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Writing "The Bald One"


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Here's a poem I wrote several years ago for a high school assignment. The person in question is my father.

[CENTER][b]The Bald One[/b]


Lo, behold good fellows! The Bald One is
at work! Be quiet, do not make a sound!
The crossword puzzle has long been his foe.
Hold! No noise! He requires complete silence!
The sounds of Mozart and Beethoven are
all that he requires, so be silent rogue!
Be swift when thou dost approach the kitchen,
else thou wishest to alert the Bald One!
Heed my warnings fool, or thou shalt face the
wrath of the Bald One whom thou hast disturbed!


Yea, what be IV times XIII? Tis simple
for the Bald One, math holds him not in chains.
Lo! What be the name of a Russian chess
master? Surely The Bald One knowest this.
If not, all is lost! We be only dust
in the wind. But behold! The Bald One has
with him the tome of knowledge and weird facts!
We are now saved, praises to the Bald One!
But wait! The Bald One cannot answer it!
Now behold, as the Bald One weeps aloud.[/CENTER]
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Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. :3
I don't write often, but yeah my style tends to lean towards the more comedic like in the poem. I'll probably end up posting other stuff eventually (of what little I have, anyway).
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