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Glenn Beck's Satirical FNC Show


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So I'm flicking through the good ole Fox News Channel (it's my poison) and I come across this guy caled Glenn Beck. At first I think that he's another Bill O'Reilly or a Sean Hannity. One of those big time, all-shouting pundits who gets a show of their own.

BUT, after watching a few episodes, I'm amazed. This guy is actually a parody of the named pundits on the FNC! His drama queen routine, it's so obvious to me now, that I can't believe I thought he was serious at first.

Good on the FNC for providing another comedy slot to go along with Red Eye.
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[font=franklin gothic medium]The scary part is, I don't think Glenn Beck is [i]intended[/i] to be a parody. I've never watched a full episode, but I've seen a few segments that make me think this guy is just another Hannity but with a different spin.

He adds a bit of comedy (if it can be called that), but it often comes across as a really lame attempt to mimmick The Daily Show.

Then again, Red Eye also seems to fit into that category for me. It tries to add some coolness or edge to Fox News, but it sort of comes across like the raving granny on YouTube - trying to be cool and hip, but in reality people are just pointing and laughing at their lame attempt to draw in the young crowd.

... :catgirl:[/font]
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