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The war had finally began. The universe instantly became lite with bright lights. A fight between two greedy kingdoms that want nothing more but more power to have in their hands. How pathetic that regardless of the side that wins, wars will continue on and more blood will be spilled.

[B]"Captain! Captain! Your orders, sir!"[/B]

Adam woke from his thoughts and came to reality. The 25 year old Captain was fixed inside his Shining Gundam while his team camped behind him, ready for the given orders to attack. The battle was becoming a graveyard of shattered metal and massive explosions.

[B]"Sir! Your orders!" [/B]Asked a pilot near him, his gundam carrying a beam rifle, ready to attack. Adam closed his eyes and exhaled.

[B]"Let's Go."[/B]

The intercom bursted with battle cries as his pack joined into the fight. Holding no painted flag on their gundam's armor, showing what side they were on. They weren't on a side. They were part of a band of people who didnt want all this suffering to continue on for hundreds of years. They wanted to stand up and stop this now. They are The [I]Resistence.[/I]

The Shining Gundam unleashed its beam sword as Adam followed his comrads.


This is a made up Mecha Universe. I said mecha because Im willing to let people have different Mechs than Gundams. Of course, I prefer Gundams, but like I said I really dont care.

Here are the Two fractions. They are very simliar in every way, each ruled by governments that just want more power. They all want the same goals.[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Red"]The Federation[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Blue"]The Alliance[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Black"]We'll be with The Resistence. A group going against the war and trying to stop both of them. We'll be working as a team, going through missions with our machines as well as on foot. Each mission I will post at the finish of the previous mission.

[SIZE="2"][B]Sign up[/B][/SIZE]

[U]Character Information:[/U]

character snippet: (optional)[/B]

[U]Mech Information:[/U]

[B][URL="http://www.mahq.net/index.htm"]Here[/URL][/B] is a list of mechas you can use. just go there and click on Mecha.

[B]Code Name:
Armor materials:
special attacks: (optional[/B])[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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