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Writing Substance-induced poetry


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Well, on my livejournal I have a lot of posts that are substance-induced. I figured I'd post some of those some of the time, then some of the other time post at the moment I am experiencing.

So, to begin, a poem:

peter pan used some dextromethorphan,
off he went, to never-never land,
and pixies' dust stopped making him fly,

cause he was already high!

and captain hook was really a hooker,
he'd gotten pixie pregnant, then forsook her,
sometimes hook ****** the mast!

oh, but alas! that lass,

that peter pan,
he was staring at some cans;
not of cambell's soup,
but these cans were sure "mmm, mmm good"

he was hallucinating,
dreaming schemes,
robo-tripping, you see?

domo arigato, mr. robato--
thank you very much,
for letting hook do what he wants to,

while you're fondling chicken breasts
you think are real breasts!

oh, peter pan,
you're stumbling in a mumbling
nauseous and grumbling,

out comes the puke,
but soon you've got to act!
the play's about to begin,

you've got to be child-like,
so graceful in the din!
a thespian to win over us full of sin,

oh peter, peter, DXM-eater
had a cough but couldn't defeat her,

you can only suppress youth for so long,
then it's just a gone illness coughing out
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