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You have heard of the Ouran High School Host Club, but have you heard of the Ouran High School Hostess Club before? You guessed it, this is a sign-up for an RPG about girls that have to much time on their hands that entertain boys with too much time on your hands. Their basically just like the real deal, but they have diffrent types. The Mischevious Type, The Angel Type, The Shy Type, The Quiet Type, The Lustful Type, and The Bad Girl Type.:animesmil

If you're not quit familiar with Ouran, let me give you a simple introduction.


The Ouran High School Host Club is an anime about a group of boys who have too much time on their hands, that entertain girls with too much time on their hands. One day a commoner walked into Music Room #3 and met the OHSHC. Them thinking she was a boy, Haruhi Fujioka (First year, Class 1 A) frantically knocked over a 8,000,000 yen vase. To pay the debts of the vase they first make Haruhi become their dog, until they noticed that she looked good in an Ouran Boy uniform, then making her become a host to pay off her debts. While being a host many things await the host club for Haruhi and the rest of the members as well.

The information for the Sign-Up you will need will be the simple basics below.

[B]Hostess Type:[/B]
[B]Appearance or Description:[/B]

I'm going to tell you a few things before I audition people for the positions. First of all, I am the Angel Type. So no one can audition for that part. Second, If at all you want to make your own type, feel free to PM me and I will decide if its ok or not. (Knowing me most likely yes) Thirdly, Those who get cast as the members must keep their posts as that position. If they never post then they will be taken out of the positon and someone else will be put in their place. Now that you know the basics of everything, I hope you all enjoy the auditions and let the best woman win. XD
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