that? Your legs don?t work. You can?t even attempt to run away. You close your eyes so you don?t see it coming. You know it?s coming too. It?s silent, it always is.

Suddenly a calm takes over and you feel light-headed. You wake up and expect an infinite light to engulf you. Yet, that expectation is soon shattered by a scream. You think of where it could come from. Freight takes over and your breath escapes. You heart skips a beat like a broken metronome. However, you become calm again. You feel at peace with the darkness, you embrace it as if it was the light. You open your eyes and realize it was you screaming. And you know it was you as you look down at something? something all too familiar?
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