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Fullmetal Achlemist Abridged

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Hello there! I'm starting a new abridged series, Fullmetal Alchemist Abridged. If you would like to join reply to me. Private message me your e-mail (promise I will not spam you or anything). Then say who you would like to be. See the auditions guidlines to see how to sign up. Then e-mail me some auditions or lines of that character. Then I will tell you if you got the part or not. I will send out newsletters on what characters we need, who will do what, and stuff like that. If you would like to help but not voice act, you can help with the video editing. If it says need then you can sign up for the part. If it is taken it will have the person's name next to it. Also if I am missing a character tell me (only characters in episode one) Best of luck!

Sign up:

Edward: Need

Alphonse: Pikaquil

Father Cornello: Need

Rose: Need

Cray: Need

Lust: Need

Winry: Need

Winry's Grandmother: Need

Guy whos radio breaks: Need

Random People: Need

Video Editor: Need
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[font=franklin gothic medium]pikaquil, I think it may be best to ask people to sign up in the Auditions thread itself. Most members are unlikely to just give you their email address (and rightly so).

Also I'd suggest creating a full sign-up sheet if you want to encourage more sign-ups (i.e. character name, age, picture - whatever you want really). It's certainly not a rule or anything, but it helps.

And sometimes other people get ideas by looking at other people's sign-ups. Hope this advice helps. :catgirl:[/font]
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