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[U][B][I][SIZE=7][COLOR=Black] Crossroads[/COLOR][/SIZE][/I][/B][/U]

[I][U]Its time to find out who we really are[/U][/I]

[B]Always Joinable.[/B]


[SIZE=2][COLOR=Blue]How it first occurred to us is a mystery. But once we realized it, we knew we were right and
even if all the Zanpakuto of Soul Society turned against us, our belief would not waver.
The Hollows, our brethren had no right to be killed. Were they not formed by our negligence
to perform a proper soul burial on time? Yet we try to erase their existence in order to correct our
mistake. The solution lies not on the hilt of the sword but on simple gesture of peace.

It also dawned on us that the only way to bring the two, Hollow and Soul Reaper, closer together
was to break down the walls that divided us. This pursuit led us to a series of startling experiments
that made us to what we are now. Half Soul Reaper, Half Hollow, we stand on the border. Soul Society
apparently has a name for us, they call us 'Vizards'. Yet, they weren't too happy when they found out.
Our good intentions was labeled treachery by the dictators of central room 46. They ordered our
execution. As a result we had to leave behind soul society and so made our escape to earth.
It was here we found an island in which we could live side by side with the Hollows, how it was always meant to be. We call it, Kurakura island.

But we have known. Soul Society never forgets.
A time will come when we will be tested against our beliefs.

The question remains, will we stand firmly by our faith? or will we be forced to choose sides?

And even than, [I]which side will you choose?[/I][/COLOR][/SIZE][center]

[COLOR=Red][SIZE=2]It was the despised Soul Reapers that first came up to us. We intended to prepare a cero until we
saw them lay down their Zanpakuto. They began to talk and explain. At first we thought of it as
trickery. Soul Reapers talking about peace? How unlikely. But their ideals began to make sense.
The more they talked, the more we dreamed. We would not have accepted their treaty of peace, until
something peculiar happened. One of them summoned a mask, identical to ours, and we began to sense the
aura emanating from it. Very Hollow like, yet mingled with the Soul Reaper stench.
They called themselves Vizards and promised us to make us more like them. We have also grown tired
of the endless fighting. We wish to live in peace, sadly that is not possible in Hueco Mundo. Hence we agreed.

After experimentation, we now also stand with the Vizards side by side, living in peace. We are named Arrancars, and we have left our old ways behind. We share the same dream as them, a future free from bloodshed.

[I]Old instincts die hard...[/I]

That is what the wise say. And how true it is.

Maybe friendship is no way for a Hollow, we are much stronger than before, why not wipe out Soul Society and create the future we dream of?

Yet for now we side with the Vizards.

But a time will come when our faith will be tested. Will we succumb to temptation and revert to our old ways? or will we stand by our new friends?

[I]What choice will you make?


Soul Society has finally got wind of the Vizards that had escaped to earth. Infuriated to discover the existence of Arrancars as well, they are bent on destroying them. Aware of the potential power both Vizards and Arrancars hold, they avoid direct combat. The 13 captains of soul society decide a different tactic.

Time is nigh, Soul Society is making its move. The peace known by the inhabitants of Karakura island is about to be shattered.

Each and every one is standing at a crossroad. It is a test of loyalty.

[I]Can you distinguish friend from foe?[/I]

[I]Which path will you take?[/I]


hope you guys liked it.


1. No GOD MODDING. Just because you're captain doesn't mean you can kick the ass out of everyone.
2. You can make as many characters as you want if you can give each and everyone a reasonable amount of time. I suggest 2 at
max but its up to you.
3. Must use comprehensible English.
4. Must post once in every three days.
5. Must write at least 5 lines per post.
6. No cannon characters.
7. Romance is allowed. I don't care if its not pg 13.
8. Write 'Its Bankai time' on the top of your post.
9. Please make your template as informative as possible rather than getting it over like a chore.
10. Have as much fun as you possibly can.
11. No Captain can be a Vizard, Period.

Soul Society:

1st Division Captain/ Captain Commander:
2nd Division Captain/ Head of Special-Ops:
3rd Division Captain:
4th Division Captain/ Head of the Healing Unit:
5th Division Captain:
6th Division Captain:
7th Division Captain:
8th Division Captain:
9th Division Captain:
10th Division Captain:
11th Division Captain:
12th Division Captain/ Head of Technological Department:
13th Division Captain:




Zanpakuto Name:
Shikai(For only Vizards and Captains):
Bankai(For only Vizards and Captains):
Released Form(For only Arrancars):

... and anything else you might want to add.

Well than make this RP historical. Remember, its always joinable.


here is my template. though its still incomplete.

