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4 small things I didn't think each deserved an entire thread so I decided to let 'em share.

Simple drawing of a friend's character that inked, after posting the pencils I got some notes about the face and changed stuff, made a world of difference.



Old image of mine that I re-inked because I wanted thinner lines and then added in some simple screen tones.



Old cartoony image I did years ago of a friend that I finally got around to colouring because I wanted to try out some new brushes I made in Photoshop.



Pokemon-esque mascot design I did for a potential commission that didn't happen but I decided to I want to finish the image so I should get around to colouring it soon.


And that's that. Thanks for looking.

My Deviantart account: [url]http://baby-marshmallow.deviantart.com/[/url]
My Website: [url]http://marshmallowpalace.atspace.com/entrance.htm[/url]
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