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Writing Some poems I wrote


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[FONT="Palatino Linotype"]For those of you (99.8 of all OB members can disregard this) who know me, you probably couldn't guess -or maybe it was very obvious- that I write poetry. I don't do it often because it's not my strong suit, mostly because I focus more on story writing. These are just a few poems I found on my computer. I made them around the same time.

So here's a few to start out.[/FONT]

[SIZE="1"][B][U]Forever, Never and Always[/U][/B]
They say there?s no such thing as love in hell
But I can?t believe a wives tale like that
So stop telling me what you think I need to hear
Hey love could be worse than this
I could say fuck you
Or never
Or always

Its your choice girl
I mean, daily I wish I didn?t meet you
But what can we do, stop nature from taking course?
Now we all know how foolish that would be
But hey, until then we should party it up!
So it?s either get knocked up or shut up
Cause I won?t deal with your ?I hate you?s forever
Your home is here in heaven

After all?

They say there?s no such thing as love in hell

[B][U]Sideways Horizons[/U][/B]
You can choose to man up
Or walk away from yourself
Stop running from your fate
As if you could possibly escape our eyes
If you think the world outside is an improvement
You obviously havent seen pain like this
I can spell out the sun
As it falls behind the sky
I?m lying on my arms
Watching the sideways horizon
I feel the rays of light warm me
Like a surge of flames in august
Burn forever
Or atone like a real boy
It?s your choice
You can choose to man up
Or you can choose to walk away
It?s your choice
But either way the horizon fades

[B][U]The Fall of Autumn[/U][/B]
The season ends
And the fall begins
I begin to wonder
Where am I
Why don?t I belong here?
But as the session?s end
And the rise begins
I begin to stride
Like a behemoth towards the light
I can find a place where I belong
Like I did so long before my transformation
I?ve become foreign
I?ve become cold
So here it comes
The end of the season?
The fall of Autumn
Is where I now belong?.[/SIZE]
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