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(OoC: This takes place around the same time has Adventure of Space Bounty Hunters. Members are welcome but a different character is required.)

This takes place 10 years after an event on Planet Var 2nd moon. Empirer Wolfie's new fleet of heavy battleships and 5 solar assult ships continue their campaign on GP forces in the Omega Spiral Arm. Even though their are millions of space fairing species, most of space is largly unexplord.

Empirer Wolfie has created the Space Exploration Force comprised on Medium Capital Ships that where decomisioned over 30 years ago. He saw their armor and firepower. He saw their cargo potential. He saw their ability for prolonged deep space exploration. He saw their potential and had 5 built for that purpose.

This is SEF Delta, crewed by veteran personal. We have been getting reports of a solar system that seems to have no sun. The other SEF ships are off exporing parts of the Omega Spiral Arm. We resupplied at the nearest space port then engaged max star drive towards a marker placed by a probe.

When we arrived at the marker, the probe was not responding nor showing up on any sensor sweep. Their was a planet that was giving off weak power signals so we figured that the probe malfuntined and crashed on the planet. Scientist onbard sugested that the reason why this solar system didn't have a sun was that it was a small sun and was snuffed out by solar junk from illegal smuglers and others.

The weird thing was that their was no metalic objects in the center of the system. The captain wanted to bring the ship closr to the center to get a more detail. Thats when the ships built in abnonmalality indicaters went off like crazy. They indicated that we have entered a Black Hole.

"How the hell did we enter a black hole? Their was no indication of any black holes near this system!" The Captainn

"Sir, that dead planet had a weak energy signiture on it. What if that was a base using the planets unique distance to lurer ships in the black hole?" Tacts officer.

"You mean like a venus fly trap?" Comms Officer.

"Correct, 1/4 of our ships is in the event horizen. Captain, what should we do?" Tacts officer.

"Launch sheilded probes to destroy that structure and deploy warning beakins to warn others. After that engage star drive into the black holes singularity." Captain.

"Probes launched and on route to the dead planet." Tacts officer.

"Into the center sir? Thats suicide!" Helmsman.

"A great scientist named Albert Einstin theriorized that black holes are actually worm holes to different parts of the universes. I rather try that then have my ship slowly ripped apart. Sound the bunker alarm." Captain.

"Sir yes sir!" Coms officer.

The bunker down alarm is only sounded when a colision is going to happen.
It calls all crew and personals to get away from all exterior rooms and secure themselves in air tight areas.

"Captain, permision to speak freely." A soldier privit.

"Permision granted privit." Captain.

"Sir, I have my own theory on the black holes if you want to hear it." the privit.

"Well now is a better time than ever." Captain.

"What if their worm holes in time? Random times in space. If we survive, we must get to a space port and discover what year we are in." Privit.

"Good point, I'll guess we'll find that out soon. Go to the air tight area and prepare for whatever happens." Captain.

The privit enters a elevator and head towards the nearest air tight area.
What happened next changed their lives forever.


Thats the intro to the story. We are a decade into Adventure of Space Bounty Hunters and Wolfie has an empire spanning over hundreds of systems. We are SEF Delta, now for the sign ups.



Species/Race: (Species then what race of them. Like Human/Russian.)

Specialization: (What makes you so special to be a Delta SEF.)

Weapons: (Please, weapons are restricted to your Specialization.)

Status: (Like a Delta rookie and so forth.)

Short history: (In a paragraph or two, explain how you joined Delta or a previus mission you went on.)

OoC: I'll put mine up later.
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