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Alright, so I've been thinking of getting the game. It looks promising, but I'm still not too sure. I have a few questions for ya'll:

#1 - What are the best qualities of the game?
#2 - What are the worst?
#3 - What is the best combination of Characters for the main party?
#4 - Is it a waste of time/money?

Add anything else you feel needs it.


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Well, I haven't finished the game yet, but I'm about halfway through (I think o_0), so I'll make my comments.

#1. The graphics are amazing, and so is the soundtrack. Square Enix did a good job on that front. There are also a lot of cutscenes, which makes it more interactive, I guess. And the fighting system is good, a lot like Final Fantasy, but different enough for it to be a new experience.

#2. During the cutscenes, sometimes the characters' lips are obviously not in sync with what they're saying, or their movements seem a little awkward. Not really a big deal, I guess, but it does get annoying. And some of the areas are huge and easy to get disoriented in.

#3. It's really impossible to have a "best set of characters" for your main party because different characters have different abilities, and depending on the situation, you might need a certain character's abilities over another, and then sometimes the situation forces you to have certain people in your main party and others in your secondary.

#4. Personally, I really like the game. I think it's worth the time and money. It's a two disc game, and after I finished the first disc, I couldn't wait to start the second. The plot is engaging; simple enough to understand, but with enough twists and catches that it doesn't bore you. The actual dialouge is fairly amusing as well, with subtle relationships and enmity going on. I'd say go for it!
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