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Gaming Resident Evil 5

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[FONT="Garamond"]It's been four years since a thread for this game was made, I figured it'd be alright to make a new one.

This game releases tonight at midnight at most stores. I forgot that it was coming out tomorrow, so I went to try and pre-order the game today. The employee at GameCrazy gave me that kind of "are you stupid" look and told me that you can't pre-order a game that day of its release ... although, it's coming out tomorrow. Whatever.

So is anyone else going to get the game tonight or in the near future? I know that I'm pretty pumped to play it, even though from the demo I know that it's basically going to be RE4 with better graphics. It wouldn't really bother me all that much if they didn't reuse the animations for the enemies; they could have at least created some new ones.

On the other hand, who's not excited for the release? I can see why a lot of die-hard Resident Evil fans hate the new games, as they have been more leaning towards action/adventure rather than survival horror. I've been a Resident Evil fan since I was little, so RE4 was a big difference in the series for me. I don't hate RE4, I think that it's a great game, I just wish that they would make another RE more in the vain of REmake.

What characters do you think will be in Mercenaries? Unfortunately, I've already accidentally stumbled upon them, but I won't ruin it for anyone. Which characters do you want to be in the DLC for Mercenaries, provided that they are even going to do that. I'm rooting for Barry!

"It's really powerful, especially against ... living things."

Got the game, waiting for the installation to finish (PS3!!). I'll give my opinions tomorrow.[/FONT]

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I went and got the game on the midnight launche for the xbox 360. I already past this game and I have to say that this game is freakin awesome. The game play still maintain from the Resident Evil 4 control but with a slight twist to it. The new side moving is cool along with the directional pad to quick switch your weapon during the admist of battle. The storyline is pretty good. Boss battle are little tough when first play through and I'm not gonna mention which one. The graphic is looking pretty good. So what did anyone else think about the game?

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[font=franklin gothic medium]So I played this for several hours last night with my brother. He came over and we decided to do co-op locally.

Although RE5 is fundamentally the same as RE4 in terms of gameplay (things like movement, general pacing, etc)... it does have quite a different feel due to the co-op nature.

I must admit, I would hate to play this thing single player - I couldn't stand being forced to co-op with the computer, especially when you're sharing ammo and such. For me that would almost ruin the game.

But playing the entire thing with a friend? Far better. You can really take advantage of the many cooperative scenarios that permeate the entire game. It's a lot of fun to fight bosses with two people and there are a million areas where you need to work with your partner to move on. It's a lot of fun.

The controls are actually a little bit clunky at times - they aren't aging well. Not being able to aim while you move can be a big problem too.

Also the game can be incredibly tight with ammo - moreso, it seems, than RE4.

Nevertheless, I've loved it so far. But as I said, I wouldn't have been interested in the single player mode at all. Cooperatively though, it's a blast.

Graphics are gorgeous, sound is wonderful and there is quite a lot of variety in terms of scenarios. I love all of the mini-challenges that you come across as you progress.

As far as story goes...well, I kind of stopped paying attention to RE stories a while ago. They seem to be getting more and more ridiculous. I mean, Wesker is like some weird Matrix character rip-off now? And the founder of Umbrella lives in a giant foreboding castle on a cliff? Lame.

I kind of miss the simplicity and creepiness of the RE plots from RE to RE3. Now it seems like Capcom is building in lots and lots of random crap and it's increasingly uninteresting.

Anyway, I'm hoping we can finish RE5 next weekend. I'm looking forward to jumping back in - my brother and I work really well together and it's been awesome to have an intelligent and reliable in-game partner...rather than a clumsy, ammo-wasting computer player.[/font]

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