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Gaming Ps3 vs Xbox360


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Well quite plain and simply, there are quite a few things you need to look into then. What kind of games do you like? Are there any specific games exclusive to either system you want? Do you care about Blu-ray? Is price an object here? And if you already have one, then are you willing to spend the money to get a new system?

Overall, with the exception of a few things like game exclusives, there really isn't that much of a difference between the two systems.
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The biggest pros for each of them is this: The PS3 hardware is much more stable than the 360 while the 360's online and community functionality is far better than the PS3's.

Outside that, the software on the two consoles is pretty comparable with each having very solid libraries and extras. So you might want to mainly consider how much of an online gamer you are.
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I'm a 360 fan myself but I would like to purchase a ps3 when I get the chance. I agree with the statement that the ps3 seems to offer less problems (i say less not no) and xbox live is a blast compared to the lackluster playstation.

All in all I love my xbox but the comparisson is to shallow and as I said I'd like to own both.
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For the money, and what it does, the PS3 completely kicks 360's butt. Before you 360 lovers get mad, let me back up what I said. The PS3 is an all round multimedia device. As the advertisements say, it does everything. It is considered one of the best Blue Ray players, has built in WiFi and harddrive, easy to use XMB, has 90% the same games as 360, and gives full 1080p output. Now the thing is, are you looking for all that, or just a gaming machine? If you want a gaming machine, let me list the pros and cons of each.

360 pros
Great Online Play, Nice Controller (for the most part), Custom Soundtracks, Exclusive games,

360 Cons
Online costs money (cheap though), Horrible D-Pad on Controller, Poorly Designed Console/RROD, No Built In WiFi, Proprietary Hardware,

PS3 Pros
Blue Ray, Universal Harddrives, Familiar Controller, USB Plug And Play, Bluetooth, WiFi, Free Online That's Good (I'm looking at you Nintendo), Exclusive Titles, All Round Multimedia, "Full" HD Output,

PS3 Cons
Less Online Features, Lazy Third Parties, Custom Soundtrack Support is limited, Limited Backwards Compatibility

Overall, I think the most important aspect should be the exclusive games. Do you want Metal Gear Solid 4 or Halo 3? I chose the PS3 for several reasons. First, I needed a BluRay player for my new HDTV. I also liked more of the PS3 exclusives like Metal Gear Solid 4 and Little Big Planet. The PS3 is also more compatible with devices than the 360. For example, most USB controllers work for it, so I can use my custom made street fighter controller for it easily, and if I want to change the harddrive, I can get one from any computer store. Meanwhile, the 360 has to have licensed version of every product, even the off brand controllers. So I made my decision. I'm not a fanboy (unless it's for SEGA), I'm just a unbiased consumer.
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