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Gaming Death of a Game? WTF?


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I've just learned that Sega is shutting down a game server for the x-box 360 called Chrome Hounds. I think its because people are not playing as much anymore due to lack of any new dlc for CH and no new missions online.

Its crazy because this is the first new game server to close the release of the X-Box 360. Their are several servers for the Original X-Box that are online and yet CH is the only one for the 360 to get axed. I play Chrome Hounds time to time and find it enjoyable.

This is unacceptible! If you play 360 and play Chrome Hounds and wish it to be left on but they need to create dlc for Chrome Hounds and create different varreints and among other things fix patches that made Heavy Weapons soo weak in power and durability.

Please comment on this blog and spread the word! If I get over 1,000 signed comments with your GT on it maybe Sega will let CH stay online!!!! Heres a petition link to sign if think Chromehounds should stay and to have Sega make Chromehounds 2.[url]http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/chromehounds2/[/url]

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