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Story opinions, which is a better arc?


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Alright, anyone who knows me knows that I'm working on a big comic project called It's All Greek To Me. If you don't know me: "Hey, I'm working on a big comic project called It's All Greek To Me".
Now, I need some opinions on certain things that are plot related. This is a simple "What do you feel makes a good story good?" question. Please answer to the best of your abilities.

Which would you find more interested/appealing:

A story that focuses more on smaller, more personal events such as a rivalry between two characters, a romance, or more personal problems that really only effect the characters?


A story that has a larger problem, a more worldwide or destructive issue, such as a monster attack or someone attacking the world whose connected to the characters in some way?

Feel free to give examples or ask questions. I can't really give away anything about the plot, since I'm keeping many details of this hush hush, but if you want me to elaborate, I will say what I can. I know this question is a difficult one, please do your best and give me whatever opinions you can. Feel free to even suggest a different idea that you think it tops those two.
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Honestly, I personally feel it depends how you write it. Which do you feel more connected too? I personally find myself more attracted to writing about more personal problems (your first idea), because that's what I know, and it's the way things work in my brain. But things may be different for you!

The way I look at it: If you love what you're writing about, then you'll do much better. If you love both those ideas, then either would work.

Hope that helped and I didn't sound like a rambling idiot! :)
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I can't say that i know your specific writing technique, but I DO know that it can depend.

Whether you like it or not, the writer's of [B]Heros[/B] are really skilled at their trade. They can keep you focus on small things, though you know a bigger thing is looming. So if you're good enough, you can take the "end of the world" cliche and put a spin on it that can unite your characters in a way that keeps everybody interested the whole way through.

The 1 vs 1 aspect can be better in many ways. With only a protagonist and an antagonist it's easier to make a mistake and recover. It allows for a more versitile writing style as well since you can pretty much do anything with 2 characters.

My favorite for a comic would be a rivalry. Especially if you absorb the rivalry into the whole world scenario later in the series.
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