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Random Generator Contest.


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[FONT="Microsoft Sans Serif"][SIZE="2"]So this Contest is Sort of like the Otaku Prose Contest, but it has a twist. I want to see if anyone can make cool stories here on the OB.

This all started in the [URL="http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=58817"][I]Funtime Thread of Humor and Mirth (and Junk.)[/I][/URL] when Rachmaninoff posted a link Allamorph showed him. it is [URL="http://www.jesterball.com/Animations/animeplotgenerator.html"][I]The Random Plot Generator![/I][/URL] It creates a mini plot or idea, just for fun. But I want a contest to see who can write the best stories.
[FONT="Arial Narrow"][SIZE="1"][SIZE="3"] 1. You can generate 3 random topics, but may only choose one of then.(But I cant enforce it to well.)

2. This is sorta a spin-off of the Otaku Prose, please, don't spite me.

3. please more then 200 words, we all love a mind boggling game. And If we have enough people, we might do brackets, if not just have one thread in it

4. When you enter you story you mus ell what the plot is.[/SIZE][/SIZE][/FONT]

So please sign up, just post in this thread saying you'll join and, ill add you to a list, we will leave this up for a week maybe 1 1/2
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I guess I'm just not fully understanding. So for each round the "contestants" will write three 200+ yarns based on topics of their choosing?

If so I'm in, though I think you should refine a little. That's awfully tough to do in it's own right. Not so much to come up with three topics, more so that its going to be tougher on the first person. Whoever goes second in each round will have the advantage of seeing which direction the first goes. Then they can choose to either take the same topic or make compeltly different ones.

I would almost have to say the best way to do this would be (and this would be diffcult to do based on the posting capabilities of the contestants) to have them post alternately. I post one, then my competitor, and so on till we've posted three times each.

Or, thanks to the double posting rule, A goes then B, then B then A, then A then B agin. That way it offsets a bit.
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Okay, thanks for clearing that up. The only thing I'd caution is doing it while the prose contest is going on. Only due to the fact that people are interested in it at the moment, and will be less likely to want to jump right into another one (no matter how long ago they were eliminated).

So I'm in, but I would pick a date like a month from now rather then a week. That way you'll give people a chance to get out of that, shake it off and get ready for another one.

Also, just a side suggestion, what would you think about having each contestant pick 3 topics and then allow the other contestants and members pick from the 6. That way people are involved and therefore more likely to read what is written and vote on it?
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