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Request Football Theme... For KIDS!


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Hello all. Just an introduction-- I'm a classroom teacher, and each year I put together a theme for my class of lively kids. Basically we use this theme on our bulletins and class t-shirts, and the children love it.

Last year I had a "Globe Trekker" theme, made a request on this board, and someone answered with awesome boarding passes tailored for my class. Thankyou!

This year I want to do a football theme (American football, not soccer =]). I'm thinking of making large printouts of football helmets and/or jerseys of which I will place on a large bulletin board with a football field or may a "Hall of Fame" picture. The theme will be called "Tran's Tacklers", if you're interested in incorporating this into an image.

You can do anything from putting a logo on a simple football helmet like this: [url]http://www.kidprintables.com/coloring/sports/footballhelmet.gif[/url]

Or making your own image. I appreciate anything that comes my way and will most likely use it. If you need an idea for colors, it can be any. If you can make burnt orange look good on a jersey, even more awesome!

One more thing, if possible, please leave a blank space so that I can write the child's name clearly somewhere.

If possible, I would like to print this out within a week from this posting date. For anyone who responds to this, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! :animesmil
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I'll be using blue/dark blue, if that's okay. Or do you prefer burnt orange? In any case, I'll make samples of both colors.

Please wait for my submission! Love and Peace!


Hi! Sorry for the delay; work got in the way. :]

I've attached the pictures. If you want me to change anything (remove the numbers, change the colors, add a logo, etc.), please don't hesitate to say so. Hope the kids like them![/size][/COLOR]
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Hello, Delta!

Thanks so much for creating the graphics!!!!!

Recently a lot of changes have been happening to me at my work place, and to make things easier, I chose a different theme in which I had my sister purchase items for because of time constraints.

However, I will definitely save these graphics and use them another year when I have a sports theme.

Thanks a bunch!

[B]And one more thing: You did a great job. Very cute, and you made the orange look terrific![/B]
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