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The Enemy

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[COLOR="Red"]This will be a mature RP, and may include Violence, Coarse language, Sexuality, and adult themes. Player digression is advised. also this rp is based off of Dungeons and Dragons.[/COLOR]

A cloaked figure stood alone in the rain, bodies lay all around him. For hundreds of miles every citizen of every city had been killed. The once bustling countryside of Alimathia, had become all but a necropolis, thanks to the rain. The rain had been falling almost a week straight, and they were up to the figure's knees in most parts of the large city. An incessant hissing could be heard at all hours as the countless snakes continued to fall.

He allowed a smile to escape his grim visage as he slowly opened his tightly clenched fist, revealing a gem of some sort, blood red in colour, at least blood red from the angle he looked at in the current light. He had seen it appear to be hundred different colours over the few months he had it in his possession. In his other hand he bore a large book, written in an ancient language few could decipher. The mans smile grew to an insane grin as he began reading the book aloud.

"Illacioden margleth iadiciph dothenrakos!" his tone, nigh a scream, echoed between the surrounding stone buildings. In one terrifying shift, each and every surrounding snake turned to face the cloaked man. His smile remained, undaunted by the practically infinite number of serpentine eyes piercing his every movement. Or, more accurately, every movement of the hand baring the now glowing crystal.

"My pets" the man whispered "this is only the beginning"
__________________________________________________ ______________________

Millennia had passed since the Apocalypse crystal had been shattered. Not one story remained of how the gem itself was broken. But there were countless tails, old and new, of how incredibly powerful the gem was when whole. More terrifying, was the most resent story circulating around the small village of Kaldante, and indeed the continent. It was of a woman, a young girl in actuality, who held beauty beyond compare, or so the story told. She had been nothing more than a mere scribe before she found it. Hoping one day one of the master wizards of her Academy would accept her into private tutelage. The day she found it however, everything changed.

She embedded the wicked thing into the base of her thin wand, said to have been made to match her slender form. Within an hour of obtaining it she had decimated her Academy, and reduced the surrounding city to rubble. As the story goes the item compelled the innocent beauty to unspeakable evil. The item in the story was also a thing of beauty, so the story went. A sliver of gem, or some sort of crystal, that in one glance appeared to be a thousand colours at once. Indeed it was an attractive shard. A Shard of Apocalypse.

The moment the story reached the nobles of the land they came to council, every lord and lady, king and queen, emperor and empress gathered. From the human kingdoms of the west, the elven and eladrin forests to the south, the shifter and half orc nomads. Even the genasi, half elementals from on high, and the drow and grey dwarves, treacherous and cunning beings from deep within the earth. Representatives pf all the aforementioned races and many more came to congress about the story. They all knew well the gravity of the situation. Not only was there a remarkably powerful sorceress about destroying towns, wielding a shard of the most powerful magic artefact in all history. The current dilemma was only a prelude to the chaos that was now a likely possibility. The same thought raced through each leader's mind over and over.

"If there was one shard of the Apocalypse crystal in existence, there were likely many more."

The counsel, after hours of debate, came to one signal conclusion. They would each summon their most powerful wizards, their most talented fighters, most cunning rogues, most hallowed of clerics and paladins, and indeed the pride and joy of each of their individual races. From there they would assemble a team, the ultimate team, the single most unstoppable team of adventurers ever to be assembled. This team would be assigned the most dangerous and intriguing of all missions, o retrieve the lost Shards of Apocalypse, before they fall into malicious hands.

There you have it, the story so far. If you haven't guessed yet, you are going to be one of the best of the best sent on this mission. Not all members will have good intentions however. Some may be collecting he shards for their own power, some hope to fall into good graces with their god. Some, like the original user of the crystal, simply want to see the world die. Your story begins as you are summoned to the main counsel, also known as the blended city. As it is he place where all major counsel is done and where a town in itself has developed from noting more than racial acceptance.

Name: (be creative, race appropriate)

Age: (should be race appropriate eg.100 is still young for an elf)

Race: (any classic and expanded mythical races are available.)

Appearance: (well if this isn’t race appropriate your obviously very confused, and should probably take a nap)

Personality: (yes, you will end up basing almost everything on your race)

Weapons: (Even this is based on race no Halflings running around with bastard swords ok?)

Abilities/Powers: (everyone should put something here, this section includes magic and generic skills)

Bio: (nothing to long, probably just your travel to/ arrival in the main counsel town.)
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[SIZE="1"][B][B][U]Name:[/U][/B] Jacen Meltorn

[U][B]Age:[/B][/U] 30

[U][B]Race:[/B][/U] Human

[U][B]Appearance: [/B][/U]Jacen wears his hair cut short to the scalp. He maintains a very clean-cut look by maintaining a mustache and goatee meticulously. He has blue eyes and a smile that gives him a roguish look that helps him be rather successful with the ladies. If he tries hard enough he can even manage to catch himself a stuck-up she-elf.
As he travels the countryside he wears a mixture of leather and chainmail. When he is visiting a village or city he dresses accordingly to allow himself to mingle with the various classes. The attire he wears for these types of occasions is rarely obtained legally.

[U][B]Personality:[/B][/U] Jacen is a conman at heart. Despite this he is a skilled fighter that is always on the alert for danger. This could be due to his conman status always making him have to think one step ahead of others.

[U][B]Weapons: [/B][/U]Like everything else Jacen has a well-kept long sword. It has no other special attributes. Jacen also carries a small number of knives that he can hide on his person when his sword is too conspicuous.

[U][B]Abilities/Powers:[/B] [/U]Jacen is very persuasive. He can use his charm to convince almost anyone anything. There are some exceptions but there is little he can?t acquire with words. Because of this he usually has a very nice supply gold at hand for the instances when he can?t talk his way into or out of a situation. Besides the gift of the gilded tongue Jacen is very skilled with his blades and can use them for an assortment of tasks from cutting up dinner to disemboweling someone who may or may not deserve it.

[U][B]Bio: [/B][/U]
Jacen was just outside the Blended City. He had traveled for three days to reach these gates and wanted to make sure that his entrance was grand and well remembered. Jacen wanted people to know that he had come to answer the call of the Allied Council. If all went to plan his name would be known throughout all of Alimathia. He would then be able to capitalize on that fame and retire from the life of adventuring and turn his attention to the women of the world.[/B][/SIZE]
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