[COLOR=Blue]Name: Hayate Shinji.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue] Age: Looks around 20 though his true age spans several decades.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue] Rank: 1st Division Captain/ Captain Commander.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue] Sex: Male[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue] Zanpakuto Name: Murasama and Masamune. One of the few Zanpakuto of soul society that exist as a pair. Both blades contradict each other. Murasama signifies bloodshed whereas Masamune signifies peace.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue] Shikai: [I]Reap, Murasama, Masamune...[/I][/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue] Shinji sprouts two angelic wings, a black one on his left side an a white one on his right. Apart from this obvious change, he floats a few inches from the ground and develops amazing reflexes and senses.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue] [B]Murasama[/B] undergoes changes, it assumes the form of a large and broad scimitar which he holds in his left hand. With a pure black blade and hilt, it is around 4 feet long. Murasama shows vigorous increase in power and emits intense reiatsu from itself. The blade seems to be living as it consumes reiatsu in order to attack. This is supplied by either the wielder or Masamune. Despite its bulky look, it can be used for speedy attack and its broad blade helps in defending against various attacks. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue] [I]Moves[/I][/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue] Bloodshow: Inflicts wounds that result in the constant loss of blood. The move can not be treated except with the highest level of medicinal skills.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue] Endless Vortex: Murasama rips open a vortex in space which sucks and absorbs all sort of kido, cero or other beams shot at it. It appears for a few seconds disappearing afterwards. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue] [B]Masamune[/B] also show strange changes. It assumes the form of a Wazikashi (meaning "side arm") and is held in his right hand. With a pure silver hilt and blade, its function is rather curious. The blade is not longer than 20 inches. Masamune, unlike most swords, does not damage the victim of its attack, it rather heals them. If it is used to slash a wound, the wound will patch up and heal itself instantly. It can also be used in various other medicinal cases. The blade does, however, have another unique purpose. It can also be used to extract reiatsu from whomever it touches. Masamune switches between the two function on the will of the user. The reiatsu it extracts is stored in the blade and can be transferred to the either Shinji or Murasama upon contact.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue] [I]Moves[/I][/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue] Heavens Flash: With is sufficient amount of reiatsu store up within Murasama, It releases it all in an instant which causes a blinding white light to flash. Rendering the opponent stunned for some time. The more reiatsu stored up, The greater effect the attack has.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue] Bankai: working on it.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue] Kido:[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue] • Bakudou 58: Kakushitsuijyaku - Invocation of the tracking birds[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Blue] This technique allows the user to contact with anyone and can be used to contact more than one person.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue] • bakudou 61: Rukujyoukourou - Luminous Prison of 6 Bars[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Blue] Kidou used to bind strong opponents much stronger than First Restraint Obstruction.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue] • Bakudou 75: Gochuu Tekan[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Blue] A strong Technique used to bind the opponents limbs[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue] • Bakudou 77: Tenteikuura - Heavenly Rickshaws of Silken Air[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Blue] Incantation: Black and white net. Twenty-two bridges, sixty-six crowns and belts. Footprints, distant thunder, sharp peak, engulfing land, hidden in the night, sea of clouds, blue line. Form a circle and fly through the heavens Effect: Transmits messages to anyone within Soul Society, works better is used in conjunction with Bakudou #58.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue] • Bakudou 99: Bankin[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Blue] Huge box appears then drops from sky to crush opponent[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue] • Hadou 4: White Lightning[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Blue] A powerful attack that uses Kidou in the form of lighting.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue] • Hadou 31: Shakkahou - Artillería Carmesí[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Blue] Kidou comes out of users hands like a strong ball or blast of power[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue] • Hadou 33: Soukatsui - Way of Destruction[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Blue] Kidou comes out of users hand like a big blue ball of spiritual pressure[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue] • Hadou 54: Waste Flame[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Blue] Generates a fire is able to completely burn and incinerate a target of a low reiatsu.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue] • Hadou 63: Raikouhou - Lighting Tiger Canon[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Blue] Kidou is gathered in hands and then shot off in a destructive blast[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue] • Hadou 90: Kurohitsugi - Black coffin[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Blue] Very powerful technique and is very difficult to use. It is generally considered forbidden kido.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue] He also uses shunpo or flash steps. These are suited for battle as well as travel. Few in soul society can match his speed.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue] Appearance: [URL="http://img27.imageshack.us/img27/5923/974z.png"]Hayate Shinji[/URL][/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue] Personality: Shinji has a strong sense of justice and believes in enforcing laws. At the same time he ensures the laws show reason and are not unfair. He is a quiet type and is teeming with determination. He takes his position seriously and makes sure no one doubts his credibility. Shinji believes a Soul Reaper's greatest strength lies in his comrades, this belief has made him well respected amongst his division and amongst the others in general. He shows respect to those who deserve it and expects respect from those who it is due.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue] Biography: [/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue] Theme Song: You found me by the fray.[/COLOR][/center]
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